Are you traveling to Argentina soon? Then it is good to know which COVID-19 measures you must take before you start your journey to Buenos Aires. We give you the latest travel advice for Argentina. This way you can start your trip smoothly during the pandemic.

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COVID-19 travel advice and measures in Argentina

Last update of the article on November 4, 2021. I keep this page updated if COVID-19 measures change.

From November 1st, 2021, everybody can travel to Argentina. You will need to complete a form and some documents that will show if you are vaccinated or not. If this is not completed, entry to Argentina will be refused. You will of course always have the opportunity to fill in certain forms during your flight, but if you prepare everything, your arrival will go a little smoother.

IMPORTANT UPDATE November 2: Unvaccinated persons traveling to Argentina for tourism reasons are not allowed to enter the country. If you are younger than 18yo, you can. If you are unvaccinated and travel for other reasons, then you can enter. So, only for tourism reasons, unvaccinated travelers CAN’T enter Argentina. Official link: DECAD-2021-1064-APN-JGM

Below I made a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Declaración jurada (for everyone)

The Declaración jurada is a passenger locator form that you must fill in before arriving in Argentina. Click here to open. The form is available in Spanish and partly in English. Here we will explain it step by step.

The declaración jurada form must be completed between 48 hours and the time of arrival. In order to fill in the form completely, you must first know the seat number of your flight. Suppose you can check-in online for your flight 24 hours before the start? Only then will you be able to fill in the online form. That’s no problem.

Not everything has been translated into English. To make everything clear, I have made an instructional video.

The Argentina passenger locator form is one of the COVID-19 measures taken by the Argentinean government. It is a legally binding statement so please complete everything truthfully.

Step 2: insurances with COVID-19 coverage

All travelers – excluding Argentinian residents – need to prove that they have insurance that covers any COVID-19 related admission. The law doesn’t mention anything about minimum coverage. You cannot take insurance coverage in Argentina if you’re a tourist. Check your local insurance providers.

Step 3: proof of vaccination

All vaccines are approved to enter the country. Argentina respects the vaccines approved by the countries of origin. This rule applies to all travelers including children.

Your last vaccination shot needs to be 14 days ago. Then you’re fully vaccinated by Argentina law. In case of 2 doses vaccinations, you need to have the second dose 14 days ago to enter. 

Use the official application of your country to prove your vaccination status. I also suggest printing the vaccination certificate. The language of the certificate is not important. 

Step 4: PCR test before departure

Everybody – full vaccinated and unvaccinated people – need to get a COVID-19 PCR test that is not older than 72hr before boarding your last and direct flight to Argentina. The official departure time of the flight to Argentina is important. Children under 6 years old don’t need to get a PCR test 72h before.

Step 5: antigen test upon arrival

ONLY UNVACCINATED travelers will need to get an antigen test upon arrival. Follow the directions to the testing area and get an antigen test. All costs are for the passenger. You will need to scan a QR code and fill in the form on your phone. There is wifi in the airport but be sure that your phone is charged! Only unvaccinated travelers for not tourism purposes can enter Argentina.

Step 6: follow the quarantine 

ONLY UNVACCINATED travelers (excluding minors -18 y.o.) need to follow the quarantine. You are allowed to travel to the destination that you filled in on the DDJJ form. At that location, you need to fulfill the quarantine. Watch out, because it happens that the migration services will ring the bell and check if you’re home.

Step 7: PCR testing when in Argentina

FULLY VACCINATED don’t need to get a PCR test when arrived in the country. You can immediately start traveling around in Argentina.

UNVACCINATED travelers need to get a PCR test on day 7. The quarantine ends if the result is negative. Only unvaccinated travelers, not tourism purposes can enter Argentina.

Getting around in Argentina and Buenos Aires

Do you arrive and want to get to the city of Buenos Aires or do you need to travel to the airport? Then I strongly suggest taking a private transfer. Buenos Aires taxi’s are ok but every taxi has a different kind of approach to protect your health. Therefore, private transfer gives you more security. The car is ventilated, there is more time between passengers, and the disinfection of the car will happen more often. I can suggest “Welcome Pickups“.*

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Mouth mask

In Buenos Aires city wearing a mouth mask is only mandatory in closed spaces such as a museum or public transport.

Do you get COVID-19 symptoms in Buenos Aires?

What if you get any COVID-19 symptoms during your travel in Buenos Aires? It’s one of the biggest concerns right now. That’s why I made contact with Laboratorio Aclimu. The most important fact: the service is done in English. You can easily contact them.

Laboratorio Aclimu works with the PCR test. The most reliable COVID-19 test available on the market.

On top of that, the result is available within 24h after sample taking. The laboratory team will communicate the estimated time and the results are sent digitally.

You can text them by Whatsapp at any time for more information: +54 911 4429 1022



My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write for you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Feel free to support us by "Buy me a coffee ". Means a lot to us. ❤️


  1. Hi Glenn,
    I am still a little bit confused about the CUidar app.
    Is it for necessary for non-residents/foreigners to download it?
    I hear it is unreliable and that it requires a DNI – something foreigners wouldn’t have.

    • Hi Walter, indeed the Cuidar app asks for a DNI. That’s why I suggest printing the DDJJ and keeping it with you during your trip in Argentina.

    • Hi Glenn,

      I have a question about printing the affidavit. You say good idea to carry a copy with you , so could you suggest how to print it without uploading and sending for approval? I am over 70 so could present a printed copy instead of electronic.

      • Hi Mary, currently there is no PDF or paper version of the DDJJ available. It’s indeed filling in online and print it out if its possible.

  2. William C Passman Reply

    Do I need a PCR Covid test for a day trip from Foz de Iguazu. I will return on tour back to Brazil.

    • Hi William, yes. There are currently no exceptions for one day trips to Argentina.

  3. walter murray Reply

    Hi again, Glenn 🙂
    Thanks so much for your answer to my last question re. PCR testing.
    I realize your expertise is Buenos Aires…
    But I was just wondering if you knew of any PCR-testing clinics in Ushuaia … and would they likely be open over the Christmas weekend of December 25 and 26?
    If there are none in the city – would you know if the clinic in the Ezeiza Airport might be open on Christmas and Boxing Days?
    I’m guessing that if there are flights through that facility, it would be?
    Best wishes! 🙂

  4. Stephen J Lieberman Reply

    I am confused, in one of your posts you say tourists can enter Argentina unvaccinated and in another post you say they cannot. Could you please clarify for me? Can I travel to Argentina with a test and insurance and be admitted?
    thank you..

    • Hi Stephen, I updated the post. At this moment unvaccinated travelers for tourism purpose cannot enter Argentina.

      • One of our confirmations have a red line across the top with the words Control Sanitario and the other does not. What is the difference?

  5. John Clark Reply

    Hi Glenn We must stop en route to Buenos Aires on the 19th November to validate our Mobility Pass for Chile. They will do a PCR test for entry. We will fly on to Buenos Aires on 20th November during the afternoon. Can we use that Covid test result for the test we will need for entry into Argentina. It will be within 72 hours Thank you

  6. Such a helpful offering!

    It is the 9th and I leave on the 11th. I am within 48 hours but when I attempt to add the departure date, it enters only NaN/NaN/NaN. I didn’t receive a confirmation – only a window that said either something is missing or you were successful, lol.

    Do you think I will have better luck past midnight tonight on the 10th?

  7. Hi Glenn,

    Klopt het dat je ook Nederlands spreekt?
    Well, English is ok as well….

    I am travelling to Argentina next week to go on a cruise to Antarctica (booked two years ago… so happy that I can go now).

    I’ve been following your news, I am thankful for your information!!

    I read two things in the government information that worry me a bit:

    1) The proof of vaccination should be legalised, which in Holland means that you go to a notary and get a stamp.
    In Holland there is no possibility to legalize vaccination papers. I just have the yellow vaccination book. Do you have any idea how this is handled at the border of entry?? I am getting nervous actually…

    2) Insurance companies in Holland do not have explicit insurance for Covid. My insurance covers Covid expenses, as long as I am travelling to a yellow country (the Dutch government considers Argentina yellow at the moment).
    I cannot get any proof in another language than Dutch from my insurance company that Covid-related expenses are covered.
    Do you know how strict this is at the border? This worries me also very much.

    I have tried to get info from the embassy here, but to no avail yet.

    Could you give some info??

