Did you hear about the steakhouse in Buenos Aires? Argentina is ranked 2nd on the beef consumption world chart. With around 55kg or 120 pounds per person each year. On the other hand, the average beef consumption is 7,7kg or 17 pounds! Without a doubt, for all meat lovers, the capital city of Argentina is the place to be for a grill or steakhouse.

Here I give you my personal top 10. After many years I found the best steakhouses / grill in Buenos Aires. Some are very touristic and some are real secret places where you can enjoy the real original parrilla of Argentina.

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The steakhouse or parrilla grill in Buenos Aires

Parrilla is the metal grill where the meat is slowly cooked on carbon. Also, parrilla is the name for restaurants that cook meat on the grill. Argentines take their time when it comes to cooking the meat. Up to two hours is common. The result is a tender piece of Argentinian steak and that’s what you will find in a steakhouse in Buenos Aires.

Lamb steakhouse Buenos Aires Parrilla
Famous is the “cordero” or lamb. Cooked slowly for hours. Worth to try when you visit a steakhouse in Buenos Aires.

Before you start!

First, be aware if you ask for a parrilla for two. It will have a range of meats including organs such as kidneys, and intestines, … Are you in to try it? Go ahead. Otherwise, ask if you don’t want it. Of course, you can select your piece of meat separately on the menu card. The most famous steak is “Bife de Chorizo”. The grill in Buenos Aires is always on!

Second: Argentines like their meat cooked well done. Ask if you want it differently.

The best steakhouse in Buenos Aires

I based our list on experiences of my own and the top list of the gastronomical contest “best steakhouse” held by the city of Buenos Aires.

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1. Fogón Asado

Let’s start with Fogón Asado in Palermo. What a great night out! If you want to get into the Argentine cuisine then Fogón is the restaurant for you. During the night you will sit with a maximum of 25 other guests around and near the Argentina grill (parrilla). You can see the chef at work and the way in which the asado is made. An experience that you don’t have in any other grill restaurant.

The food was delicious. An 8-course menu with appropriate wines. It makes it that little bit more special. Starting with a cocktail and later the first course is served. A locally made empanada. Afterward, the courses are followed up smoothly. With the highlight of the Argentine beef. So delicious! Especially when you know how they made it.

Chimichurri is typical for an Argentinian asado. If you feel like it, you can make the chimichurri yourself together with the chef.

Fogón is a unique experience. Definitely worth going out for dinner. Book in time because places are limited. On top of that: selected in the Michelin restaurant guide 2023.

Link to website of Fogón

Price: $$$
Address: Uriarte 1423, Palermo

2. El Ferroviario

My number two on the list “best steakhouse in Buenos Aires” is El Ferroviario. More local you can’t get while eating in a “comedor”. The meat is of perfect quality and in big portions. The meat came so smoothly off the bone! The waiters will advise you well. Reservations are not possible, so you need to go on time. Waiting times at El Ferroviario can run up to 2 hours because it’s so famous and delicious! The grill in Buenos Aires if you want the real experience.

Price: $
Address: Av. Reservistas Argentinos 219, Buenos Aires

3. La Cabrera

Everywhere in the rankings of the best steakhouse in Buenos Aires, you find “La Cabrera”. A fancy-style restaurant in Palermo Soho. It was in the year 2001 that Gastón Riviera took a risk and opened the first La Cabrera steakhouse in Buenos Aires. A restaurant to visit. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and quality of the meat. Very easy to reach

Price:  $$$
Address: José A. Cabrera 5127, Buenos Aires
Website: lacabrera.com.ar

4. Don Julio

Get into a traditional atmosphere at Don Julio. My number three on the list. Don Julio is a traditional grill in Buenos Aires with an extensive wine list. In 2020 Don Julio received first place in the list of “The Worlds 50 Best” as the best restaurant in Latin-America. Located in the heart of Palermo. You can make a reservation online.

Price: $$$
Address: Guatemala 4699, Buenos Aires
Website: parrilladonjulio.com

5. El Desnivel

A grill in Buenos Aires located in the city’s oldest neighborhood San Telmo, that’s El Desnivel. A cafeteria feeling, a very local atmosphere. The “Bife de Chorizo” is a recommendation but also the typical costillar or tirra de asado. Also the true locals’ cuisine back to the roots of a parrilla in Buenos Aires at El Desnivel.

Price: $
Address: Defensa 855, Buenos Aires

6. Parrilla 1880

Looking for a small, non-touristic, and cozy meat restaurant? Hidden next to Parque Lezama you find Parrilla 1880. A typical Buenos Aires menu card with good parrilla suggestions. A little secret on the edge of San Telmo.

Price: $
Address: Defensa 1665, Buenos Aires

7. Estilo Campo 

Head to Puerto Madero for my number six on “best steakhouse in Buenos Aires”, Estilo Campo. A good address for the fine cuisine parrilla. The fireplace will seduce you to go inside and eat meat fresh from the grill. It is possible to make a reservation online at Estilo Campo.

Price: $$$
Address: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1840, Buenos Aires
Website: estilo-campo.com.ar 

8. El Boliche de Nico 

A little bit further located from the heart of Buenos Aires you will find parrilla El Boliche de Nico. A colorful place with an extensive menu. Enjoy your Argentinian beef with a perfect wine. Online reservations are not possible.

