We went on a stroll in San Telmo and discovered O’Xantar. We were surprised by the delicious food and the cozy atmosphere in O’Xantar. It is our new favorite restaurant in San Telmo or even Buenos Aires! We explain to you why.

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The secret restaurant in San Telmo?

The question is: are you looking for a truly local restaurant experience in San Telmo? Then O’Xantar needs to be on your to-do list. The restaurant is located in the street Defensa. The most popular street in San Telmo on Sundays.

O’Xantar opened four years ago in the heart of San Telmo. The owners lived for a couple of years abroad in Galicia Spain. There they created the idea to open a restaurant in San Telmo. The food has Galician influences mixed with Argentinian traditional food. A combination that will surprise you.

On the menu, you will find traditional Argentinian dishes prepared with perfection. But, we recommend taking a look at the suggestions. These are experiments of the chef. Galician flavors mixed with the best of Argentinian cuisine.

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Restaurant San Telmo O'Xantar

O’Xantar is worth the visit

When you visit Buenos Aires you need to experience the local atmosphere. O’Xantar is a cozy restaurant with excellent service. When entering the restaurant there is a warm welcome of the owners. The aperitif was already promising. Homemade and delicious. And this was just the aperitif. The line continued in all other dishes.

We took one of the suggestions: lamb with a sauce of ginger and traditional beer. The other option was “Bife the Chorizo à la O’Xantar”.


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