    Thanx again for all your info,


    • Dag FloFlo. Je vaccinatiebewijs moet niet gelegaliseerd worden. Argentinië aanvaard het vaccinatiebewijs van elk land. Ze hebben waarschijnlijk wel door als het gaat om een “echt” of “vals”.

      Een verzekeringsbedrijf van jouw land en in jouw landstaal in voldoende. Men kijkt daar wel naar. Ik zou de clausule wel arceren in kleur maar verder niets vertalen.

      Veel plezier in Argentinië!

  8. Torben Arent Reply

    Hi Glenn (or others who might know)

    I have been following your updates for more than a year, as we planed to visit Argentina in December 2020. Thanks!

    Now we will go this December from Europe. (EU-citizen, tourism, fully vaccinated). Are there – to your knowledge – any restrictions (test, certicicates, whatever) to travel around inside Argentina? We will arrive in EZE and plan to go straight to El Calafarte. (and visit your great city on the way back).

    • Hi Torben, you can freely travel around in Argentina as soon that you arrive. Get a negative PCR not older than 72h and fill in the DDJJ. Keep the DDJJ with you during your travel. Have a nice holiday!

  9. Hey Glen. Thanks for all the helpful info! Have you heard any rumors about when the land border with Brazil INTO Brazil will reopen? We are planning to visit Iguazu from BA in 2 weeks and heard right now you still cannot cross the border to visit the Brazil side of the falls, but it might be opening any day now. Any thoughts??

    • Hi Bryan, I can only reply on the matter of the Argentine borders at Iguazu. The Argentina borders are open for tourism (only fully vaccinated travelers). About Brasil borders you should check their requirements 🙂

  10. walter murray Reply

    Hi there 🙂
    Great info and advice on here – thanks so much!
    Is there a clinic in Ushuaia that performs PCR tests for foreign visitors needing one within 72 hours of travel.
    I’m on an Antarctic cruise that ends December 24 – and need a test (and result!) before flying back to Canada via the U.S late on the 26th.
    Would there be a clinic open over that time period?
    Best wishes!

    • Hi Walter, I should contact the cruise company. They will have contacts in Ushuaia regarding the PCR test.

  11. Hi Glenn, So from reading this, We no longer need to get a PCR test on 5-7 day if we’re fully vaccinated?



    • Everyone I’ve talked to says No, no longer, if fully baxxed and neg

      • I am still seeing that unvaxxed foreigners cannot enter. At all. Is this true?

      • Hi Glenn, I am unvaxed and have a flight in November. My girlfriend is Argentinian but I don’t have enough time to legalize our relationship, what do you think I can do?

        • Hi, contact the Argentine consult or embassy asap for more information. Maybe there is another way but I’m not sure.

          • Irmantas

            They were just rude to me and told me I should of thought about it before buying the ticket, although they never mentioned it a couple weeks ago that unvaccinated won’t be able to enter. Do you think if I buy a Spanish course and say I’m coming for study reasons would that work?
            Do you know if migration officers are strict?
            Thanks alot for your help!

        • Irmantas, did you find a solution to enter without v? if so, please share with the rest of us. Thank you!

  12. Hi Glenn! Thank you, this video is super helpful. Question: what if we are staying multiple places / provinces in Argentina during our stay? (Vaccinated) The form only has room to list one hotel/province.

    Also, any update on the Mi Argentina app we are being told to download? It is in Spanish and very hard for tourists to navigate. Gracias!

    • Jan Syriste Reply

      Exacly about those two App (mi argentina and cuidar) both are only for Argentinans with they ID # its completely stupid for non argentinan citizens to download them.

  13. Dear Glenn,

    Thanks for your hard work on keeping us updated on the latest.

    Can you help me figure out the following please?

    My girlfriend is Argentinian and unvaccinated. She will quarantaine and do PCR test.
    I am European and unvaccinated. According to the rules I cannot enter?

    And what if we are having a contract of living together or marriage? Am I allowed to enter and do quarantaine?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Nicolas, Indeed that’s correct. You need to get the documents legalized and apply through the Argentine embassy.

  14. Emile L'Eplattenier Reply

    My flight is tomorrow morning and I put “tbd” for my seat#. Can I redo the jurrada to include the right seat number or does it matter? Also, does this thing need to be printed out? Thanks!

    • Hi, I’m not sure if you can redo the DDJJ. You can always try. I suggest printing the DDJJ. Just the be sure.

  15. Hi Glenn, what about foreigners that only have one dose of vaccination?

  16. Roberto Agati Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    after 20 months we can finally visit Argentina.
    A think it is not yet clear for me, we fly to El Calafate (December 3) from Buenos Aires , do we need to take a PCR test or an antigenic test 24h, 48h or 72h before to fly?
    many thanks in advance

    • Hi Glenn

      You state that unvaccinated people will not be allowed entry for “Tourism” purposes. Can you suggest other purposes which would grant entry? For example I was considering applying for a rentista visa when I got there, do you think this would be sufficient to get past border patrol as an unvaccinated traveler? Any other suggestions welcome. Thank you for all you do

      • Hi Quinn, I suggest contacting the Argentine embassy in your country for regulations about rentista visa. Another option is proving a relation with an Argentina resident.

  17. Hej Glenn! I have a mixed vaccine: one dose of astra zeneca and one moderna shot. Will I be able to enter? In other words, does Argentina allow mixed vaccines?

  18. Even more confused now Glenn as I emailed the Argentinian embassy and they say:

    “Proof of International COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate or COVID-19 Digital Certificate. Application date 14 days prior to entering Argentina. It is mandatory to be vaccinated”

    Mandatory? Its really difficult to plan something with so much conflicting info on this

      • Thats awesome thanks for the link. I was worried about seeing conflicting information.

        Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like I need to book my trip!

      • Glad I’m not coming until February. Hopefully, all this will be clarified by then and the situation will continue to improve. Thanks, as always, Glenn. The PCR test is really reasonable in cost from the lab you recommend. Here in the U.S. turnaround of 25 hours or less is over $200 USD

    • Hi Glenn,

      I can’t see to find any information about what happens if you test positive for Covid prior to departure back to the US? Are there any protocols? Are there any government approved hotels for tourists to quarantine or can we just check in any hotel we like? Thanks.

      • You can contact the hotel about their policy about hotel quarantine. I know that not all hotels do it.

    • Almost too sad to post. Such terrible news for unvaccinated people. I find it cruel to change the rules like this so suddenly. I guess we cant expect too much these days. My only question: can unvaccinated Argentine citizens leave Argentina and return without being vaccinated? Thanks for everything Glenn

      • Hi, Argentine citizens can always leave and enter the country. They only need to follow the quarantine.

  19. Hi Glenn, good info as i am seeing conflicting statements on unvaccinated entry. It seems they CAN enter but need to do the 7-10 quarantine correct?

    1. say one was going to Mendoza but entered Argentina in BA. Can they carry on to Mendoza and then quarantine?

    2. The PCR test cannot be older than 72 hours, is this when you take the test or receive the result the 72 hours begins?

    3. Unvaccinated can self quarantine anywhere? (hotel/airbnb etc)?

  20. Hi Glenn!

    Thanks again for all the responses and keeping us updated. Now that it is the 1st of November have you heard any more on whether or not foreign minors under 12 will have to quarantine if they are with their parents who are fully vaccinated? We all have our booster shots now for COVID and the CDC in the US meets tomorrow to approve the vaccine for 5-11 year olds so we are hoping my daughter who is now 11 (turns 12 on the 26 of November) can at least have her first dose before we leave on the 17th of November (arriving the 18th). We are hoping to leave to Patagonia from EZE on the 18th and are waiting to see if she can travel there or if we will need to stay in Buenos Aires to quarantine. Any update on this is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you kindly!


    • Charles Larson Reply

      Thanks for providing all of us travelers to Argentina this most important information. My question is that I am flying direct to EZE and then directly from EZE to San Carlos de Bariloche (BRC). At the end of three weeks I will make the return route BRC to EZE and EZE-LAX. Where in Bariloche can I get a PCR test prior to my flight(s). Thanks in advance for your help.

  21. Hey Glenn. I am from Asia. I am a student of UTN Heado, buenos Aires. I am trying to get a student visa from January 2021 to till now. The embassy keeps me waiting. They say that there has not been a derogation of Disposition 1644/2020. If they open the border for tourists, why students cannot enter with student visas? Can you suggest to me that how I will know all information from Argentina gov. which is related to education? I am disappointed behaviour of the Argentina Embassy in India.

