The electric scooter arrived in Buenos Aires. Grin, Lime, MOVO, and Glovo GO are active in the city. The scooters are ideal for moving around quickly in Buenos Aires. At the same time, it is for the daredevils among us to ride an electric scooter in Buenos Aires. The traffic is not always ideal and bike lanes are scarce is some areas.

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Electric scooter in Buenos Aires: Grin, MOVO and Lime

At the moment of writing this article, there are three providers of electric scooters in Buenos Aires, and that is Grin, MOVOLime, and Glovo GO!.

09/01/2020: Lime has reported that it will suspend its service in Buenos Aires. We expect that no Lime’s will be available within a short period of time.

Cost for the electric scooter: Grin, MOVO, and Lime

Grin, MOVO, Glovo GO, and Lime are system providers at this moment. All have the same price for unlocking the scooter and a ride per minute.

For unlocking the scooter in Buenos Aires will cost you $0,35 USD. Afterward, you pay $0,18 USD per minute that you use the electric scooter. For example, a 10-minute ride will cost you $2,15 USD or €1,91. Isn’t that great!

MOVO electric scooter (Photo belongs to MOVO)

Where can I use an electric scooter in Buenos Aires?

Grin, MOVO, Glovo GO and Lime are not everywhere available in Buenos Aires.

Grin is available in Palermo, Recoleta, Microcentro and a part of Puerto Madero. Also the districts with the most bike lanes.

MOVO is available in a smaller area: Microcentro, Retiro and a bigger part of Puerto Madero.

Lime is only available in Palermo, Retiro, and Puerto Madero.

Glovo GO is only available in Palermo


As you know the system of the electric scooter, you can only pick them up and drop them off in the areas where the electric scooter provider is active. But the good thing is: the districts Palermo and Recoleta are big! So, kilometers enough to take a ride in Buenos Aires ?. Especially on a Sunday.

We strongly advise using a bike helmet.

Let’s take a ride! ⚡️

  1. Download the Grin, MOVO, Glovo GO, or Lime app on your phone
  2. Complete the registration in the application.
  3. Take the ride on your electric scooter in Buenos Aires
  4. Disfruta and be safe!



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