This Sunday, Argentina will go to the polls. They will choose a new president. The presidential elections have already caused a lot in the country.

Will the Argentinian presidential election on Sunday have an effect on my stay in Buenos Aires?

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Public transport in Buenos Aires

The Presidential elections will not affect the public transport of Buenos Aires. On the contrary, the subway is open earlier to facilitate the voters to their polling station.

Buses are operating on Sunday service.

Restaurant visit and alcohol 

It is possible that more restaurants are closed on Sunday. We suggest making a reservation in advance if you want to have lunch or dinner on Sunday

Buying or consuming alcoholic beverages is not allowed when the presidential elections are held. Therefore, restaurants and supermarkets will not sell or serve wine, beer, …
However, a dinner with a soda is also fine 🙂 and waking up in a sober Buenos Aires is something different.

Places to go

It is possible that people will come together around the Obelisco or Plaza de Mayo in the evening (19h – 7. p.m). Be aware, that it can become crowded. And we don’t know if it is for partying or protesting.

Money exchange

We expect some changes on Monday 28 October.

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What to do on a Sunday like that?

If you believe in the weather services, it will be cloudy and rainy in the evening. You can take the hop-on-hop-off bus in Buenos Aires. Ideally, because on Sunday’s there is almost no traffic in the city.

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Go for a stroll in Puerto Madero, to Parque 3 de Febrero in Palermo, wander around in Palermo Soho or visit the tower located near Plaza San Martin.

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