  22. Hi Glenn!

    I’m traveling to Argentina November 5th and I have all of the requirements to enter and I’ll get my PCR test a couple days before I leave. My only question is, I’m seeing conflicting info about needing the Cuidar and Mi Argentina apps to enter. But those apps both require a DNI to register and only Argentinians have that. Do you know if registering with those apps is actually a requirement to enter?

    • Hi Rhiannon, by law, the answer is yes but the app is not accessible by travelers. I suggest printing a copy of your PCR and DDJJ.

    • Hej Glenn! I have a mixed vaccine: one dose of astra zeneca and one moderna shot. Will I be able to enter? In other words, does Argentina allow mixed vaccines?

  23. Seow Leng Tay Reply

    Hi Glen, I hope you can help me. I am from Singapore and leaving on 31st Jan 2022. Will board a charter flight from Miami to Ushuaia at 5 pm on 2/2/22. will my PCR test in Singapore still be considered within 72 hours? Thank you and wishing you a great day

    • Hi Seow, you need to count 72h at the time of your final flight to Argentina. So, if you have your direct flight to Argentina on 2/2/22 at 12h, then the test cannot be older 72h until that point.

      • Hello Glenn
        Im still pretty confused about that PCR… you are saying 72 hour of my final flight to Argentina. so my ticket is that im leaving from Atlanta on nov 11th at 8pm and i will be in Argentina BA on Nov 12th 8am … so does that mean i need to hade PCR done 72hour from Nov11th 8pm ? that would be 8p, 9th of Nov? i already make an appoitment for 9th 10am is that ok ? thank you so much

        • Hi John, the PCR test cannot be older than 72h from the departure time of your direct flight to Argentina. So, your flight is on nov 11th at 8pm = PCR cannot be older than Nov 8 – 8pm.

  24. Hi Glenn, my husband is US citizen and he is traveling to Argentina this Christmas to visit his families that are all Argentina citizens. His family lives in Córdoba, and he plans to fly from aeroparque to Cordoba the day after he arrives in EZE and the fly back to aeroparque to return back to the US within one week. He is fully vaccinated and will obtain a negative test. My question is, since this is a short trip (6 days in argentina) is he allowed to travel to Cordoba by plane and move around the city of cordoba and Buenos Aires? Will domestic air travel allow for US citizens that just landed in Argentina? Is declaración jurada required for him as foreigner domestic travel? Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Annie, yes your husband can freely travel around in Argentina. No PCR testing is required anymore between days 5 and 7. Keep a copy of the DDJJ with you at all times.

  25. Hi Glenn!

    Thanks so much for this page!
    My family and I are traveling to Argentina on the 17th of November 2021 and all of us are fully vaccinated with the exception of my daughter who is 11 and cannot get vaccinated at this time. She turns 12 when we will be in Argentina, however, again will not be fully vaccinated at that time. We are going for a wedding in the province of Buenos Aires that is happening on the 27th of November however wanted to travel to Bariloche first upon arrival to EZE to get out of the city of Buenos Aires and quarantine with my daughter there. Do you know if that is possible or will we need to quarantine in Buenos Aires?
    I know from my friend who is Argentinian and lives in Buenos Aires that things are going to change even more on November 1st to possible remove the requirement for children to not have to quarantine from a recent news post from In particular the section ” En cuanto a la flexibilización de las restricciones, con el objetivo de atraer a más turistas extranjeros, anunciaron que se eximirá a los turistas del PCR a los 5/7 días de ingreso al país; además, los turistas extranjeros menores de 18 años que viajen con su familia ya no tendrán que hacer cuarentena y se les brinda la posibilidad de que se vacunen en territorio argentino. Estas estrategias se suman a la implementada a partir del 19 de octubre en la cual se dispuso que el antígeno al ingreso al país ya no es necesario.” Have you heard any more about this?
    We are hoping that my daughter will be able to at least have her first doses of the COVID vaccine the first week of November as they recently announced the approval of the vaccine for children ages 5-11, however, they have not yet been released to providers.
    Also, if you can let me know if the antegen test upon arrival you have listed in step 5 is required for children under 12 that would be great and any location on where to get it done or cost associated with it would be great.

    Any updated information and guidance on this you can provide is greatly appreciated!


    • Hi Larissa, the news is reporting that the PCR test between days 5 and 7 will not take place for fully vaccinated persons. Also, minors under 12 years old can enter the country without vaccination. However, everybody needs to get a negative PCR test before entering Argentina. Afterward, you are free to travel around the country. But, let’s wait a moment because the change is not yet officially published.

      • Thanks, Glenn. So even those under 12 has yet been confirmed that they will not need to quarantine, correct? Right now I am trying to decide if we can purchase our tickets to travel outside of Buenos Aires or if we need to wait to see if our daughter will need to quarantine. We will all (including our daughter) take our PCR tests first thing Monday morning on Nov. 15th so we will have our negative results back before we depart US the evening of 17th (we land at EZE the morning of the18th). Does that timeline seem right? Any updates on that piece are greatly appreciate!

        Thanks again,

  26. Shanelle from Big Sur Reply

    Hello Glenn. First of all, a million thanks for your time and for your timely information. You’re truly a great guy for helping so many others.

    I have a religious waiver in lieu of vaccination at my place of employment and I would please like to know (if you know) if I can use it for entry to Argentina. I’m not sure if Argentina has a provision for a religious exemption. Or even a medical exemption for that matter.

    Thanks again Glenn for helping everyone. You are much appreciated.

    Shanelle from Big Sur

    • Hi Shanelle, you can enter Argentina without a vaccination but you will need to follow the guidelines. There are only exceptions for personnel of airlines or maritime. Medical exception is also not mentioned that I’m aware of.

  27. Hi Glenn, I have seen on some Argentine information sites that they will drop the requirement for the PCR test 5-7 after arrival once more than 50% of Argentines are vaccinated, which they now are. So, that requirement should have been dropped right? If they do require it, how does one report the results? I’m asking because I manage a remote lodge, and guests come for 10 days to two weeks–it will be very hard to get a test on day 5-7. Thanks for all of your great information!

    • Hello Glenn

      For those who have not been vaccinated against c19…On the 7th day of quarantine when he or she goes to a lab to get a PCR test; will a saliva based PCR test be acceptable? I have seen multiple labs in Bsas offering this service such as Rossi. I just wonder if it will be acceptable in this instance to end the quarantine. Muchas gracias por todo!

      • Hi, I’m not informed if that kind of PCR test is allowed or not. If the lab says yes, I assume it will be ok. They are in contact with governmental institutions normally.

    • Nigel Ranger Reply

      I am very confused by travel certificates and certificates of circulation. If I arrive in Buenos Aires from Europe post Nov 1st and I have satisifed all tests and paperwork can I travel around the country freely or do I have to fill out travel certificates and certificate of circulation for every town and every province I then want to visit, (over 900 places ask for the tourism certificate) or is this requirement not needed for international tourists? Thanks for all the valuable information you post. By the way, in reference to somebody else’s question, the Salta tourism website says it is now open for international tourists.

      • Hi Nigel, on the official travel Argentina page they don’t mention a travel certificate for each province. You can freely travel around in Argentina. Keep only the DDJJ and vaccination certificate with you. You’ll never know if they ask on the way.

  28. Hello Glenn, –thanks for all your updates. I am US citizen returning to EZE on Nov. 2.
    I am fully vaccinated (3 shots w/booster) — however I was not aware that you need to
    have proof of Covid 19 insurance. I have Medicare A&B as well as a secondary Aetna Plan G.
    Meaning I am 100% covered with health and hospital insurance.
    However I am confused when you list Covid 19 travel insurance.
    Is that absolutely checked upon arrival to EZE? —
    Most plans do not cover Covid-1
    I only see the insurance issue listed on your site but not
    on any other site listing the entry requirements for Argentina ,
    including the airlines which seem .not to be aware of that either.
    Can you clarify please? Thank you, John

  29. We are a family of five from Belgium (Europe), hoping to travel to Argentina juanuary 2022. We adults are vaccinated, but our kids of 6 years, 3 years and 6 months are and will not be vaccinated (in europe no one vaccinates those ages). So we do not have to go in quarantaine, but our kids do.

