What is the best tango show in Buenos Aires? Is it a must-do when you visit Buenos Aires or is it too touristic? Is there a difference between shows?

Where to see the best tango show in Buenos Aires? This is my honest and personal review of all the tango shows I visited in Buenos Aires. And going again to keep you up to date 🙂

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  • Not feeling hungry? No worries, you can also book the show without the diner at most tango shows.
  • Family tango shows I recommend El Querandi and La Ventana
    Authentic atmosphere: El Viejo Almacen
    Solo travelers: Tango Porteño and Piazzolla
    Special moments (birthdays and anniversaries): El Viejo Almacen
  • Most tango shows in Buenos Aires start at 10 p.m. An earlier show is available at 8 p.m. at Aljibe
  • Book your ticket in advance during the high season (Nov. till March). Shows are quickly sold out.


I was able to get a good connection with all the tango shows and talk about being a preferred partner to them. You can book tango shows directly on Secrets of Buenos Aires. I am your personal guide and assistant for your tango show experience.


The best tango show in Buenos Aires

1. El Querandi Tango

El Querandi tango show is located in the old city center San Telmo 5 minutes walk from Plaza de Mayo. They have a mix of tables set up. In a row each reservation sits apart or round tables on the other side. As soon as the stage lights went on, I had a cozy feeling sitting there. The hospitality and service of the waiters were excellent. They all spoke English or they did their absolute best. The service was efficient and attention to fill our glasses again.

The tango dance was fantastic. El Querandi renewed the tango performance with a bit more focus on a storyline. It was very nice to see the passion between the dancers and the interaction with the audience. They use the whole room and suddenly there is somebody dancing next to you. I was not bored for a single second. It’s an all-tango-focused show.

The sound quality is good and the band has 2 or 3 solo acts. In the meantime, the artists are changing their dresses. Also, the singers were super! Such a voice they have.

The tango show will show you the complete history of the tango. From the Belle Epoque time to the modern tango of today.

From USD 59 (show + start or dessert + drinks) – USD 99 (with 3-course dinner)


2. El Viejo Almacen

El Viejo Almacen tango has over 50 years of experience in bringing tango to a high level and is one of the best tango shows in Buenos Aires. The tango was performed by 4 tango couples, a live band, and 2 singers. One of them is the local famous singer Hugo Marcel.

The food was delicious! Excellent attention from the waiters who spoke English too. A 3-course à la carte menu with wine and other drinks included.

The tango performances were fantastic! Blown away how good they are. The live band was good to hear in the hall. To give the tango dancers time to change dresses, there is a folklore act. Very nice to see and surprising too.

The room is cozy with small round tables with candles on them. The service just before and during the show was with good attention and I felt that the hospitality was warm and personal. Which is important to me to feel welcome.

El Viejo Almacen is located in the oldest neighborhood of Buenos Aires, San Telmo. Easy to reach by taxi or public transport.

From USD 63 (show only) – USD 99 (with dinner)


3. La Ventana

La Ventana tango Buenos Aires
La Ventana tango show

La Ventana is one of the most popular tango shows among travel organizations. Of course, I went to check it out. It’s located in San Telmo and easy to reach by taxi or walking from Plaza de Mayo.

The staff welcomed me and guided me to the table. The tables are placed in a vertical row towards the stage. A bottle of wine was already on the table and the waiter came quickly to show the menu and give some information. The food quality was good. Delicious dishes and enough choices on the menu.

The show itself was what I expected. A real show full of tango, folklore, and a surprising vocal act with a beautiful video projection and staff that joined the room with flags. It’s a more entertaining show where you will not get bored any moment.

I truly recommend La Ventana tango show for anyone who is looking for a mix of highly skilled tango dances and is eager to learn about the North of Argentina folklore dance and an uplifting feeling.

From: USD 63 (show only) – USD 105 (with dinner)



4. Cafe de Los Angelitos

Cafe de los Angelitos Tango show Buenos Aires
Cafe de los Angelitos tango show

Cafe de Los Angelitos is located near the Congress. So, easy to get there. Angelitos is a household name in Buenos Aires when it comes to tango shows.

The stage looks small but nevertheless, 7 tango couples put on a beautiful performance. Accompanied by 2 singers and a quintet playing above the tango dancers.

