Traveling to Argentina and want to stay connected to the world? Where to buy SIM card in Argentina? Argentina has a stabile mobile network. Connect and start uploading all your beautiful selfies and nature photos of Argentina :-D. All the steps of buying a SIM card in Argentina. Sure, check out our SIM card service.

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Adv Tourist SIM card Argentina

Where to buy SIM card in Buenos Aires

Getting a SIM card in Argentina will take you some steps. Living for years in Argentina, we know that registration takes some time and effort. Especially when you don’t speak Spanish. Therefore, we launched a service made for travelers to Argentina. Clear and fast.

Option 1: order an activated and ready to use SIM card.

We provide a service of a preactivated SIM card for tourists. Meaning that you don’t need to go to a store, fill in registration forms in Spanish, waiting, and so on. The Argentina SIM card is ready to use upon your arrival in Buenos Aires. We deliver the SIM card to your hotel in Buenos Aires.

The SIM card pack includes 4GB of data to use in 30 days and unlimited Whatsapp usage (doesn’t use data from the pack) Additionally, it’s possible to get 1GB to use in Chile, Brasil, Uruguay, and Paraguay for a period of 30 days.

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Option 2: buy a SIM card in Argentina

The most convenient way to buy an Argentina SIM card is when you arrive in Buenos Aires international airport Ezeiza.

After passing all the controls and collecting your luggage you will enter the arrival hall. Take a turn to the right and you will see the check-in desks on your right. In the middle of the check-in hall, you will see a stand of Personal mobile operator. The desk of Personal is 24/7 open.

Take your passport with you and ask to buy a SIM card, also called “chip” in Spanish.

The mobile provider will give you a tourist SIM card to use in Argentina. This SIM card will cost you around 15 USD and includes a bundle for 30 days with 3GB data and 30 minutes of international calls.

Buy SIM card in Buenos Aires Argentina
Map Terminal “A” Ezeiza Airport

Personal has a good and stable connection in Argentina. However, in the middle of the Pampas or Patagonia, there is often no connection. Argentina is a big country 😀

Buy sim card Argentina Ezeiza Airport

Other options to get a SIM card in Argentina

There are more options to get an Argentina SIM card. There are three mobile operators active in Argentina: Claro, Personal and Movistar. The coverage of these mobile operators quietly the same. As a tourist, you need to go to the mobile provider brand store.

We provide a service that you receive a preactivated SIM card. No need going to a store to activate. Just start to use your 3G as soon as you are in Buenos Aires. 🙂 Check it our here.

1. Go to an official mobile operator store: take your passport with you and ask for a SIM card, also called “chip” in Spanish. We suggest taking a prepaid SIM card in Buenos Aires.

Claro: Tte. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón, 547 (near Plaza de Mayo) Closed in weekends.
Personal: There is a store at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires. More info here.
Movistar: Go to any Movistar store. Follow the steps here.

2. Top-up the SIM card: You will have your local SIM card but without credit. Ask in the store to top-up the SIM card and the activation of an internet pack.

3. Reload/top-up the SIM card on your way: Go to a kiosk with a sign “recarga aca” and ask to top-up your SIM card with the amount as you wish. Or go find an official provider store nearby. They can reload your SIM card and activate a new internet bundle. You can also do it yourself. Once you have money on your Argentina SIM card, you need to go to the mobile provider’s website. Login or register your account or mobile number, and choose a plan that suits your needs. 

A tourist SIM card in Argentina

As mentioned above “Personal” offers a tourist sim-card plan. For 15 USD you have 3GB data, free Whatsapp, and 30 minutes international calls.

Also, Movistar offers a tourist SIM card. More info here. They don’t have a store at Ezeiza airport. The website of Movistar suggests to buy a SIM card in a kiosko and send your details through Facebook or Twitter. In our opinion pretty complicated.

Buenos Aires airport Ezeiza transfer welcome

Roaming SIM card bundle for outside Argentina

You have Claro. They offer a pretty cheap ($12 USD) roaming package to use in Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay and the USA. The roaming package is valid for 30 days.
Click here for the Claro website. You will need to top-up your SIM card balance and send a text message to activate the roaming package.

Get WiFi in Buenos Aires

Across Buenos Aires, you will find several BA WiFi hotspots. Mostly they are located around busy squares, parks, Metrobus lines, in the subways and governmental buildings. The coverage is pretty wide. A moment without WiFi is rare. Buenos Aires on that point is a true WiFi capital city. The connections speed is around 10 Mbps.
You can find a complete coverage map here: GO TO BA WIFI

The public buses

Some public buses provide free WiFi to their customers. We don’t have a list right-away but the WiFi logo will show you what busses are online.


