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Secrets of Buenos Aires

Living in Buenos Aires is an experience on its own. We are an enthusiastic team in Buenos Aires that wants to provide accurate guide information about the city. Most of our team members had their first experience in Buenos Aires during travel. We saw a lack of information, incorrect tips and more. Our goal is to change that with this blog magazine website and guide you through this wonderful city while you travel. Tourism is like inflation in Buenos Aires. It changes by the minute or day :-). Start here your travel to Buenos Aires. Discover the secrets of Buenos Aires, the hidden places, ultimate and correct tips. Where to stay in Buenos Aires, where to change your money, how to get to the airport, what if I get sick in Buenos Aires, and so much more.

We hope that you enjoy reading our articles. If you have any suggestions or comments for Secrets of Buenos Aires? Always welcome on our article pages or info@secretsofbuenosaires.com.

We also developed an app for you: Buenos Aires Tourist Guide. A must download when you travel to Buenos Aires. Available for iOS and Android.

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Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Great, you want to travel to Buenos Aires but the question is “where to stay in Buenos Aires”. Let’s say that the city is big! Of course, it’s how you compare it. The metropolitan city is 203km² or 78.37 square miles big with 2,8 million inhabitants. When it…

Secrets of Buenos Aires