    So where do we have to go in quarantaine? Is it allowed to rent an air bnb private house around BsA, so that we can have our kids quarantained, or do we have to quarantaine ourselves in a designated hotel by the government?

    • Hi Estevan, you can choose a location of your preference. There is no mandatory hotel quarantine in the city of Buenos Aires.

      • Hey Glenn, a group is travelling into Buenos Aires and then to Cordoba for a dove hunt. Some are vaccinated and some are not. We arrive on Jan 23 in BA and then fly to cordoba and then fly out on the Jan 27 at 5 days.
        What does it mean to quarantine? can we get to our lodge we have the lodge to ourselves. and do we need to get another test when we are leaving. We are flying from the united states. Thanks.

        • Hi Todd, you are allowed to travel to the destination to fulfill the quarantine. However, I’m waiting for more practical information about testing on location.

      • Hi Glenn

        Thanks for sharing all this very valuable information

        We’re due to fly from London (UK) to BA mid December and I’m aware the entry requirements may change in the next few days, but if they remain the same, as we are unvaccinated can we quarantine in a hotel of our choice? Does this literally mean in the hotel room for a week, room service for every meal?!!!

        • Hi Liz, please contact the hotel just to be sure that you can do your quarantine there. Indeed, it’s room quarantine and you cannot leave the room. Room service is indeed the option.

  30. Hello Glenn,

    Much appreciation for your timely and accurate information.

    I first arrived in Argentina over 35 years ago and always kept fresh in my mind the indelible impression that the people and the land made upon me, to the point that I lived in Buenos Aires on and off for years, until April of last year, before ‘vaccines’ were available in Buenos Aires.

    I am sure that I contracted Covid on the evacuation flight to the U.S. in April, before I could get ‘vaccinated’ in the USA, and within days I spent two nights in a hospital. It was awful, even worse than dengue. But now I have natural immunity orders of magnitude better than any ‘vaccine’ and my primary care provider said not to take any mRNA platform ‘vaccine’. Maybe the pending Novavax vaccine next spring will be an option.

    So, I’m enjoying the spectacular natural beauty of Quindío, until the ‘vaccine’ chaos and nonsense (hopefully) abates, perhaps catalyzed by the November elections.

    Again Glenn, many thanks for wading through the nebulous and dynamic morass of SARS-CoV-2 / Covid restrictions in Argentina.

    I hope to return in April to be with my friends and my Argentine family.

    Cheers, Robert

  31. Hi Glen. Helpful info thank you and sent you a code.
    If you plan to leave Argentina within 5 days are you exempt from a. Second test?
    Also, is travel from BA to Iguazu allowed under the new tourism rules? Many thanks

    • Hi

      On the 7th day when the unvaccinated traveler gets PCR tested; will the lab give the results to the health authorities or does the traveler do that himself? What exactly happens?

      Thank you for your work

      • Hi Hugh, they didn’t mention anything that the lab will forward the results. You will get the result from the lab and keep it printed with you.

  32. A tour operator as well as my hotel in Salta said that the Salta province didn’t decide yet if Europeans can enter their province in November. The tour operator even called the Salta Ministry of Tourism and they confirmed that there is no date set for the entry of tourists from non-neighboring countries (“maybe December” they apparantly said).

    Are you aware of other provinces that didn’t decide yet whether international tourists can enter in November or not? I heard Jujuy is like Salta, they don’t know yet.

    The problem is that >95% of the Europeans/Americans coming in November will have no clue about that, as they believe they can freely move around the country as soon as they are able to enter Argentina.

    • Hi Nicolai, I contact a local travel agent in Buenos Aires and they don’t have any news about that. There is another possibility that the “international” airport of Salta still doesn’t receive international flights. However, by federal law, the borders are back open from November 1st. Of course, Argentine provinces have some independence to create another law again. I will try to figure it out.

    • Hi Glen
      Wanted to say, prior to arrival, one will get an e mail after the rapid test of the airport. The e mail will disclose all information about the locations. One chooses the location needed to make the test at, at the 7 th day, then one will have to contact them after the PCR for the results. They send the results by whatsApp. Tests were free. There are drive in locations. That was until now. If they will change, we will see.

    • maggie daly Reply

      following!! thank you for clarifying. I had read a sentence or two about this but haven’t found any more information about moving around. We are looking to travel in mid-December if possible and had planned to head south after a few days in Buenos Aires. We will hold off on purchasing until we hear more!

    • J&J alike Zeneca are almost banned in whole Europe (they are not on stock anymore). Moderna is banned in north European countries. Pfizer remains the one and only thanks to their bully lobbying to say the least… I guess a large sweep of the current ‘vaccines’ will take place in 2022.
      I have no comment as for the requirements to enter Argentina because i don’t comment on absurdity. Fully vaccined tourists must endure several PCR tests and sign up an insurance in case they end up hospital. That shows the level of trust gov. put into those inoculations.

  33. Roberto Agati Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    well, I have also red (on El Clarin 🙂 ) that when more than 50% of Argentinian peolpe are vaccinated (it is just the case), the 5/7 day PCR test after arrival will be removed. Do you cofirm that?
    I have already bought tickets for Iguazu falls (by rent car from BA) and booked a CAVALGADA in Patagonia (by flight from BA), etc…. all in December.
    My expectation is then all provinces will be open to international turism since Nov.1. On the contrary it will be THE CATASTROPHE

  34. Hi Glenn, quick one.
    i am going to travel to Bs As arriving on Nov 2nd and leaving on Nov 6 (i.e. on my 5th day in Argentina).
    I am going to take a PCR the day before leaving (i.e. on my 4th day) to be able to travel back to Europe, is it sufficient to meet the requirements?


    • Hi Andrew, you are going for a test on the 4th day but that’s to be in order for the country of destination. So, you are free to choose when getting the PCR test in Argentina between day 5 – 7. And you are leaving on day 5, I see no problems.

  35. Charlotte Brown Reply

    Hello, Could you please tell me for the unvaccinated, can we arrive from Nov 1st and just quarantine/ tests? I need to clear this up. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Charlotte, indeed. Not fully vaccinated people can enter Argentina and need to follow the quarantine and tests when in the country.

      • Jan Syriste Reply

        hello. any updates about J&J ? does that 1 dose donsider as a fully vaccinated or not? thank u

          • Jan Syriste

            understand its ok and they will let you in Argentina. they will let everyone. but me with J&J do i need to have quarantine or not?

    • Thank you Glenn for your updates. I have been checking your website religiously every few days for almost two years now 😀

      I have a question about the PCR test at the end of the 7 day quarantine (for unvaccinated individuals). Is the individual allowed to leave his quarantine location to go get the PCR test or do health authorities come to his location to test him?

      Thanks again for all your work

      • Hi, you are allowed to leave your quarantine to go for the PCR test on day 7. You only need to mention that to the lab.

        • After the PCR test on day 7 does the lab itself contact the authorities or does the individual then take the test result to Argentine authorities?

          • Glenn

            Hi Q, they didn’t mention anything that the lab will forward the results to the gov. You will get the result from the lab and keep it printed with you.

      • After the day 7 negative pcr test result does the traveler take the negative result to health authorities or does the lab send them the results?

        • Hi Jj, they didn’t mention anything that the lab will forward the results to the government. You will get the result from the lab and keep it printed with you.

  36. Frank Murchison Reply

    15 July 2021
    I am a UK citizen and also have permanent residence in Argentina since 1975. I have been doubly vaccinated in the UK (Pfizer) as I have been with family here. I shall be returning to Argentina soon, arriving at Ezeiza in August and have an onwards booking to Chapelco airport, in the Province of Neuquén.

    I have a couple of questions:

    ONE – will I be able to fly south, or will I have to isolate in a BA hotel?

    TWO – how much time will I need to get through Ezeiza and on to Aeroparque?

    Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

  37. Darryl V Chow Reply

    Hi Glenn:
    I was in Argentina and trying to return to Canada last December. Through your insights and articles, I managed to weave my way through the process and successfully returned to British Columbia, Canada. I truly thank you for what you do.

    My situation is that I am in a committed chohabitated relationship with my partner who cares for her mother in Cordoba. We have been together for 7 years. I am now trying to get back to Argentina when the situation allows. I have 2 questions:
    1. Canada does not have an apostille service. Would an affidavit detailing our relationship, complete with a notary public seal satisfy the requirement?

