What is the best tango show in Buenos Aires? Is it a must-do when you visit Buenos Aires or is it too touristic? Is there a difference between shows? We went from show to show and found out. ?

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Argentina is the birthplace of the tango. A dance with influences from Africa, Native America, and Europe. Where to see the best tango show in Buenos Aires. Let’s find out!


  • Most of the tango shows also offer the “only show” option.
  • Pick-up service at your hotel is an option to ask.
  • Tango show in Buenos Aires mostly starts around 10 p.m. (22h00).

1. El Querandi Tango

El Querandi tango show is located in the old city center San Telmo on 5 minutes walking from Plaza de Mayo. The nice thing about the building of El Querandi is that you will enter a smaller tango show location than any other. You will get easier that cozy feeling, especially when the tango show is playing. The dancers do use the whole room including where you are sitting at the table.

The dances were magnificent, great tango skills, and on the background a live tango music band. At El Querandi there is also a focus on the music. The band has 2 or 3 solo acts, and in the meantime, the artists are changing their dresses.

The tango show will show you the complete history of tango. From the Belle Epoque time to the modern tango of today. The food was good and the waiters were efficient and do speak English.

Book directly El Querandi tango show at Secrets of Buenos Aires. We are available if you have any questions: info@secretsofbuenosaires.com or Whatsapp: +5491121685604

Our rating: 4,6/5
Average price: USD 59 (show + start or dessert + drinks) – USD 99 (with 3-course dinner)

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El Querandi Tango show Buenos Aires

2. Tango Porteño

Did you take a picture at the Obelisco? Then you definitely spotted Tango Porteño. Located on the widest avenue 9 de Julio. A Broadway atmosphere with a sense of throwback to the 1920s, especially when you enter the building. Good performances of the dancers and live music band. A beautiful big stage at the tango show Porteño. A tango show in Buenos Aires we can recommend if you’re looking for an “only tango show” option. Don’t expect the best seats but you didn’t miss a tango show :-). Of course, tango Porteño offers other packages depending on your wishes.

The room is big with rows of tables from the front till the back. For us, we didn’t get that cozy atmosphere but a great option if you’re looking for modern tango performances.

Book directly Tango Porteño show at Secrets of Buenos Aires. We are available if you have any questions: info@secretsofbuenosaires.com or Whatsapp: +5491121685604

Our rating: 4,5/5
Average price: USD 49 (show + drinks) – USD 125 (with dinner)

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Tango Show Buenos Aires Porteno
Image belongs to Tango Porteño Buenos Aires

3.Piazzolla Tango

A unique experience in the heart of Argentina. Piazzolla Tango is located in the Galleria General Guemes. When entering the theater you will notice the beautiful Art Nouveau style. Piazzolla Tango offers every night the tango show “Four Seasons of Tango” with Astor Piazzolla´s traditional songs.

Our rating: 4,5/5
Average price: USD 54 (show only with 2 drinks ) – USD 94 (with dinner)

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Piazzolla tango show Buenos Aires

4. Cafe de Los Angelitos

Cafe de Los Angelitos is located near the congress. So, easy to get there. The dancing was incredible, fantastic acts in the Art Deco style. The sing performances were just perfect. Simply sensational. One of the best tango show in Buenos Aires.

Our rating: 4,3/5
Average price: USD 55 (with dinner)


5. Rojo Tango Show

Do you enjoy a more private and intimate tango show in Buenos Aires? Then Rojo Tango is probably something for you. Located in Puerto Madero. The small stage and cozy interior make it that little bit more special. Performances were as we expected. Good dinner. Our number four of the best tango show in Buenos Aires.

Our rating: 4,2/5
Average price: USD 195 (show only) – USD 280 (with dinner)


6. La Ventana

The theater has an old grace. Show with good performances of live musicians. Just a classy night out. The room is with long tables rows. What makes it less cozy. A good choice for the best tango show in Buenos Aires.

Our rating: 4,0/5
Average price: USD 70 (show only) – USD 120 (with dinner)

7. Esquina Homero Manzi

Located in Boedo there is Esquina Homero Manzi Tango show. On the outside, it doesn’t look like a theater. However inside, there is room for a lot of people. Carlos Rossi (a famous tango singer) performance there 3 times per week. Especially the violist is a nice extra touch! I suggest taking a taxi to this show because the location is deeper in the city.

Our rating: 4,0/5
Average price: USD 40 (show only) – USD 80 (with dinner)

8. El Viejo Almacen

El Viejo Almacen is a 50 years old tango show located in San Telmo. It’s a bit located at the side of the neighborhood near a busy road. A small stage with a painting on the back. The show was with a live band and the music was good to hear in the hall. Sometimes I thought that the dancers just need that little bit more space to perform.

Our rating: 3,8/5
Average price: USD 70 (show only) – USD 100 (with dinner)

9. Madero Tango

Madero Tango, somewhat special. Located in Puerto Madero it gives a very commercial feeling. The show itself was beautiful and well performed. However, it feels that they place too many people at one table. Online reservations get a discount of up to 40%. Almost at the end of our list “best tango show in Buenos Aires”.

Our rating: 3,2/5
Average price: USD 30 (show only) – USD 86 (with dinner)

10. Señor Tango

Señor Tango is located in Barracas. A district between San Telmo and La Boca. It’s a combination of singing and tango. However, sometimes we had the feeling that “The Señor” took too much time on the stage and we often missed the tango.

Our rating: 3,0/5
Average price: USD 38 (show only) – USD 100 (with dinner)

This is our personal recommendation for the best tango show in Buenos Aires. I hope you will enjoy your tango show experience in Buenos Aires.


My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write for you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Feel free to support us by "Buy me a coffee ". Means a lot to us. ❤️


  1. Wayne Yoder Reply

    Hi Glenn , Would you be kind enough to explain your rating system for the tango shows. Maybe I just missed what you have already explained. Even though I live in Bariloche with my Argentinian wife, I am interested in your observations…

    • Hi Wayne 👋, It’s a personal list I made after seeing the tango shows in Buenos Aires. I watched the tango show and dance performance in it. I myself am not a tango dancer or familiar with the techniques, but it is a personal feeling how I experienced the show. The reception, the cozyness, and the dinner are also included in the score. ☺️ Maybe a good idea that I make a score per part of the experience.

  2. Stephen L Weaver Reply

    What about the show at the Borges Cultural Center? Theatre seating but I thought it was a good option for someone who didn’t want an overpriced or mediocre dinner.

    • Hi Stephen, if you want to enjoy the true origin of tango, then you should go to a “Milonga”. Those are small dance halls where people come together and share their passion of tango. For the tango shows, there are mostly options without dinner available and the price is ok.

  3. Paul Tyler Reply

    Thanks Bruno for the info about the best tango show in Buenos Aires. We went eventually to Tango Porteño near the Obelisco. The location was easy to reach by taxi, even from Palermo where we stayed. Your right, it has indeed a 1920 style building, also inside. Fantastic. A big stage with wonderfull tango dancers. The dinner was good with drinks all night long. Definitely worth to do when in Buenos Aires.

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Paul ?, thank you for your kind review. Lovely to hear that you enjoyed the tango show in Buenos Aires. Have a wonderful day!

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