Info before visit Buenos Aires


Living in Buenos Aires is an experience on its own. We are an enthusiastic team in Buenos Aires that want to provide accurate guide information about the city. Most of our team members had their first experience in Buenos Aires during travel. We started this website because saw a lack of information, incorrect tips and more about traveling in Buenos Aires. We’re an enthusiastic guide group. To keep our servers running we get some funds by…

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In case of emergency, we listed all the emergency numbers available in Buenos Aires. Tourist police: 0800-999-5000 / 0800-999-2838 General emergency number: 911 Police: 101 Fire brigade: 100 Medical emergency: 107 Emergency at sea: 106 General information Buenos Aires: 147 We sincerely hope that you don’t need these numbers. If you have any emergency we suggest you contact your travel operator or embassy.

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