    2. Am I allowed to fly directly to Cordoba after my international flight to Buenos Aires and quarantine there or do I have to wait in Buenos Aires. (This would make booking a connecting flight extremely complicated.)

    Thanks again Glenn,

    Darryl Chow

  38. Hi Glenn, I should have mentioned that I had two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the second was in April. Don’t know if this makes any difference. Thanks

  39. Hi Glenn, I have just discovered your website and find it very useful. Maybe you can answer a question for me? I am a UK citizen and an Argentine resident, living in San Juan with my partner who is Argentinean. After 16 months separation I want to go to Argentina for a month or two, starting at the beginning of July. I appreciate that I have to quarantine for 10 days on arrival in Argentina, but I want to travel directly to San Juan where I would quarantine. Do you know if this would be possible? I know that I would probably have to transfer from Ezeiza to Aeroparque on arrival, but I don’t want to stay in Buenos Aires any longer than necessary. Any advice you can provide would be very much appreciated. Muchas Gracias!!

    • Hi John 👋, at this moment it is possible to the quarantine in the city of arrival. In your case, San Juan. The law does not explicitly say that you can travel to another province once you have arrived. But the law does say that you must perform the quarantine at your chosen location/destination. Saludos!

  40. Glenn,
    Thanks for the update sad and disturbing as it is. It makes me so angry that we are sitting on vaccine supply up here in the U.S. while so many refuse it here. Better to get to you so you can begin to recover. Have not cancelled any bookings from 1 to 9 December and do not have to make a decision until 30 days prior. I am, however, looking at spending the time in Chile. B.A. and Argentina are at the top of my list. Praying and hoping. Stay safe, my friend durning your dreary winter for the second year in a row.

  41. Hello,
    Do you know if the testing and quarantine requirements are different for a fully vaccinated traveler (Argentinean citizen) coming from the US? Thanks

  42. What’s the story with this 9000 peso fee I’m seeing everyone talk about? Is that the reciprocity fee? I thought USA doesn’t have to pay anymore…

  43. I am on an Antarctic cruise that meets in Buenos Aires on 27Nov2021. It ends on 8Dec2021. I want to arrive on the 26th of Nov and depart on the 13th of Dec. I have had the Pfizer vaccine. Do you believe that the quarantine regulation will change and what is your “quarantine policy” in BA?

    Thank you.

    I was in BA in 1991 and love your city.

    • Hi Glenn 👋, November 2021 can be possible. But at this moment there are no talks about what to do with vaccinated people and how to welcome them. Will keep you posted.

      • Hi, Glenn
        You forgot to mention that direct family can also enter the country (spouse, parents, etc.)
        Also the 10 days self-isolation is only if you test positive. Nothing has been said yet about people that are already vaccinated so expecting all this will change soon.
        Thanks for all the info,

        • Hi Estela, for the city of Buenos Aires this is correct. Only self-isolation until the result is known. For the rest of Argentina, there is still a 10-day self-isolation. I will clarify it in the next update. Cheers!

    • I am Argentinean but live in the US for over 25yrs.and will visit my family just for 12days on 15Apr2021. What are the documents I need to present besides the PCR test and the declaracion jurada? My argentinean passport is expired, can I enter w my US passport ? The Argentine Consulate said I don’t need an health insurance if I am native but I live in the US, do I still need one? I heard the borders might close due to the Covid variant in Brazil. Would I still be allowed in and out?

      • Hi Marta, currently there are back flight restrictions to Argentina. I suggest renewing your Argentinian passport at the Argentinian consulate. If you are a native Argentinian, then you don’t need to have an extra insurance. But also there I suggest to have something, even if it just to get access to the complete healthcare system.

    • andrea peng Reply

      Hi! I am going bacl to amsterdam in a week and im wondering if i need to do a pcr test for leaving the country. Cant seem to find the answer anywhere.. Do you know?

      • Hi Andrea, Argentina doesn’t ask for a PCR when leaving the country. You need to check the airline or country of destination for the rules that apply there.

  44. Hi Glenn,

    I am filling out the Jurada page and it looks so much different than the one you have in your video now. It asks for a reason and it only gives us job, study, residence, and move…. I am traveling as a person married to an Argentinian and not sure what to mark? I had to select residence or it wouldn’t have let me submit. Do you have any information on this? Also, since I am flying with 2 different airlines, it will not give me a seat number until I go to the airport which by then I would need to present this Jurada in order to get a seat number and fully check in. This is a bit confusing this time. I was able to not fill out the seat number but not sure if that was ok? I am stressed now.. 🙁

    • Kelly – I’d love to know how this worked for you. I’m also Married to an Argentine. Any issues when you arrived? Thanks!

  45. Hello,
    I am a US citizen and will be traveling with my husband (Argentina citizen). We both live in the USA. What are some travel reason options for a US citizen to enter Argentina? I have our marriage certificate ready.

    Thank you!

    • I forgot to mention that our passports ready (im US and husband is Arg), i have his DNI, travel insurance and will be taking a covid test within 72 hours of flight.

    • Hi Michelle 👋, great. If it is an Argentinian marriage certificate, then you are good to go. If it is a USA marriage certificate, let it legalize it with an Apostille stamp 🙂

      • Thank you for the response! Does the apostille have to be translated from English to Spanish? If so, can anyone translate it?

        Thank you 🙂

        • Good site. Plan on mid April short vacation in BA before going to Chile. Pleasr keep site updated as goid info is hard to find.

  46. Hi Glenn,

    Last time I went I had a direct flight. In Feb. when I get ready to go again, would a stop over in Mexico city be an issue since it isn’t one of the neighboring countries? I am seeing cheaper flights with Aeromexico and was wondering if there would be an issue. I have family contact and last time it went smooth but I didn’t have to stop anywhere. Thank you.

    • Hi Glen
      Do you have an idea how long it take to take a visa from the consulate. I got my permission approved from the immigration. Thank you

      • Hi Bas, it depends how fast the Argentinian consul works in your home country. Websites of different Argentinian consulates don’t mention anything about a visa processing time. Personally I don’t have directly experience with applying a visa from outside Argentina.

        • Hi Glen, thank you. I went to the consulate in Bern and got a certificate of entry the next day after filling the visa application. I am flying to BaSa next Friday. The health declaration online ( jurada) newly updated, requires PDFs of PCR and health insurance coverage documents to be downloaded and added to the application. Abrazo

  47. Hi GLEN,
    Not sure if you received my question about 9.000 pesos I was told to pay by an immigration officer upon my arrival in Buenos Aires. He said to look up on Migraciones website for ways how and where to pay. Need to present a receipt when leaving Argentina. Website is very unclear and I am not able to find any info. Are you familiar with that?

    • Hi Darek, I’m not familiar yet with the payment system because I need to complete a registration form. I will look into it. Saludos

      • Hi Glenn, able to find anything about how and where to pay this $9.000?
        I am leaving Argentina on January 9th and trying to find any information for the past few days with no results.

        • Glenn, thank you so much for your posts, they have been immensely helpful! I’d like to give back/chime in and share my experience.


          Yes, you need to pay $9000 pesos if you are a foreigner. You can pay it at the airport when you leave. The counter is located on ground floor of Terminal A, on the opposite end of the airline check-in area. They take Visa/Master cards.

          Here’s what I was able to find on the web before my departure from EZE and my experience below in detail.


          I left BA by air on Jan 4th, 2021 and I am not Argentinian. I arrived in BA about three weeks ago and was given an option by the immigration officer upon entering to pay the $9000 Pesos then or when I leave the country. I chose to the latter and I was not given any paperwork, just verbal instruction to pay before I leave. On the day of my departure, I paid the fee at the window mentioned above after checking in for my flight. There was no line and they took my Visa card (no American Express). I was given a receipt. When I got to the immigrations counter (past security check), they weren’t able to see that I paid the fee in the system. I had to show the receipt, then they let me through. Hope this helps.


        • Glenn,

          Want to make sure my previous reply went through, as I didn’t see it show up after page refresh. I can repost if needed.