Price: $
Address: Av. de Los Incas 4287, Buenos Aires
Website: elbolichedenico.com.ar

9. Santos Manjares

A parrilla in Buenos Aires that has more the offer than only meat. We suggest you take the steak from the grill on the menu. A big piece, well cooked and a siding. Located near the big avenue “9 de Julio”. Worth a place in our list of best grill in Buenos Aires.

Price: $$
Address: Paraguay 938, Buenos Aires

10. El Pobre Luis

A picturesque steakhouse located in the middle of Chinatown. The founder of the restaurant is from Uruguay. He brought some grill specialties from Uruguay to Buenos Aires. And by coincidence: Uruguay is number one in meat consumption per capita.

Price: $$$
Address: Arribeños 2393, Buenos Aires

11. La Carnicería

Meaning “The butcher” translated to English. A gourmet style steakhouse in Buenos Aires. Located in Palermo near Plaza Italia. The restaurant is not scared to experiment with the meat on the grill. Spices are well used here. La Carinicería is our final parrilla in Buenos Aires on the list.

Price: $$$
Address: Thames 2317, Buenos Aires

12. La Brigada

La Brigada is a steakhouse in the heart of San Telmo, Buenos Aires. The interior is a classic Porteño style with football shirts as decoration. At La Brigada, you will have a wide choice of meat and sides. Accompanied by an extensive wine list. The waiters do know how to serve tourists and without any problem, they will give some suggestions.

Price: $$$
Address: Estados Unidos 465, Buenos Aires

La Brigada steakhouse Buenos Aires
La Brigada steakhouse in San Telmo Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires grill secret

Every Argentino/a has a personal favorite steakhouse in Buenos Aires. Get in touch with a resident and ask what’s their favorite grill. With a lot of passion, they will explain why that steakhouse is the best in Buenos Aires. Possibly it is a steakhouse not in the list, but a grill around the corner. A bottle of Malbec wine and the delicious meat, and you will are in 1, 2, 3 a true Argentino.



My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write to you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Buenos Aires ❤️


  1. Hello,
    I will be in Argentina next week for work and need to find a restaurant for a large group of 16 people in Puerto Madero. Any recommendations? Thank you!

  2. Hello!
    I see Fogon Asado can be purchased for $80 (tasting menu) and $100 (Chef’s counter if seated in front of the chef). Also Get Your Guide sells the experience for $70. What am I missing here? Is it the same? Is the Chef’s counter worth it?

    • Hi, when I went to test there was no difference yet. But seeing the chef cooking was a very nice thing to see at Fogon Asado.

  3. Hello Glenn, I am traveling to Buenos Aires in March 2024, I have a reservation to eat in Don Julio, but I heard that the prices in almost all restaurants are going up. Is it possible to have a picture of the most current Menu from any restaurant or from Don Julio? I really appreciate it. Gracias!!

    • Hi German, thanks for visiting my page about the best steakhouse in Buenos Aires. The price for a T-bone steak at Don Julio steak restaurant now (January 2024) is 65 USD. On average per steak cut the price vary from 35 USD to 70 USD.

      • Thank you Glenn for your answer, this helps a lot and it can give me an idea what to expect.

  4. Thanks for this info! Any other leads I could follow to try to get tickets to the Oct 1 Boca Juniors game? Also, have you ever eaten at Lo de Jesus?

  5. Hola,
    I booked a flight to Buenos Aires on line from Canada with Aerolineas Argentinas .
    I need to contact them but I can find no telephone # that is operational from Canada.
    They instruct to use Whatsapp .
    However, that also is non -existent.

    Can you advise how in the world I can speak to a representative from this airline?
    Many thanks …..Peggy

    • Hi Peggy, it’s indeed a problem to contact Aerolineas. It’s a known problem. I have no other contacts, sorry.

  6. Ansgar Neher Reply

    Bei mir sind es nun 56 Jahre her seid ich zum letzten Mal in Buenos Aires war. Als 3. Ingenieur fuhr ich auf der “Cap Palmas” ,einem Schiff der Reederei Hamburg-Süd. Vom Asado schwärme ich noch immer. Es gibt hier auch argentinische Lokale in denen Asado angeboten wird, aber ist nicht so gut wie in Buenos Aires. Am Retiro, dem Hauptbahnhof bin ich gern gewesen und habe den Diarios der Zeitungsausrufer zugehört.
    Die Restaurants, die Asado anboten, hatten einen zusätzlichen Namen, dieser fällt mir leider nicht mehr ein.
    Wir, haben immer Rindfleisch für Asado eingeksuft, das wir auf der Rückreise nach Hamburg, so lange das Wetter noch gut war, an Deck gegrillt haben.
    Damals gab es auch fleischfreie Tage. An diesen Tagen durfte kein Fleisch verkauft werden. Von wegen kein Fleisch, Lamm-, Schweine-, Ziegen-, Geflügelfleisch gab es , aber für den Argentinier war das kein Fleisch. Fleisch war nur Rindfleisch und das wurde für den Export benötigt.
    Von Buenos-Aires ging es nach Montevideo, Rio Grande do Sol, Santos, Rio de Janeiro und dann über den Teich nach Hamburg.
    Es war eine schöne Zeit, an die ich mich gerne erinnere.
    Viele Grüße aus Röthenbach/Pegnitz
    Ansgar Neher

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