My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write for you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Feel free to support us by "Buy me a coffee ". Means a lot to us. ❤️


  1. melinda challis Reply

    Hi. Hoping someone can advise on this…if i buy a SIM card at Personal in the International Airport will they accept US$ or do I have to pay in pesos?

    thanks in advance

  2. Hi there – this article has been very helpful but I have some questions for you if you don’t mind helping me out! I am a graduate student moving to Argentina in a month, for 1 year. I have a student visa and will eventually have a DNI (within 60 days of arrival). I am SO nervous about the SIM card process. I want something more permanent and reliable while I am in country for the 11 months. A tourist SIM card would not be enough but I was thinking I would do this for the first 20 days while I try to get something more permanent. Do you suggest I do a tourist SIM card, then go to Claro/Movistar/ etc. and find something more permanent? I plan to use Google voice for my US number and have a SIM card with my BA #. I want a good data/phone plan especially since I’ll be using Google Voice and WhatsApp to communicate with everyone back home and for work related calls to Mexico. I also will be traveling within Argentina, Mexico, and hopefully to Uruguay and Chile. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Eve ?, you will definitely have a great time in Argentina, welcome! Getting an Argentina sim card without an Argentinian identity number will test your patience. In the beginning, you can get a sim card registered with your passport. However, there is a limit on the time to use and the waiting lines in the store are famous here. You can ask an Argentinian friend to register an extra sim card under their name and you use it. That are the options for the long term.

      Claro, Personal, and Movistar their coverage in Argentina is almost the same. In Buenos Aires, you will have a reliable connection. People that live outside Buenos Aires are getting a contract based on what provider that has the best signal in their neighborhood. So, you’re good at all options. I would suggest taking a “pospago” – subscription plan. It has more benefits if you want to make international calls or if you’re going abroad.

      We wish you the best as a student in Argentina! 🙂


    Here’s my real life experience with trying to buy and activate a SIM card in Buenos Aires. We noticed the corner store near our Airbnb had signs on the door for Claro and Movistar. Ok, lets give this a shot instead of walking all the way to an official store; I don’t like going into the Verizon store in the US where everyone speaks English, so I definitely dont want to walk into a Claro store where no one is speaking English. I have my girlfriend who speaks perfect Colombian Spanish(by all accounts Medellin Spanish is the most clear) go in as my assistant to speak with the clerk at this store. I have her ask him as many questions as possible, because I’ve been traveling in Latin America for at least 6 years now, and I know how confusing/inconvenient buying and activating a SIM card can be. These 2, this Argentine and this Colombiana can’t seem to get their information straight, can’t seem to align their Spanish. I’m not confident buying a SIM card from this corner store is going to result in a functioning SIM card, so we walk to another store, then another store, and every response is basically, we can sell you a SIM card but we can’t activate it for you. This is unfortunate but not surprising since Argentina seems like a highly unorganized country. So let me get this straight, you can sell me a SIM card, but I have to go home and get on a wifi network, jump through god knows how many hoops before my SIM card will be activated, before I can give you money so that I can use your precious cell network. By the way, I’m not some A-hole that’s addicted to my cellphone, I’m not buying and activating a SIM card to carelessly browse FB or instagram, I’m using it for real things, I’m an experienced traveler and I know NOT having a cell signal is wasting time, energy, and money. If I can’t order an UBER, now I’m at the mercy of some random taxi driver who can use our language barrier to charge me anything he wants, or without a signal I can’t find a restaurant that isn’t a total s-hole. We actually make it all the way to the official Movistar store and the rep there is ready to sell us a SIM card, then he tells us he can’t activate it, and they don’t have wifi in this store, hmmm, a telecommunications store that doesn’t have wifi, I thought the above article said wifi is every in BA? Here’s this illogical situation, the rep at the Movistar store is going to sell us a SIM card but we have no idea if this SIM card is going to work with my phone from the US, because he can’t activate it? So let me get this straight, Movistar can sell me a SIM card but they can’t activate it? makes no sense. Ok, so we walk out of this store because this process seems crazy and unlikely to work. So we go back to the corner store right near our Airbnb to buy a Claro SIM card for $40 arg pesos, and the clerk, like most Argentine’s, is very sure of himself, very sure of what he’s saying(read: bullshitter), he says we go back to our apt, get on the wifi and register the SIM card online. Ok, I already know this isn’t going to be that easy. I find Claro’s online form, add a photo of my passport, hit send, get a case #, and 15 minutes later get a message saying i need to fill out the form again, but this time, attach a photo: a selfie of me with my passport. ok, these dopes want to make this unnecessarily hard for some reason. I do this and we get nothing, no notification that this SIM card is activated. SO, I get on Claros online chat page, and the rep says it’s too late in the day, this will get handled tomorrow. The next day, late in the day, still nothing. Again, I get on Claro’s online chat page, give the rep my case #, phone #, SIM card # and eventually she tells me I need to go down to the store in person to what, be told I can’t have a SIM card as a foreigner? The whole point of this was to avoid walking into one of these stores. So, that’s where we’re at, a lot of frustration, a lot of wasted time, and a useless SIM card. In Mexico, we went to the equivalent of a 7-11, bought a SIM card and a data plan, popped it in and it was immediately working. No wonder Argentina is in a constant state of financial crisis. They’re making people jump through hoops to give them money, backwards thought, backwards system. This annoyance continues tomorrow, maybe I’ll be spending my whole trip in BA trying to activate a SIM card, awesome

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Victor, thanks for sharing your experience on how to get a SIM card in Argentina. Correct that registering a SIM card in Argentina is pretty difficult. Therefore, we suggest buying a SIM card at the Personal store at the airport. You would think that every salesperson, no matter what Personal store, know’s the procedure for tourist SIM cards. But in reality, it isn’t. Our advice is to get a SIM card in Argentina in the airports. The salespersons there are getting there more requests. Kiosko’s does sell SIM cards but the registration is not easy for tourists and complicated. Avoiding stores to activate a SIM card is almost impossible.

      Besides the SIM card difficulties, we hope that you had a great time in Buenos Aires.

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