        • I posted in the other page with the restrictions on how to do this. They say go to the website and pay but it does not work. You have to go to the migration office and pay the 9000 peso fee. The address and more details is in my other post on this website with the restriction information for families to enter

    • I was also surprised by the fee mentioned by the immigration officer. They mentioned you can pay it upon entering, or leaving the country. We decided for the later, a few days after being in Argentina, we received an email from Direccion Nacional de Migraciones including a form that could be used to pay in Banco Nacion. We were able to pay it without problems in Banco Nacion. However, note that the payment needs to be done no more than 10 days before traveling, otherwise it is not valid.

  48. Hi Glenn,
    Arrived in Buenos Aires on Christmas Day , was told by immigration officer at the airport that before my departure I would need to pay 9.000 pesos entry/departure fee. Was told to look up on the Migraciones website where to pay. I am not able to find any informations about how to proceed with this payment. Any advise? I am leaving on January 9th.

  49. Hi Glenn!

    I just came back from BA following each of your steps and my trip was a success. So happy I got to spend time with family. I just wanted to post and say thank you again for your updates and advice. I also had a question. Would I have to do everything all over again when I go in February? Oh! There was a “tasa” btw that I had to pay a few days before departing back home. I assume I will have to take the PCR again, do the Jurada, and get medical coverage but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you!

    • Jeremy Frietsch Reply

      Hi Glenn, I will be traveling to Buenos Aires in a week to see my fiance after 485 days apart. I am traveling on special permission through declaration you complete 48 hours prior to flight. When I arrive, what documents will customs ask for, and how long is the process taking? Last year prior to covid, it took me an hour and a half to get through customs. Also I heard you have to have a covid test done upon arrival, is that saliva or nasal? We are staying in Recoleta and this might seem like a strange question but is anything open at all? I realize tourist sites will be no, but what about stores, malls, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. I am staying for 14 days and do want to do some things with her but also want to be completely cautious at the same time. Hope you can provide some helpful feedback. Have a great day.

      • Hi Jeremy, how long it takes depends on many factors. How much people arrive at the same time in Buenos Aires international airport, the staffing, etc. The covid test upon arrival is a nasal one. At this moment restaurants and cafes are open. Many activities are taken place. But now we are entering a second wave …:-(

  50. HI Glenn
    We are supposed to be travelling to BA and then Mendoza in March 2021. We will be coming from the UK ( and if allowed into Argentina) will get a PCR test before departure.
    However after Mendoza, we are supposed to be flying to Santiago, Chile. Any idea where we can get a PCR test in Mendoza since we will need that to enter Chile?

    • Hi David 👋, I don’t have direct info about a local laboratory in Mendoza. You can search with the following keyword: Análisis clínicos en Mendoza. Hopefully, there is a laboratory that will communicate in English. Cheers!

        • Adniel Marte Reply

          Hey Gleen my Fiance is traveling from Argentina to Mexico. Before she goes to the airport does she need to do a covid test before her trip?

          I know she needs to do la jurada.

  51. Hey Glenn. Love the informative website…it’s very hard to get info directly from the government 🙂 I’m planning to travel to Argentina in January with my wife and baby. My baby and I are US citizens and my wife is Argentinian. I assume this is valid for “reunification” even though my wife is traveling with me?

    • Hi Pavlos, your baby can enter Argentina with the birth certificate. Apostille is necessary. You can enter Argentina if you have a cohabitation or marriage certificate. The other option is to ask the local Argentinian embassy for a reunification certificate. Cheers!

  52. Hi Glenn,

    How do you fill out the DDJJ when you are a direct family member? There is no option for that on the drop down, would you select “tourism”. Also there is no place to attach the PCR or any of the other needed documents.

    • Hi Stephanie, you need to show the PCR test certificate upon arrival in Argentina. I would take the option tourism that is mentioned on the second page of the DDJJ 🙂

  53. Hi Glenn,

    Thank you for the excellent website.

    I have a question pertaining to the declaracion jurada…

    I am flying from the UK to Amsterdam, then Buenos Aires followed by Cordoba.

    At which point will i pass through border? i will not be exiting any airport. Also it asks for flight number and seat number, but of which flight? because i have 3 in total!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Andrew, I flew and filled in the Declaracion Jurada and I entered the seat of my last flight. Everything went well. So, I would suggest the last flight because that also the flight the Argentinian authorities will use if there was a positive case on the flight because those people entered Argentina too. Salduos

  54. Hi Glenn,

    Will any tipe of test suffice. I have a 2 hour result option, but I´ve heard not all tests are acceptable. Thank you!

    • Hi Belen, the decree does only mentions a PCR test. Not exactly what type of PCR. Cheers!

  55. Hi Dan! I am a citizen of Argentina returning to BA from Lima tomorrow, Dec 6. Will I be required to provide a negative COVID test to enter? Would the test at the airport suffice?

    • Hi Ceci, the PCR regulation is postponed to December 15th. Then all persons need to enter Argentina with a negative PCR result. Until then you need to follow the 14 day quarantine. Saludos

    • Hi Glenn,
      Is the place of quarantine in Buenos Aires of own choice? Can it be a rented appartment?

      • Hi Bae, it can be any location but you only need to be alone in the apartment. Saludos

      • Exception for not taking a PCR test.
        Would this mean in case getting a positive result, it would be possible to enter Argentina after 10 days with a medical discharge and the test results ?

        • Hi Bea, if you had COVID in the last 90 days then you are excepted to get a PCR test. Only you need to get a medical certificate that shows that you had COVID in the last 90 days.

  56. Jim Telfer Reply

    Hi Glen
    I trust you are doing well in BA
    When do you or have you heard when Canadian i.e. Air Canada flights will be allowed to land in BA ?
    Our flights have been changed 3 times thus far
    Jim T

    • Hi Jim 👋, the reservation system of Air Canada shows that. There was confirmed news that air Canada would resume in December but the airline postponed the plans. The only info is now the reservation system of the airline. Cheers!

  57. Mercedes M. Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    I’m a US citizen with a DNI (from previous residency in Argentina and parents who are Argentine) and I’m traveling to Buenos Aires Dec. 11th, returning Dec. 15th. I know I need to get a PCR test before I depart the US, which isn’t a problem. I understand there will also be PCR test required for me at Ezeiza upon arrival.

    My question is, will I need to get a PCR test in BA in order to be able to return to the US 3 days later? What if I return 2 days later instead? Do you think a negative PCR test from my arrival in BA on the 12th would be accepted if I leave on the 14th, about 60 hours later?

    Thanks for providing this valuable thread of info! Much appreciated!

    • Hi Mercedes, to be sure you can get a PCR test in the USA when traveling to Buenos Aires. The rule of mandatory PCR test before departing to Argentina is postponed to December 15th. For returning to the USA, you should check the travel restrictions for the country. I’m not aware of the regulations in the US. Safe trip!

  58. Hi Glenn,
    thanks for your answers!!
    I am Argentinian and im coming back to the country the 11 of December. Do I need mandatory a PCR test before? Or only if I don’t want to do the quarentine?
    Thanks again!!

    • Hi Joaquin 👋, yes all flights from December 6th, will require a negative PCR test for all passengers. No matter if you want to do the quarantine or not. Saludos!

  59. Hi Glenn,

    I am little confused on the COVID PCR test. My flight is booked for Wednesday, December 16th. The PCR test takes about 2-3 days to receive the results. Would I need to get testing showing the tested date 3 days before my fight departure time? I won’t actually land until the 17th. Or would I need to the test showing 3 days before the arrival time? Also, I just bought medical coverage that covers COVID but only until the day after I come back. Does that need to show more dates or coverage only for my trip dates is ok?

    Thank you.

    • Also, (sorry for all the questions) “The Argentina passenger locator form” is the declaración jurada form? or is that something separate. Once it is filled out, do I need to print it or should it be in the system already?

      • Hi Kelly, to be sure, I would print it. The declaracion jurada is indeed the passenger locator form of Argentina. Cheers!

    • Only for your trip dates is ok. The PCR results cannot be older than 72h starting from your departure time of your flight to Argentina. So, younger than 13 December 🙂

      • Oh thank goodness! I was hoping that they took into account that for some of us it take a day to fly there. 😐 I would have been taking a risk doing it 2 days before the 16th. Thank you for clearing it up!

  60. Hi Glenn
    I am Argentinian native, I use the American passport to travel. My Argentinian passport expired in 2005. I Do I have to renew my Argentinian passport to enter the country? Thanks!