The show itself was great. A beautiful stage with the “A” logo of Cafe de los Angelitos next to it and even on the tableware. The complete look and feel of Cafe de los Angelitos has something elegant and classy.

The show was a full tango experience. Perfect if you are only looking to see tango. One of the nicest things was that they not only performed on classical tango songs but also on the electric tango music of Bajofondo. Really nice to see.  The last act has a bit of an erotic vibe. Therefore I don’t recommend it for families with children.

From USD 104 (show only) – USD 148 (with dinner)



5. Piazzolla Tango

Piazzolla tango show Buenos Aires

A unique experience in the heart of Argentina. Piazzolla Tango is located in the Galleria General Guemes. When entering the theater you will notice the beautiful Art Nouveau style. Piazzolla Tango offers every night the tango show “Four Seasons of Tango” with Astor Piazzolla´s traditional songs.

Tango Piazzolla is one of the classic shows in town. Pure traditional atmosphere and experience. The dinner and serving were good and nothing to comment on. The show was impressive. Very good tango dancers and that big stage. What gives a great view for everybody.

From USD 68 (show only) – USD 105 (with dinner)


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6. Gala Tango

Gala Tango Buenos Aires San Telmo
Gala Tango Buenos Aires

Gala Tango is one of the exclusive tango shows in town. It was a spectacular evening. I felt that the level is a bit higher. The room looks beautiful with crystal chandeliers and tables with candles and cozy lightning. All the details and room are with white accents. Which gives that heavenly atmosphere.

The dinner was exquisite. Perfect attention of the waiters and not a rushing feeling at all. I felt immediately comfortable and looked forward to the show.

All the musicians are in white as well as the piano. Just a very nice to see. The tango dancers are just marvelous together with the folklore act that breaks the evening a bit. Apparently, Madonna, Sting, and many other famous people went to Gala Tango. Just a cool detail to know 😀

From USD 105 (only show) – USD 165 (with dinner)


7. Tango Porteño

Tango Show Buenos Aires Porteno
Tango Porteño Buenos Aires

Did you take a picture at the Obelisco? Then you definitely spotted Tango Porteño. Located on the widest avenue 9 de Julio. A Broadway atmosphere with a sense of throwback to the 1920s, especially when you enter the building. Good performances of the dancers and live music band. A beautiful big stage at the tango show Porteño with many changes during the show.

The room is big with rows of tables from the front to the back. It’s a perfect tango show in the middle of the city center. Before or afterward, you can go out for a drink or pizza in Avenida Corrientes.

From USD 39 (only show) – USD 99 (with dinner)


8. Aljibe tango

Aljibe tango show Buenos Aires

I definitely recommend Aljibe tango show to anyone who would like to watch a tango show in Buenos Aires a little earlier in the evening. Dinner starts at 7 pm and the show at 8 pm. Ideal if you have an early flight the next day, family with children or just want to go earlier.

It was a nice evening at Aljibe tango. The staff was very friendly and the tango show took place in a cozy room. It was a delicious 3-course dinner a la carte with a nice selection of drinks. The stage is raised so that everyone can have a good look. It was a show with mainly tango and a good mix of folklore and singing.

I found it very pleasant to watch. Definitely a good show for me and even earlier in the evening.

From USD 59 (only show) – USD 79 (with dinner)


9. Michelangelo Tango

Michelangelo Tango Buenos Aires Argentina
Michelangelo Tango

A newer tango concept in Buenos Aires. Located in a historic building from 1850 which has the looks and feel from the colonial time in Argentina but with the vibe of exclusivity.

Michelangelo Tango is a new concept tango show in Buenos Aires. Michelangelo has one of the best food quality compared with other venues. You are seated at tables in front of the stage. And then we have the “Dante” bar. Where you can enjoy a cocktail before or after the show. It’s a bar worth visiting!

The show itself was super! Great sound quality, an orchestra, and amazing tango dancers. Combined with a folklore act.

For me, Michelangelo has a classy but very stylish vibe. Something different in Buenos Aires.

From USD 69 (only show) – USD 115 (with dinner)


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10. Rojo Tango Show

Rojo tango Buenos Aires

Rojo Tango advertises itself as an exclusive tango show in Buenos Aires. I have to be honest, indeed. It is special in that it takes place first in the luxurious hotel Faena. That is already something to look forward to. The room is small and intimate. Sometimes the idea was that it was a little too small once the band started.

