Why pizza in Buenos Aires? Let’s go back to the roots of Buenos Aires. Between 1857 and 1940 more than 3 million Italians immigrated to Buenos Aires. At that time it was around 45% of the population. That’s why Italian food is well integrated into the lifestyle of Buenos Aires. Pasta, strong coffee, and pizza! But said between me and you: sometimes the pizzerias lost their true Italian roots.

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What’s the difference between an Italian made pizza and a Buenos Aires made pizza?

To make it short: Buenos Aires’ pizza topping is all about cheese, more cheese and tons of cheese. While Italian pizza is slightly more gourmet style if you make the comparisons. More ingredients that you find on a Buenos Aires pizza are ham, paprika slices and, yes you guessed it, cheese. The toppings are rarer. Cocktail sauce and eggs.

Another fact, the crust of Italian pizza is thinner. In Buenos Aires they love more a thicker crust.

In our list of the best pizza in Buenos Aires we see more to the Italian style pizzas. However, we will mention where you can go for an authentic Argentinian pizza.

The best pizza restaurants in Buenos Aires

1. Pizzería Güerrin

Let’s start with an original Argentinian pizza. Thick crust, and even more cheese. Pizzeria Güerrin is among the best Argentinian pizza restaurants. Founded in 1932 it is a well-known place for porteños.

Our rating: 4,0 / 5
Address: Av. Corrientes 1368, Buenos Aires

2. Siamo nel Forno

A true Italian pizza restaurant. Artisanal baked pizza with a thin crust. Tomato sauce with good flavors and just the right toppings. Located in Palermo Hollywood. Perfect for a night out.

Our rating: 4,4 / 5
Address: Costa Rica 5886, Buenos Aires

3. Bandini pizzeria

A perfect mix and match of both cultures. Here Italy meets Argentina. Great toppings, wide variety, and also some true Argentinian style toppings. Maybe a little bit far from the city center.

Our rating: 4,5 / 5
Address: Aizpurúa 2899, Buenos Aires

4. Cosi Mi Piace

A pizzeria in Buenos Aires that has a real Italian influence. Pizzas are baked on a stone and toppings with a lot of flavors. Located in Palermo Soho near Plaza Serrano. You definitely will find one of the best pizza in Buenos Aires here.

Our rating: 4,3 / 5
Address: El Salvador 4618, Buenos Aires

5. El Cuartito

In for a totally Argentinian pizza? This is the place to be. The pizzas have a high dough, spongy texture, and a wide range of varieties. One of the most famous pizzerias in Buenos Aires.

Our rating: 4,0 / 5
Address: Talcahuano 937, Buenos Aires

6. El Palacio de la Pizza

Is it worth the name? It is! A throwback to the ’80s. Not the coziest place but here is the heart of Argentian pizza. A perfect stop after watching theater in Av. Corrientes.

Our rating: 4,3 / 5
Address: Corrientes 751, Buenos Aires

7. Ferreiro

Thin crust pizza, tomato sauce with flavor and baked on a stone. The perfect combination for a pizza. Our number seven in the list “best pizza in Buenos Aires”.

Our rating: 4,0 / 5
Address: Av. Angel Gallardo 1001, Buenos Aires

8. La Más Querida

Yes, everything is possible on a parrilla, also baking a pizza. Worth a visit in the country of the grill.

Our rating: 4,4 / 5
Address: Echeverría 1618, Buenos Aires

Option to order online

Maybe you want to stay a night in the hotel. The easiest option is to get a pizza delivered to your hotel. The local order apps are PedidosYa, Glovo, and Rappi. You can pay with an international credit card. The delivery and service of all the apps are good!


My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write to you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Buenos Aires ❤️

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