Are you traveling to Argentina soon? Then it is good to know which COVID-19 measures you must take before you start your journey to Buenos Aires. We give you the latest travel advice for Argentina. This way you can start your trip smoothly during the pandemic.

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COVID-19 measures in Argentina

Last update of the article on September 11th, 2020. We keep this page updated if COVID-19 measures changed.

Before you arrive in Buenos Aires, there are some COVID-19 measures that should be in order. If this is not completed, entry to Argentina will be refused. You will of course always have the opportunity to fill in certain forms during your flight, but if you prepare everything, your arrival will go a little smoother.

Declaración jurada

The Declaración jurada is a passenger locator form that you must fill in before arriving in Argentina. Click here to open. The form is available in Spanish and partly in English. Here we will explain it step by step.

The declaración jurada form must be completed between 48 hours and the time of arrival. In order to fill in the form completely, you must first know the seat number of your flight. Suppose you can check-in online for your flight 24 hours before the start? Only then will you be able to fill in the online form. That’s no problem.

Not everything has been translated into English. To make everything clear, we have made an instructional video.

The Argentina passenger locator form is one of the COVID-19 measures taken by the Argentinean government. It is a legally binding statement so please complete everything truthfully.

COVID-19 travel advice Argentina and measures

Argentina travel advice during this health crisis is clear and is made out of several topics. Below we will mention all the measures that the government takes to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Getting around in Argentina and Buenos Aires

The country is still under strict lockdown until September 20th, 2020. Moving freely between provinces is not possible. You can’t take public transport in Buenos Aires city.

At all times you are allowed to travel to the airport for your upcoming flight.

Do you arrive or you need to travel to the airport? Then we strongly suggest taking a private transfer. Buenos Aires taxi’s are ok but every taxi has a different kind of approach to protect your health. Therefore, private transfer gives you more security. The car is ventilated, there is more time between passengers, and the disinfection of the car will happen more often.

Mouth mask

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory as soon that you leave your house or hotel room. Not wearing the mouth mask will result in a financial penalty by the police.

Do you get COVID-19 symptoms in Buenos Aires?

What if you get any COVID-19 symptoms during your travel in Buenos Aires? It’s one of the biggest concerns right now. That’s why we made contact with Laboratorio Aclimu. The most important fact: the service is done in English. You can easily contact them.

Laboratorio Aclimu works with the PCR test. The most reliable COVID-19 test available on the market.

On top of that, the result is available within 24-36h after sample taking. The laboratory team will communicate the estimated time and the results are sent digitally.

You can text them by Whatsapp at any time for more information: +54 911 4429 1022


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