This guide has got you covered when you have the question of where to stay in Buenos Aires. I’ll dish out the best hotels and spill the beans on the vibe in each neighborhood. From San Telmo in the South of the city up to the vibing Palermo area in the North.

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Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Below is the map featuring the neighborhoods I recommend for staying in Buenos Aires. Each neighborhood offers its own unique atmosphere, which I delve into further in the video located above.

To simplify your decision-making process, I’ve also marked my favorite hotels on the map. This selection is curated from my personal experiences as well as input from my family, friends, and fellow travelers who have shared their reviews with me.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires

1. Anselmo • 2. Patios de San Telmo • 3. Alvear Icon • 4. Hilton • 5. Tango de Mayo • 6. 725 Continental • 7. Marriott • 8. Novotel • 9. Dazzler San Martin • 10. Park Tower • 11. Sheraton • 12. Four Season • 13. Alvear Palace • 14. ARC Recoleta • 15. Bulnes Eco Suites • 16. Casasur Bellini • 17. Dazzler Polo • 18. CasaSur • 19. The Glu • 20. Krista Boutique

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Best neighborhoods to stay in a list

The city is big. For example, traveling from Palermo to the city center – let’s take the presidential palace – will take you around 25 minutes with the subway. During your stay, I recommend staying in areas that are attractive to you. Staying in suburban neighborhoods or just too far from everything isn’t that pleasant.

San Telmo

San Telmo, the oldest and coziest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, is a top pick when you looking for where to stay in Buenos Aires. As the sun sets, it transforms into a peaceful haven where group strolls are a delight. I adore it for its vintage charm and tranquil nighttime ambiance. Plus, it’s gaining traction as Buenos Aires’ newest trendy hotspot. Another perk? You can reach the presidential palace or Puerto Madero in just 10 minutes. The best hotels to stay here are Anselmo and Patios de San Telmo.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires - San Telmo
San Telmo in Buenos Aires


Palermo, the largest neighborhood to stay in, offers a variety of smaller districts within its bounds. It’s hailed as the ultimate hotspot for tourists, boasting a vibrant and trendy atmosphere. If you’re into late-night adventures, Palermo is the place to book your hotel!

Palermo Soho exudes chic charm and offers an authentic taste of Buenos Aires’ local identity. While staying here, you’ll stumble upon hidden gems like local eateries and the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. This area is home to numerous hostels and boasts a plethora of start-up bars and restaurants. With its central location, it serves as the ideal starting point for any adventure and is conveniently situated near subway stations for easy access. My favorite hotels here are The Glu and Krista Boutique.

Palermo Hollywood is renowned for its towering apartment buildings, setting a distinct skyline in Buenos Aires. It’s the bustling hub of activity, offering endless attractions both day and night. This area boasts a plethora of hotels to accommodate visitors. With excellent access to public transportation and readily available taxis, getting around is a breeze. Sure to check out CasaSur hotel.

Palermo Viejo, also known as Palermo Chico, stands as the historic heart of the Palermo district, nestled close to the renowned Malba museum. Despite being part of a bustling metropolis, it exudes a tranquil atmosphere. However, it’s worth noting that hotel options are relatively limited in this area.

Palermo is my second favourite where to stay in Buenos Aires.

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Neighborhood to stay in Buenos Aires Palermo
Palermo SoHo in Buenos Aires


Central and calm location to stay in the capital of Argentina. Famous for the cemetery but also for its statues and buildings. Aside from the cemetery, Recoleta boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous art galleries, museums, and theaters.

The neighborhood is also home to some of the city’s finest restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Also, one of the most famous luxury hotels is here: Alvear Palace Hotel.

Recoleta is considered a safe and walkable neighborhood, making it an ideal place to explore on foot. Its central location provides easy access to other parts of the city, and it is well-connected by public transportation.

Recoleta area stay square Buenos Aires
Recoleta near the cemetery

Puerto Madero

Looking for the newest and most central neighborhood in Buenos Aires? Look no further than Puerto Madero. Situated close to the waterfront, Puerto Madero offers a modern and tranquil atmosphere. While it may lack metro stations, its proximity to Plaza de Mayo and the vibrant restaurant and bar scene at the docks more than makes up for it. If you’re seeking a contemporary and serene area to stay, Puerto Madero is the perfect choice if you are looking where to stay in Buenos Aires. I can recommend a stay in Alvear Icon which has a cool rooftop bar (see photo) or Hilton hotel.