    • Hi Isabel, the chance is low that the border control will deny you access. You’re Argentinian! :-). But the airline or check-in at the departure airport can deny you to board the plane with an invalid passport. I would renew it in advance.

  61. Hi Glenn,

    I,m an italian citizen , with permanent residency in Argentina.
    At the moment i’m in italy but planning to go back to buenos aires on the 13th of december.
    Do you think i need a covid test before? thank you so much

    • Hi Valeria, no you don’t need to get a PCR test in advance because you are an Argentinian resident. Safe trip!

    • Hi I’m travelling to Argentina on Monday. I’m from uk, do I need the cuidar app? And how do you fill it in?

  62. Thank you, Glenn, for your excellent site and updated information. I am a UK citizen working in Eastern Europe and have been separated from my wife (a citizen of Argentina, living in BA) for over nine months. Yesterday, I was successful in obtaining an Entry Permit. I provided copies of my passport, my wife’s ID, our marriage certificate, medical insurance certificate and flight reservation – within 10 days the Direccion Nacional de Migraciones issued the approval. I now have to get a special visa from my local Argentina Embassy and a negative PCR test and, hopefully I will be in BA for Christmas!!
    Thanks again – I owe you a few “cups of coffee” 🙂

    • Hello Glenn.

      Hope all good , i have a simple question , i have a renewed precaria , can i travel back to Argentina with it

  63. Luis A. Loeff Reply

    Hello Glenn

    I am a resident of Brazil and still hope I am able to see the eclipse In Provincia de Rio Negro.
    My trip will be swift not staying in any place more than 2 days.
    Mainly I will stay in CABA twice (arriving and leaving ) and in Las Grutas or nearby for the eclipse.

    Is my trip possible or I better forget it.

    Luis Angel

    • hi Luis 👋, normally if you have a national Brazilian ID you can enter Argentina. To be sure, please contact your Argentinian consul.

  64. Hi Glenn. I’m currently waiting to receive a Visa from the consulate here in the UK that’s a “Permiso Especial” to enter Argentina with my Argentinian partner who is currently with me in the UK. I’m a British national. Our flight to argentina is on the 14th December, arrival on 15th December. My question is, with this permiso especial/visa, would i need a negative PCR test or quarantine? I’ll be getting a PCR test anyway just to be safe. But also, this PCR test, it just has to be a test saying that it’s a normal PCR test right? No certificate/accreditation is needed? If you have the answers to my questions, please provide me with the sources. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Claire 👋, indeed you need to get a PCR test not older than 72h from the moment of arrival in Argentina. Upon arrival at Ezeiza airport you will get a second PCR test taken by the government. Cost: 2500 ARS. Also take a proof of your medical travel insurance that covers any covid related costs during your stay. The complete communication of the city of Buenos Aires is here Saludos

    • Hello Claire, I am interested to know what permission you have applied for, as I am English and have been stuck here in the UK now since march and my partner of 17 years is trying to run our farm single handed (he is Argentinian) the new regulations dont allow me in as we are neither married or have children. Can you tell me more about the permission please? Many thanks Amanda.

  65. Hello Glenn! I will be travelling to Argentina on December 28th from London. When I arrive in Ezeiza, can I pay for the PCR there and then travel to Mar del Plata while I wait for the result? Or do I need to present the PCR certificate on arrival? Is that PCR testing only available to international travelers only? Thank you!!

    • Hi Florencia, the PCR test upon arrival is only for persons that will stay in CABA (city of Buenos Aires). Mar del Plata is in the province of Buenos Aires. However, things are changing fast and today I expect an announcement from the president. Saludos

      • hi glenn…sorry if im being silly………so if i intend to only stay in BA for my trip, i can just do the test at the airport? no need to bring a uk pcr certificate with me? many thanks for all your help.

        • Hi Jonathan 👋, if you’re not an Argentinian citizen or resident, you should get a PCR test in the UK. Not older than 72h before arrival in Argentina. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, you will get a second PCR test taken by the government. Cost 2500 ARS.

    • Hi Glenn,
      We are planning to go to Argentina to visit my family at the end of December. We are actually living together in France, I am Argentinian, but my partner is French citizen. Could we apply for a legally cohabit? We been living together for more than 5 years.
      Many thanks!

      • Hi Tom 👋, if you can prove by cohabitation certificate, then your partner can travel with you to Argentina. Don’t forget to legalize the document with apostille. Saludos!

  66. Hi, Glenn.
    First of all, thanks for keeping all us would-be travellers updated on the confusing situation.
    I am a UK citizen currently working in Serbia. My wife is an Argentina citizen living in BA – and we have effectively been separated for 9 months. Given that we are both +65, I was advised by the Argentina Embassy in Serbia to request a special Permit to fly to BA. I submitted a “Declaracion” signed by my wife, copies of our marriage certificate, her passport, my passport, medical insurance certificate and flight reservation for early December. I will let you know if I succeed – it may give hope to others!!

  67. I have a visa to enter into Argentina from the US. Do I need a negative PCR test to enter?

    • Hi Hayley 👋, because of your visa you will be seen as an Argentinian resident and therefore following that protocol. Until December 14th you don’t need a PCR test before arrival but you need to go into 14-day quarantine. From December 15th also no PCR before but upon arrival in Argentina you will get a PCR test and you can end the quarantine after the negative PCR result. Saludos!

  68. Natalia Gallo Reply

    Hi Glenn!

    I have a ticket to travel to Buenos Aires on the 10th. I am an Argentinean citizen, and the purpose of my travel is due to my dad passing a few days ago. I can’t stay for more than two weeks due to my job here. Can I quarantine until the 15th and then do the test, on Dec 15th? Or should I move my flight ro the 15th?

    • Hi Natalia, my sincere condolences. Until December 15th, everyone that enters Argentina needs to follow the 14-day quarantine. There is no exact information if you want to leave Argentina sooner in the mid of your quarantine. However, I suggest taking a PCR test – just in case. A friend did it that way. From December 15th you can shorten the quarantine officially with a PCR test.

  69. Christian Belden Reply

    Hello Glenn,

    My wife and I have tickets to fly to EZE on December 18th from Minnesota in the U.S. and we will stay with family in la provincia Buenos Aires. They will be picking us up at the airport in their car and their house is about an hour south of the airport en el campo. Neither my wife nor I are citizens of Argentina but my wife is Peruvian. Will we be able to travel? We will not be leaving the farm for the duration of our stay. Thanks.

    • Hi Christian, I see the chances low that you will be able to cross the border in Argentina. I believe the borders will remain closed for foreigners. Only citizens from Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia are allowed to enter for essential reasons. A couple of days before November 29th, the government will announce something about the extension of the restrictions. I will update the post directly. Saludos!

  70. Hi Glenn,

    I am a UK National living/working in Buenos Aires with a Precaria that is valid until 2021. I want to return to the UK for two weeks at Christmas and I understand the rules/declarations required to repatriate for a fortnight.

    However, while I’m “hearing” that travel back and re-entry to Argentina with a Precaria shouldn’t be problematic, I am not actually seeing this anywhere. Can you give me your thoughts or perhaps guide me to a website which clarifies? I’m not having much luck.


    • Hi Ian 👋, indeed you will have no problem re-entering Argentina with a precaria. The law text doesn’t mention precaria exactly but your residency is in “tramité” and without any problem, you can come back. I had a friend with a precaria that traveled back to Argentina in May and also no problems. Here a link to the law. Enjoy your holidays!

  71. Is there a certain amount of time you have to stay in argentina if you’re Argentine traveling on business and emergency situation. Can an argie with argie passport stay a week and come back to USA??

    • Hi Jeff, an Argentinian can always enter and leave the country whenever he/she wants. Only be sure to check the travel restrictions of the destination. In the decree there they don’t mention a minimum stay in Argentina. In the declaracion jurada you agree to follow a 14-day self-isolation. In case of an emergency, you will also be able to leave Argentina sooner than planned. I always mention that a negative PCR test can be a motivation for the border control of Argentina to let you go. But it doesn’t give you a carte blanch. Cheers!

      • Hi Glenn,
        i am following this thread. if I understood your response correctly, an Argie can visit the country for three days then return to the states without having to complete the 14 day quarantine in Argie? I am an Argie though live in the states and aware of the quarantine measures in the state that I would return to.
        However, I am still unsure regarding the Argentine COVID requirement of the ’14 day quarantine’. I have not read anywhere on their immigration nor consular pages that we can return before the two weeks. Would anyone stop us from boarding our return flight at Ezeiza if I return earlier than the 14 day quarantine required?

