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  1. Introduction

Part III of these General Terms and Conditions applies to all contracts concluded between the Suppliers and the users via the Secrets of Buenos Aires Platform. This also applies, if access to the Secrets of Buenos Aires Platform is provided via a cooperating partner (sub- agent, distribution partner).

  1. Truthful details

The details transferred via the Secrets of Buenos Aires Platform must be truthful. The Supplier reserves the right to withdraw from the contract or to exclude users from participating in the service and to demand compensation amounting to the cancellation costs as per Section 11 of part III of the General Terms and Conditions of Supplier of tours and other tourist services, if defective details are provided by the user.

  1. Arrival at meeting point and compliance with conditions

You are responsible for arriving on time at the notified meeting point. If you are travelling to an activity from abroad, you are responsible for having the necessary travel documents (passport etc.), and for observing the health regulations etc.

  1. Additional terms and conditions

If Supplier includes in addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Supplier of tours and other tourist services of Part III further participation or transport or other terms in a contract with you, you are responsible for observing these additional terms. The Supplier reserves the right to exclude participants from the activity if they do not meet these conditions.

  1. Binding nature of the request

The contract between you or the user you have referred, and the Supplier comes into effect upon the acceptance of your binding request by the Supplier. When you book a tour or another activity, you make the Supplier a binding offer which you, or the user you have referred, are bound to for five working days. If the Supplier accepts your offer within this period of time, the contract comes into binding effect. You, or the user referred by you, receives notification of this by e-mail.

  1. Payment

The agreed total price for the service we have provided is due upon the conclusion of the contract.

  1. Notes on the right of revocation

The Supplier points out that according to legal provisions (section 312, paragraph (2), no. 4, 312g, paragraph 2, clause 1, no. 9, BGB), contracts for tourism services which are concluded as remote selling (i.e. via the Secrets of Buenos Aires Platform) do not have a right of revocation, but merely the legal rights to withdraw and cancel the contract.

  1. Self-responsibility for insurance

The price of the services does not include insurance. You are responsible for providing sufficient insurance protection. The requirement for insurance depends on the activity booked.

  1. Unpaid services

If you or the user you have referred do not pay for the booked service according to the agreed due date of payment, although the Supplier is prepared, and able, to perform the contractual service and there is no legal or contractual right of retention for you or the user you have provided, the Supplier is permitted to withdraw from the contract and charge you, or the user you have referred, for the withdrawal costs as per point 11.

  1. Exchange of messages

All messages between you, or the user you have referred, and the Supplier shall be done via the Secrets of Buenos Aires Platform. In the interest of quick processing, it is recommended to exclusively use the forms provided by Secrets of Buenos Aires.

  1. Cancellation guidelines

11.1 If you reject (cancel) the activity, the cancellation conditions stated in the product description as well as on your voucher apply. Secrets of Buenos Aires   advises the user to carefully read the information in the product description.

11.2 Provided there are no deviating cancellation conditions in the product description of your Supplier, the following cancellation fees will be charged by the Supplier of the tourist services:

  1. Up to 24 hours before the start of the activity: full refund
  2. Less than 24 hours before the start of the activity or in the event of a no-show: no refund

11.3 You, or the user you have referred, are free to prove to the Supplier that they have not incurred any damage, or substantially less damage than the fee charged by the Supplier.

11.4 The Supplier reserves the right to request higher, specific compensation instead of the aforementioned flat-rate fees, if the Supplier can prove that it has incurred much higher expenses than the respectively applicable flat-rate fee. In this case the Supplier is obliged to provide specific figures and evidence of the compensation requested, taking into account the saved expenses and any other use of the services.

11.5 The refund is done using the same payment method. In the event of credit cards which are charged monthly, the amount shall be credited at the end of the current invoicing period. The exact time of the refund depends on the user’s credit card agreement. The refund by bank transfer shall be done within seven bank working days.

  1. Extraordinary cancellation

The Supplier can cancel the activity on the agreed date without observing a period of notice, if weather conditions, official measures, strikes or other unforeseeable or unavoidable external conditions (in particular force majeure) make the execution of the activity impossible, make it considerably more difficult or endanger it. In this case the paid price is refunded.

  1. Exclusion of participation

The Supplier is permitted not to allow you to join an activity, or to exclude you from one, if you do not meet the personal participation requirements, your participation would endanger you or someone else or in any other way make the activity impossible in the long-term. This applies accordingly to a user you have referred. In these cases, the paid price cannot be refunded.

  1. Changes to the program

Furthermore, the Supplier reserves the right to make non-essential changes to the program, if this is necessary due to unforeseeable or unavoidable conditions.

  1. Further conditions

Further conditions or deviating conditions can be found in the respective tenders.

  1. Time zone

For calculations of the time and deadlines, the time zone of the Supplier is authoritative.

  1. Liability of the Supplier of the tour or the tourism service

The Supplier is liable in accordance with the applicable law for its services, whereby the liability, if permitted according to the applicable law, is excluded.

  1. Change to these General Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of the Supplier of tours and other tourist services of Part III can be amended at any time and without notice for future bookings. The respective conditions valid for each individual booking shall apply. The user has no claim for future bookings based on the existing conditions.

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