Puerto Madero skyline hotel stay
Puerto Madero from the skybar


One of the most iconic landmarks in Retiro is the Retiro Railway Station, which is one of the largest and busiest train stations in Buenos Aires. This station connects the city with other parts of Argentina, making it a crucial transportation hub for both commuters and travelers.

Retiro is characterized by its mix of architectural styles, ranging from historic buildings to modern skyscrapers. Along its streets, you’ll find a variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels catering to both locals and tourists. The first skyscraper in South America is located near Plaza San Martin. Most booked and best hotels here are Park Tower, Sheraton and the Four Season.

Retiro neighborhood Buenos Aires where to stay
View on Plaza San Martin in Retiro neighbourhood

Monserrat and San Nicolas

For me, the neighborhoods of Monserrat and San Nicolás epitomize the heart of the city. Here, you’ll find major sightseeing attractions such as Casa Rosada (The Presidential Palace), the Obelisk, Palacio Barolo, and the National Congress, along with the iconic café Tortoni. However, in terms of dining and shopping options, there aren’t too many that I can personally vouch for.

The area boasts excellent connectivity with subway and bus services, making Monserrat and San Nicolás perfect for a one-night stay in Buenos Aires. You can easily navigate to all the attractions and are within walking distance of San Telmo and Puerto Madero. Best place to stay here are 725 Continental, Marriott and Tango de Mayo Hotel – which has a rooftop bar!

Places to visit Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires
The center of Buenos Aires – Plaza de Mayo


Boca is also famous for its vibrant street art scene, with many colorful murals adorning the walls of buildings throughout the neighborhood. The most famous street for street art in Boca is Caminito, a pedestrian street lined with brightly painted buildings, shops, and cafes. And of course, I cannot forget the stadium of the Boca Juniors.

Boca is a cool neighborhood to walk around in daylight but I would not recommend staying here. Then I suggest staying in San Telmo.

La Boca markt Secrets of Buenos Aires
Boca and it’s vibrant colours

Best things to do near you and how many days to stay

I made my top things to do in Buenos Aires in a list. A must-do list of 25 spots you need to visit when in Buenos Aires. You can find the list here. And if you are looking how many days you need to spend in Buenos Aires? I have the answer here ready for you 🙂


My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write to you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Buenos Aires ❤️


  1. Hello Glenn,
    I am planning a month’s long trip to Buenos Aires traveling solo. I am looking at Airbnb with shared accommodation. This manner, I can hang out with my roommate and make a few friends.
    Do you know of a friendly host?
    Also, what would be the best neighborhood for a digital nomad? I will be spending minimum 4-5weeks

    • Hi Raul, I don’t have a airbnb host in mind right now. But I would suggest Palermo Soho as the hotspot for digital nomads in Buenos Aires 🙂

  2. Lynn Cechini Reply

    Hi Glen! I’m really happy I found your site and have enjoyed reading several articles… I’m travelling alone before a cruise and am wondering if you have any words of wisdom as a sola? For example, do you recommend a walking tour, etc. Any highlights not to be missed?

    I really appreciate any advice you can offer and, again, great website!

    Vancouver, Canada

    • Hi Lynn, super that you are visiting this wonderful city. I recommend a bike tour. Really nice to do in a group. The new cooking class in town Criolla is also very nice to do. This is the link > Here.

      Have a fun time in BA!

  3. Glenn, Great site, and now that travel is starting up again – you will be busy.

    I understand US$ and Blue exchange. But I would like to book my hotel to pay in a fixed Peso amount and then pay in pesos that I get from the Blue exchange. But how can I make reservations in Pesos??? Or is the new rule for using the informal exchange rate when using credit cards a better and easier way. Probably looking for 4 star properties, many Marriott downtown. Thanks

    • You can try to book on Despegar. A local alternative. But I’m not sure how it processes foreign credit cards. Mostly the hotels keep the ARS only for nationals.

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    Looking to book a tango show as well as arrange flight to the falls and on to Salta then Mendoza and back to BA. Do you arrange travel or recommend an agency

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