Once upon a time there was an electric scooter in Buenos Aires. Companies such as MOVO, Lime, Grin, and Glovo GO. The scooters were ideal for moving around quickly in Buenos Aires. At the same time, it is for the daredevils among us to ride an electric scooter in Buenos Aires. The traffic is not always ideal and bike lanes are scarce is some areas.

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Electric scooter in Buenos Aires: the sad history

Currently, there are no electric scooters or “monopatines” in Spanish available in Buenos Aires. All the companies left Argentina and the electric scooters disappeared from the street.  We said goodbye to Lime, MOVO, Grin, and Glovo Go.

Cost for the electric scooter: Grin, Glovo Go and MOVO

Grin, MOVO, Glovo GO, and Lime were system providers. All had the same price for unlocking the scooter and a ride per minute.

For unlocking the scooter in Buenos Aires was the cost $0,35 USD. Afterward, you paid $0,18 USD per minute that you use the electric scooter. For example, a 10-minute ride will cost you $2,15 USD or €1,91. Was a great deal.

MOVO electric scooter (Photo belongs to MOVO)

Where can I use an electric scooter in Buenos Aires?

Grin, MOVO, Glovo GO and Lime are not active anymore in Buenos Aires. Below you can see the areas where they were active.


Other ways to get around in Buenos Aires?

If you want to go from point A to B, I suggest taking a taxi or public transport. Also, everybody can use the public bike service of the city. I wrote an article how to unlock the bikes. 

Getting to Buenos Aires domestic or international airport?

In the case that you arrive or depart in Buenos Aires, then I can strongly suggest a private transfer service. The price is pretty ok, the service is great, and on time! Click here to book your private transfer. 

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