The tango performance was beautiful. You sit so close to the stage that the show is given just for you. The food was good with appropriate wines. Now I had expected something higher for the price, but it is the total experience that does it.

Rojo Tango is really something for you if you like a more exclusive atmosphere, a small scale, and a cozy night out.

From: USD 190 (show only) – USD 260 (with dinner)


11. Carlos Gardel

Carlos Gardel Tango show Buenos Aires

Who doesn’t know Carlos Gardel? Argentina’s most famous tango singer. The Carlos Gardel Tango show is in honor of the great singer. It brings you back to the origin of tango in the city. The tango dancers on the stage were incredible. Such talented dancers.

The tango hall is very nice too. Beautiful style from the roaring ’20s. I didn’t have anything to complain about. It was a great night out.

From: USD 74 (show only) – USD 99 (with dinner)



12. Esquina Homero Manzi

Located in Boedo there is Esquina Homero Manzi Tango show. On the outside, it doesn’t look like a theater. However inside, there is room for a lot of people. Carlos Rossi (a famous tango singer) performs there 3 times per week. Especially the violist is a nice extra touch! I suggest taking a taxi to this show because the location is deeper in the city.

Average price: USD 40 (show only) – USD 80 (with dinner)

13. Madero Tango

Madero Tango is somewhat special. Located in Puerto Madero it gives a very commercial feeling. The show itself was beautiful and well-performed. However, it feels that they place too many people at one table. Almost at the end of our list “best tango show in Buenos Aires”.

Average price: USD 30 (show only) – USD 86 (with dinner)


14. Señor Tango

Señor Tango is located in Barracas. A district between San Telmo and La Boca. It’s a combination of singing and tango. However, sometimes we had the feeling that “The Señor” took too much time on the stage and I often missed the tango.

Average price: USD 38 (show only) – USD 100 (with dinner)


This is my personal recommendation for the best tango show in Buenos Aires. I hope you will enjoy your tango show experience in Buenos Aires.

What are the best tango shows in Buenos Aires?

The best tango shows in 2023 are El Querandi, El Viejo Almacen, Cafe de Los Angelitos and Tango Porteño. Each has their own personal style of show.

Where can I watch the tango show in Buenos Aires?

There are many tango venues in Buenos Aires city. They have a dinner and show concept but also the option to only watch the show. You can also watch some tango dances on Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo.

Where are most of the tango venues located?

Most of the tango venues are located in San Telmo. El Querandi, El Viejo Almacen, La Ventana, Gala Tango,... You have also Tango Porteño located near the Obelisco and Cafe de Los Angelitos near the Congress of Argentina.



My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write to you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Buenos Aires ❤️


  1. Yuri Turkin Reply

    Hello Glen. We looking to book large tango shows with life singers for international events, which one you recommend?

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Really appreciate the website. Lots of useful info. Could you recommend a Milonga place? I really want to see not only a tango show but as you put it “true origin of the tango”. Many thanks

  3. Hi Glenn, thanks for your nice reviews. It’s very helpful. I’m trying to decide between El Querandi and Tango Porteño. I would prefer a more traditional, authentic experience over a more commercial, large or touristy show. And maybe also a show more focused on tango vs. other artforms and other performances (which I’ve read some shows include). Any feedback? Thanks!

    • Hi Max, thanks a lot! Happy to help. If you are looking for a bit more authentic I would say El Querandi. It are only tango performances and the venue is nice. Other option is Cafe de los Angelitos. This is located in an authentic cafe in Buenos Aires and one of the most traditional tango shows in Buenos Aires. Also, Piazzolla I can recommend for fully focused tango performances. All the other do have other performances in it too.

      I hope I could help you with my answer.

  4. Alexander Jameson Reply

    Can you recommend the best tango show in Buenos Aires, and what makes it stand out from the others?

    • Hi Alexander 👋, this are for me currently the best tango shows in Buenos Aires. If you want the whole package, go for El Querandi – it’s got that authentic vibe, talented dancers, and some historical charm. Now, for a cozy, romantic date night, El Viejo Almacen is your spot – perfect for couples with its intimate setting and great performances. And if you’re all about the entertainment, La Ventana is my recommendation, offering the liveliest and most dynamic tango show in Buenos Aires.

