Ministro Pistarini International Airport Ezeiza (EZE) is the only airport that receives international flights from all over the world such as North America, Europe, Oceania, …  Below you find the best way getting from Ezeiza Buenos Aires airport to Buenos Aires city, tested by myself. I checked all the ways for getting from Buenos Aires international airport to Buenos Aires city.

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Getting from Buenos Aires international airport to Buenos Aires city

The best way to get from Ezeiza (EZE) airport to Buenos Aires is by private transfer or taxi. It’s your personal preference. A trip of 31km is necessary to get from EZE to Buenos Aires city center. As a tourist, you probably have some luggage with you, so traveling comfortably would be nice. How to get from Buenos Aires international airport to Buenos Aires city?

Where do you arrive and how long does a transfer takes?

You will all arrive at terminal A, no matter what airline you’re flying with. Once you arrive on Argentine ground there is first passport control ahead of you. Please note to have your address of staying with you. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to get your luggage. A taxi ride from EZE airport to Buenos Aires city takes around 30 – 50 minutes, depending on the traffic. A public bus takes around 1h30 – 2h to get you to Plaza de Mayo (Buenos Aires center). Below you will see a map of Buenos Aires international airport.

Transfer Ezeiza Buenos Aires airport 2020

1. Private transfer from EZE airport to Buenos Aires city

Do you want to enjoy the comfort of an arranged private transfer from Ezeiza to Buenos Aires?  The easy thing is that you decide your pick-up time, return, and destination. I arrived countless times in Buenos Aires after a long flight. And still an arranged private transfer is the best way getting from Ezeiza to Buenos Aires City (besides family or friends picking me up).

A person waiting for you in the arrival hall, going in the car, and don’t worry about where the driver needs to drop you off. Because all is arranged.

It’s just easy. With that experience and my connections within the tourism sector, I start to organize private airport transfer. In the past I recommended another company but the cancellation policy is not that flexible. Therefore, I offer the Buenos Aires airport transfer with the option to cancel for free up to 24h before arrival.

Click here to discover the Buenos Aires private airport transfer options.

If you want to book a transfer from the city to the airport? Click here.

Private airport transfer Buenos Aires Ezeiza

2. Taxi from Ezeiza airport to Buenos Aires

On the internet, you read some scams practices when taking a taxi from Ezeiza airport to Buenos Aires. For example, taxi drivers that don’t turn on their meter, charging you too much, add service costs to the total price. Be aware of that.

The city had a great system for this kind of irregularities. A system that calculated your trip from the international airport to Buenos Aires and the price was fixed. But, the system is removed due to renovations at Ezeiza airport. 🙁

Be aware that taxi drivers are charging you too much

A taxi ride from Ezeiza airport to Buenos Aires city will cost you around 25 USD / €23.
The taxies are waiting for you just outside of the arrival hall. Five minutes of walking.

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3. Uber or Cabify

Note that Uber is not recognized as an official taxi company, so by the law, it’s illegal. There are cases that legal operating taxi drivers assault Uber drivers when they see them. Therefore, Uber drivers often avoid busy places such as airports. Some drivers will ask you to take place in the front seat, so it looks that you are a friend or walk more or less to the end of the parking (600m away).

Uber will cost you around 25USD / 28 EURO.

Cabify, on the other hand, is a legal operation taxi company in Buenos Aires. As Cabify is pretty popular it is possible that you have to wait a bit.

4. Public transport

It is possible to take a bus from Ezeiza Buenos Aires airport to the city. Bus line 8 brings you from the airport to Plaza de Mayo or Congress. One way ticket cost you 0,72 USD / 0,60 EURO. A cheap and good way to start your journey with the public transport of Buenos Aires. Bus line 8 takes around 1h30 – 2h to get you to Plaza de Mayo (Buenos Aires center).