        • Hi Flavia, that’s correct. They don’t mention anything if you don’t complete your 14-day self-isolation because you need to travel back outside the country. On the other hand, it’s a bit strange. Citizens from neighboring countries can enter Argentina with a negative PCR test, don’t need to follow the quarantine, and can leave the country whenever they want. And then there will be no flexibility for an Argentinian that wants to return? A friend of me came for 12 days to Argentina and returned without any problem. But as you know, Argentinian officials can be flexible, very strict, or create their own interpretation of the law. So, it’s in the grey zone. :s That’s why I suggest taking a negative PCR before you leave Argentina. If there is any problem you can show that paper as extra motivation.

  72. Hello Glenn
    I have tickets to fly from California to Buenos Aires November 27th, 2020. I am Argentinian with an Argentinian ID and passport. I will fly with my son who is 3 years old but he is American with an American passport.
    Do you think it will be possible to arrive to Bs As with him?
    Does he need a PCR test?
    I couldn’t find any information about kids.


    • Hi Susana 👋, you can enter without any problem. For your son, I suggest calling the Argentinian embassy or consulate in the USA. Theoretically, he can’t enter because he doesn’t have a DNI or Argentinian passport… :(. A PCR test is not necessary. You only need to follow the 14-day self-isolation. However, they don’t control it.

      • Thank you Glen!! you are a life saver.
        My dad and I are also traveling from California to Argentina in a few days. We both have dual nationality and were worried about getting a PCR test. It sounds like if we both enter as Argentinians that we need to complete the “Declaracion Jurada” to enter than use the new Cuidar App for the Circulation Form to travel to another province. Have you seen or heard of the Cuidar APP?

        • Hi Steve 👋, thank you! The government will see you as Argentinian residents and you will be able to travel to another province but you will need to follow the 14-day quarantine there. From December 15th this will change. Yes, the CuidAR app is only available in the Argentinian app stores … 🙄 Or you need to change your app store account to Argentina and then you will be able to download. Fill in all the details and the reason for traveling to another province. The government will then issue you a certificate.

          I wish you a safe trip.

  73. Hi Glenn
    My wife is Argentinian, I’m Irish, were hoping to visit her family in Patagonia next April when our daughter is six months old. Do you think this will be possible? I could defer my holiday until October, but it’s been a while since my wife was home, and her family are looking forward to seeing the new family member.

    • Hi Thomas, I think it will be possible. Domestic travel will resume soon. There will be some regulations but we need to wait for that. In the news they are stating that Argentinians will be able a small holiday in the summer. Not much later it will be April 🙂

  74. Hello, I would like to know I have a flight for December 22 2020 to Buenos Aires and from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata to visit my parents, the return to the USA on January 8, 2021 I live in the USA apart from the sworn declaration and the tes that there is another restriction for enter and leave Argentina what restriction

    • Hi Yesica 👋, first you will need to have an Argentinian DNI or passport to enter Argentina. Until November 29th, 2020 the borders are closed for foreigners. If you have an Argentinian DNI or passport, you need to download the CuidAR application (only available in the Argentinian app store). This is necessary for domestic travel by land or air. Choose the essential reason of your travel to Mar del Plata. Then you will be able to travel to your destination. Mar del Plata doesn’t require a negative PCR test. Saludos

      • Gracias Glenn si tengo mí DNI argentino y Pasaporte Argentino yo llego a EZEIZA y EZEIZA-Mar del plata voy a mar del a visitar a mis padres otra pregunta nesecito tener un seguro médico covi también para viajar

  75. Brian Arvik Reply

    Hi Glenn
    I will be arriving to Ezeiza on the 14 of November and i have DNI, i understand filling out the declaration jurada for entering Argentina. Entering Ezeiza i will be leaving with Remis to Entre Rios Concepcion Del Uruguay, is there some other forms i need to complete??? i have download the app cuidar what do i need to do.
    Best regards

    • Hi Brian 👋, the main question will be: what is the purpose of your travel to Entre Rios Concepcion Del Uruguay? You need to fill in your details in de app CuidAR. Because you will travel to another province. Follow the steps in the app and check the reason for your travel. Afterward, you will be able to download a certificate. Cheers!

  76. Planning to go to Argentina in November to visit family. I am from the North. Do you have to self isolate when you arrive in Buenos Aires or when you reach your destination? My son is Irish with Argentinian ID ( no passport yet) Any ideas please? Thank you!!

    • Hi Maria 👋, you need to follow the 14-day self-isolation at the destination. In your case at your family. However, check the policy that applies in that province. A valid Argentinian ID is perfect to enter Argentina. Saludos

      • Hi Glen, we have tickets to Argentina BA and Baraloche leaving Montreal on 1/1/21. Do you think we should punt to next year or try to make the trip? Thanks, Vinny

        • Hi Vinny, 1/1/21 will be sharp. First the government is focussing on national tourism. There are no signals yet that international tourism will start soon. Saludos

    • Hi Sara, nothing is mentioned in the law about medical purposes. Also, I didn’t find any exception back for that.

  77. I need to travel to Argentine to meet up with my fiancé . I plan to travel early December 2020. I have no objection to the 14 day quarantine. Do you think I can get an airline reservation? I’m willing to go to any province airport. Would this be considered a tourist trip? Please shed some light.

    • Hi Carmen 👋, if we may believe the Argentinian government, then regular flights should resume on October 15th. However(!) I expect that those flights will be only available for Argentinian residents and only for essential travels. I believe that December 2020 is a little bit too early for tourist activities.

      You can always make a reservation – if for example the price is very low – and reschedule it for free. Of course, check always the rebooking policy of the airline. Nowadays they are more flexible but you never know.

  78. Hi Glenn,
    this morning Lufthansa airlines confirmed my flight for Argentina (EZE Airport) for October 25th. Of course me and my wife will travel as a tourists. Reading your articles/news I am becoming a little pessimistic about Argentina board opening. More I took an eye to the “Declaración jurada” . It requires a 14 days isolation, so we cannot enjoy the country. I hope the situation will change rapidly and…without self isolation.
    many thanks to keep us updated with your articles/news

    • Hi Roberto 👋, I’m not really optimistic either about the reopening of the borders around October 25th. Even up today, the government didn’t announce anything about reactivating international tourism. But there is some international pressure to give the tourism sector some perspective. Now the question is, will the government give that? Let’s hope that they will announce something good soon.

      Indeed, the declaracion jurada will ask you to go into 14-day self-isolation. They are talking that a PCR test can be the solution to reduce the days.

      Saludos 🙂

    • Jord Bladergroen Reply

      Hi Glenn,

      My partner has an Argentine passport and he needs for private reasons visit his parents. I know I can’t because I am Dutch. We both live in London and he is willing to go.
      I read about the form to fill in but one thing is not clear to me. What does self isolate means in Buenos Aires. Same as in London? Can he stay at his parents house or need to book a hotel for 2 weeks

      • Hi Jord, wat een geluk dat ik ook Nederlands spreek. Jouw partner kan zonder problemen naar Argentinie reizen. Hij is wel verplicht om 14 dagen in isolatie te gaan. De overheid omschrijft de isolatie alsvolgt: je bent volkomen alleen in een ruimte en je komt in geen geval in contact met andere. Nu moet ik eerlijk zijn dat de overheid dit niet controleert. Je hebt wel het papier getekend – dus dat kunnen ze later wel tegen je gebruiken – maar er is geen controle. Hou het gewoon even voorzichtig. Blijf de eerste dagen even in huis en dan kan je rustig even buiten komen.

  79. Dan Bissett Reply

    As of 09/27/2020 can I travel to Argentina for business? Our company is very interested in purchasing onions for the U.K. and Western Europe as well as the USA, our Indian growers are no longer allowed to export due to shortages, and we are also interested in sourcing Lemons for the U.K. and Western Europe. I live in the US and would like to travel down to Argentina on business in the next three weeks. Thanks for any help!!

    Best Regards,

    Dan Bissett

    • Hi Dan 👋, traveling to Argentina for a business trip is currently not possible. Sadly, it isn’t an exception on the list. Maybe from October 12th they will allow it but the prospect is not good right now. I wish you the best with the company’s future plans.

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