  5. Hi Glenn
    Just starting to plan for our trip to Buenos Aires in February and really want to see a couple of different tango performances – can you tell me about the seating arrangements, most of them look like long shared tables side on to the stage? Does El Viejo Almacen have individual tables? It sounds like it from your description, I prefer this style, being more cosy.
    Thanks for your advice, the tango list is very informative.

    • Hi Karen, El Viejo Almacen has separate tables at their restaurant and small round tables for each reservation in the tango hall itself. It’s indeed one of the most cozy tango shows in Buenos Aires 🙂

  6. Marianna Lalla Reply

    Hi Glenn, thanks for the info! I am travelling alone to BA during Easter so I wonder if shows are open by then and if you recommend any for non-couple travellers? And what about street shows? Just curious, thanks again for your nice blog!!

    • Hi Marianna, last time I went to El Viejo Almacen and Tango Porteño for example. The solo travelers had their own private table during dinner. Maybe Tango Porteño is a nicer location for solo travelers because it’s located next to the Obelisco. Always something to do in the neighborhood there.

  7. We currently have dinner reservations at Piegari Carnes on 9 March. Are any of these tango shows in that area by chance? The restaurant was recommended by friends so we’d like to go there and catch a show after. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Shelly, the closest is Tango Porteño on 18min walking distance. The show starts at 22h00. 🙂

  8. Thanks for all the information about Tango (for tourists).
    We’re going to be staying at the Marriott, and inclined towards just the show at Tango Porteno. Also most reviews, and over 86 percent good, in TripAdvisor.
    El Querandi also being considered as recommended by Frommer’s and Fodors

  9. Hi Glenn, to clarify, the order from 1-10 is how you rank the various shows? Not sure if your “personal recommendation” comment at the end is general or referring to Señor Tango. Thanks!

    • Hi MJ, the list is of course my personal opinion and experiences when I went to see the tango show in Buenos Aires.

  10. Robert W Martynec Reply

    I decided to take our group to El Querandi. Does anyone know if there is a table for 6 in a good location? Also, for a small extra fee, they offer guaranteed good seating . Is it worth it?

    • Hi Robert, You can book the tickets through my website. I try to take care for good seatings 😀

    • Glenn was such a pleasure to work with – I did el querandi, Almacen and Ventana – and I absolutely loved querandi. Glenn is awesome and he made the process so much easier – muchas gracias glenn !! Buenos Dias


  11. Hi Glenn, thank you for making my research easier with your best tango show write up. Are we allowed to take video of the show? Set up a small tripod on top of our table with my cell to record show for family to view back home?
    As Buenos Aires is known as the ‘Paris of the South’, what is the appropriate attire
    to wear for both men & women?
    Muchas gracias and hoping to hear from you!

    • Hi Joskie, in my experience I asked for permission to film parts of the tango show. You can always ask at the reception 🙂
      Just casual is perfect for the tango evening in Buenos Aires. Enjoy!

  12. Wayne Yoder Reply

    Hi Glenn , Would you be kind enough to explain your rating system for the tango shows. Maybe I just missed what you have already explained. Even though I live in Bariloche with my Argentinian wife, I am interested in your observations…

    • Hi Wayne 👋, It’s a personal list I made after seeing the tango shows in Buenos Aires. I watched the tango show and dance performance in it. I myself am not a tango dancer or familiar with the techniques, but it is a personal feeling how I experienced the show. The reception, the cozyness, and the dinner are also included in the score. ☺️ Maybe a good idea that I make a score per part of the experience.

  13. Stephen L Weaver Reply

    What about the show at the Borges Cultural Center? Theatre seating but I thought it was a good option for someone who didn’t want an overpriced or mediocre dinner.

    • Hi Stephen, if you want to enjoy the true origin of tango, then you should go to a “Milonga”. Those are small dance halls where people come together and share their passion of tango. For the tango shows, there are mostly options without dinner available and the price is ok.

  14. Paul Tyler Reply

    Thanks Bruno for the info about the best tango show in Buenos Aires. We went eventually to Tango Porteño near the Obelisco. The location was easy to reach by taxi, even from Palermo where we stayed. Your right, it has indeed a 1920 style building, also inside. Fantastic. A big stage with wonderfull tango dancers. The dinner was good with drinks all night long. Definitely worth to do when in Buenos Aires.

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Paul ?, thank you for your kind review. Lovely to hear that you enjoyed the tango show in Buenos Aires. Have a wonderful day!

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