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5. Shuttle bus

Good luck there are some private bus companies that are more than happy to get you to your destination. Of course, the stops are restricted. With a budget 12USD, it’s possible to get on the bus that takes you from Ezeiza airport to Buenos Aires. There are some companies available but you need to choose the right one to get the closest stop to your destination. Aerobus Ezeiza, Tienda Leon, Mini Bus Ezeiza

6. Car

Is there an opportunity to arrange a car from the hotel or friends? Then we recommend this very much. Often hotels offer private shuttles to get comfortable in Buenos Aires city. Friends are the easiest way to get from the Buenos Aires international airport (EZE) to Buenos Aires. And above that, you have a super warm welcome.

7. Train and metro

Do you like to ride a train or subway? Sorry, we have to disappoint you. There is no train or subway to get you from the international airport Ezeiza to  Buenos Aires.


List of international flights arriving/departing from the Buenos Aires international airport Ministro Pistarini (EZE).

Lufthansa: Frankfurt
Air Europa: Madrid
Iberia: Madrid
Level: Barcelona
Alitalia: Roma
British Airways: London
Air France: Paris
Air Canada: Santiago
Aerolineas Argentina: Madrid, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Miami, New York, Punta Cana
LATAM: Lima, Miami, Asuncion, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
American Airlines: Dallas, Miami, New York,
United Airlines: New York, Houston
Delta: Atlanta
Emirates: Rio de Janeiro -> Dubai
Qatar: Sao Paulo -> Doha
Turkish Airlines: Sao Paulo -> Istanbul
AeroMexico: Mexico City
Copa Airlines: Panama City

*List not completed. Please always check your booking.


My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write for you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Feel free to support us by "Buy me a coffee ". Means a lot to us. ❤️


  1. Approximately how much does a private transfer cost to get from EZE into the city

      • Hello I did not catch were to get the private Taxi that option sounds safe and reliable
        I will like to do that could you please be kind and post the link thanks

    • We had luck and got past the taxi bulk in front of EZE to an honest official taxi driver. 16€/USD from EZE to Palermo. Super nice guy, also did the return trip with him.
      Shared the contact with our travel friends as well.

  2. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for all this helpful info! Question, if we land in Terminal A from the United States, would we be able to go to Terminal B before we go through security? There is an airport lounge in Terminal B and we would like to get breakfast, coffee, and take showers after our long flight. Thank you!

    • Hi TJ, I never did this combination but when I arrive in terminal A you are guided directly to the border control. The flow of arrival in terminal A is separated from the departure zone of the terminals. Once in the departures zones, then you can freely move between the terminals.

      • Angela Ridley Reply


        Thanks for this. Can you tell me about how long it’ll take to get through the airport on a local flight & through customs? I’ll be coming to Buenos Aires from Ushuaia at let’s say 7pm. My flight to the States leaves at 8:55pm. Do you think that’ll be enough time?

        • Hi Angela, if your local flights arrives at EZE and departure too, I would say around 1h15. The security control takes around 20min and border control too. Depends of crouse on how busy it is in general.

  3. Hello, I am a wheelchair user and will be visiting BA soon from The US. Do you know of companies that can transport me from the airport? My accommodation is in Martinez. Thanks kindly, Eamon.

    • Hi Eamon, I will bring you in contact with a travel agency that has many contacts in Buenos Aires. I will ask them to mail you.

  4. Hola! Enjoy reading your site. What’s the taxi situation now since EZE renovation? We’re headed to Pilar and are debating taking a taxi or hiring private transport. Not excited about paying $250 for a private service tho.

    • Hi Julie, Indeed you can take a taxi to Pilar. Normally, the taxi drivers will not make any problem of it.

  5. Olivia Chang, Reply

    I’ll be arriving from probably a very uncomfortable night at Santiago airport, to EZE at 9am or so. Thanks SO much for the Line 8 bus photo. It’s been mentioned on some sites but there were no info. as to how convenient it was to get to the bus station. One site even mentioned a ‘corporate building’ address?! Crazy unhelpful bloggers. Are there signs in the airport to get to the Bus Stop? I’ll be going to Cabello 3999 to my AirBnB in Palermo, so read that I could take this line, then switch to Metro D line. Am I able to buy a SUBE bus/metro card at the airport? At this point, I might be pretty tired and don’t want to be a victim of crime (not being as aware), so wondering if you might suggest a shuttle. I looked into Tienda Leon and their drop-offs at Terminal Madera or Aeroparque require another connection of another hour or so. Mini Bus Ezeira site says shuttle ends in San Telmo, again, I’ll have to find my way to Palermo and I think it’s another 40-50 min too. Cabify is showing 731.60 (USD12?)… would you say that might be my best option then? THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your great website! I don’t mind taking the bus/metro combo is the transfers are relatively easy. I’m quite a seasoned traveler and do public transportation all over Europe, but I want to acknowledge my possible fatigue level, being a solo female traveler, etc…

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Olivia, taking the bus (8) from Ezeiza airport to Buenos Aires is a good and cheap option. Be aware, that a ride with the bus will take around 1h30 or more. Bus 8 stops at Plaza de Mayo. Most of the subways are departing from there.

      You can buy a SUBE-card in the arrival hall of Ezeiza. Here is some more info about public transport in Buenos Aires:

      We recently teamed up with Welcome. For €31 you will have direct transfer to your hotel and a driver will wait for you in the arrival hall.

      Cabify is a good option for a direct ride to your destination. Possible that you have to wait a while before a Cabify driver accepts your ride. (Busy service).

      We wish you a fantastic time in Buenos Aires. Disfruta 🙂

      • Tienda Leon replied to me and said that for 630 pesos, they’ll take me to Terminal Madera and from there, a shuttle to my area (not sure if it’s to the door step, or a block away)… seems this is the kind of info. I get when messaging between Machu Picchu tour operators and Argentinean operators. They dont’ tell how to pay for it, whether they accept credit cards, whether only cash, etc… maybe you need another blog just on Tienda Leon! Here’s what they said in Spanish, just in case I might have missed something…. doesn’t mention either whether I can go to money changer at the Terminal THEN hop onto shuttle, or if the journey has to be continuous for that 630 pesos: Bus con distribución: $630 por pasajero por viaje. El servicio consta del Bus desde Ezeiza hasta Terminal Madero (Av. Eduardo Madero 401) y luego, desde allí, parte una unidad más pequeña que distribuye a los pasajeros por la zona. Sounds like it may take JUST AS LONG with Tienda as the bus? Your thoughts? BTW when I googlemap EZE to my AirBnB address by public transportation, it states 3 h 36 min and Line 8 didn’t even show up as an option!? Do you know why? This is one of the reasons why researching for Buenas Aires has been so frustrating. Thanks for Welcome offer, but I’d like to keep this trip on a budget. READ YOUR ARTICLE on money changing… if I understood right, go to Banco Nacion to get some pesos first at the airport so that I can buy SUBE pass but probably just change small amount? I’m just going to be there 8 days, so mainly meals USD$200 plenty? For such a ‘small sum’, should I just get ALL from airport? I’m game for going to Calle Florida to your well assessed casa de cambio for the experience. Lastly, will Banco at airport let me change money since I don’t have an account there?? THANKS!!

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi, the taxi touchscreens are replaced due to renovations. In the arrival hall, you will find company taxi stands such as TaxiEzeiza. Also, using Cabify is legal to use in Argentina. Have a nice stay!

  6. I was very happy to discover this website. I need to
    to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!!
    I definitely appreciated every bit of it and I have you book-marked to look at
    new information on your site.

  7. Digby Charles Cook Reply

    Very helpful piece on airport transportation. Thanks, and rest of the info on your site is very useful. Keep up the good work.

    • I will be arriving EZE by United airlines. I assume it will be terminal A. I plan to use Cabify to get to my hotel in BA. I don’t speak Spanish. So is there a specific area where Cabify will pickup at terminal A?

      • Glenn Reply

        Hello Dino, you probably arrive at terminal A. Theoretically, Cabify is legal in Buenos Aires. You can order the taxi and wait at the parking 200 meters from the terminal. The taxi driver may chat with you via the app to arrange a meeting point.

        To inform other visitors. Taxi drivers (yellow / black taxis) are often looking for people waiting for an Uber or Cabify. They will talk to you and say that it is illegal. Not a pleasant experience.

  8. ΝΤΕΤΕΚΤΙΒ Reply

    I absolutely love your site… Pleasant colors and theme.

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