We give you an overview of the best locations where to exchange your money in Buenos Aires. Find here a daily update per exchange office. Save money by changing your Dolar, Euro or other currency to Argentinian peso (ARS).

In our article “Where to change money (Euro and Dollar) in Buenos Aires” we gave you some interesting tips to change your money in Buenos Aires.

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Current exchange rate in Buenos Aires

Actual rate:
1 USD: 67,73 ARS / €1=73,32 ARS
Banco Nacion64,75 ARS72,25 ARS
Maxinta61,00 ARS68,00 ARS
Florida Street (Black market)138,00 ARS135,00 ARS
Montevideo Cambio67,00 ARS68,00 ARS
Cambio Parisno datano data
Cambio Alpeno datano data
XOOM109,51 ARS119,86 ARS
Western Union124,25 ARS134,30 ARS

Add with Western Union and XOOM a transfer fee.

Update May 14th. At this moment there are currency controls in Argentina. This means that the black exchange market is back and often gives the best exchange rates. Above that, the Argentinian government introduced more restrictions. We expect a higher black market rate in the upcoming months.

Calle Florida. What is that and where?

Street “Calle Florida” is full of black market handlers. Located near Plaza de Mayo and the Obelisco. Calle Florida is not the most attractive place to be. Crowded and a narrow street. However, at this moment it is the best place to change your money.

When walking you will hear people saying “cambio, cambio”. Ask for their current exchange rate. Don’t agree directly and step to another one to compare. This is how you will get the best exchange rate.

When you agree with an exchange rate, ask for the note and they will guide you to a small office somewhere in a building or do a person in the same street.

Tip: you will get a better rate if you have banknotes of USD 100 or €100.
Be aware that you will need to double-check on fake banknotes. All on your own risk.

Read also: Calle Florida, everything you need to know

At the airport

Hold on! Arriving at Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini Ezeiza (EZE) or better know at Buenos Aires International airport?

At this moment, there are better rates available at exchange houses (Casas de Cambio) or Calle Florida. Because of the currency controls. Look at the table above.

Before Banco Nacion gave better rates than the exchange bureaus in Buenos Aires. However, Banco Nacion still gives you a good rate and you’re sure that the banknotes are valid. In street “Calle Florida” you need to look out for that.

Best place exchange money buenos aires
Entrance to Banco Nación in Ezeiza airport

Exchange bureaus (Casa de Cambio)

There are enough exchange bureaus to find in Buenos Aires. Finding the right one with the best rate is another case. Avoid touristic areas such as Caminito and Recoleta. Below some exchange bureaus. Check the rate daily above.

Cambio Maguitur:  Sarmiento 46, Buenos Aires (close to Plaza de Mayo).
Montevideo cambio: Florida 580, Buenos Aires (San Telmo)
Casa de Cambio Baires: Pierina Dealessi 578, Buenos Aires (Puerto Madero)
Cambio Alpe: Sarmiento 480, Buenos Aires (close to Plaza de Mayo)
Cambio Maxinta: 25 de Mayo 386, Buenos Aires (close to Plaza de Mayo)
Paris Cambio: Sarmiento 399, Buenos Aires


We suggest going to the Coto supermarket and buy something small if you’re in the need of some money. In return, you will get pesos in exchange. Check the rate at the cashier and compare it with the actual rate of that moment. Mostly the exchange rate of the Coto supermarket is above the actual rate.

Argentinian friend

Do you have a friend with the Argentinian nationality and with a national bank account in Buenos Aires? Ask him/her to go to the bank of their account. The exchange rate in national banks is often higher than the exchange bureaus. The rate of Banco la Nation is the highest on the market, but sometimes a waiting line occurs.


Don’t use an ATM

As in our previous article, we suggest you don’t use ATM’s in Buenos Aires. The bank will apply a high fee. Mostly around USD 10 for every ATM withdrawal.


My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why we created this content for you. I hope you enjoy Buenos Aires as much as I do!


  1. Glenn, Western Union list “Correo” in the international arrivals area of Ezeiza Airport as an “agent”. What is your opinion about safety and service as my Spanish is not great. i am hesitant to go to the office you recommend as I don’t want to walk around B.A. with 100,000 AGS in my pocket even if I take a taxi. I thought that the airport might be safer. Thanks.

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Joseph 👋, at the Correo Argentino offices it is also possible to pick up your Western Union transfer. Only it is limited to 15.000 ARS per transfer (+/- 123 USD on 18/05/2020). So, indeed the Western Union post office at Ezeiza is a possibility. Only thing is that post offices often don’t have that much cash in their vault. If you’re one of the first, you are probably lucky.

      About the limit per transfer. You can say: I will send 4 times 15.000 ARS. Out of experience, the Correo Argentino worker applies his/her own rules and can say only one transfer per person. Even if this is not right. Or they just have enough money for one transfer.

      The Western Union offices at street Montevideo and Peru, you will be able to pick up to 114.000 ARS in one transfer.

      Your Spanish doesn’t need to be that sufficient for a transfer with Western Union in Buenos Aires. The employee can process your transfer easily only with the WU transfer code and your passport. They know what to do.

      About the safety. I understand that walking around with 100.000 ARS is not that convenient. Both areas of street Montevideo and Peru are safe. Maybe you can go with 2 to the office?

      Best regards!

  2. Paul Docherty Reply

    Please can you advise where to change UK Sterling £ 50.00 notes at the moment . Best rates and preferably near Palermo area OR easier at the moment with a delivery to my flat ? Thanks Paul .

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Paul 👋, exchange money in Buenos Aires during the lockdown isn’t that easy. There are two ways now: transfer with Western Union to an office here (WU or Correo Argentino) or make an appointment at a bank such as BBVA, Galicia, Santander, … Select the option “attention a caja”. If you transfer by Western Union in Buenos Aires, you can only go based on the last number of your passport. (Monday 0-1, Tuesday 2-3, Wednesday 4-5, Thursday 6-7, Friday 8-9). The banks are open on weekdays but only on appointment. Best regards.

  3. Thank you for this post! So useful. We are going to Argentina for a month and will be travelling from the UK. Do you recommend converting pounds to USD before we come and then go to a cambino to change it? Or western union transfer of GBP to Argentinian peso? I’m a bit confused! Thanks in advance.

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Katie 👋, If you want to bring cash to Argentina I suggest converting to USD in your home country. USD and EURO are high demanded currencies in Buenos Aires. On the other hand, transferring with Western Union is the cheapest way at this moment 🙂

  4. Hey Glenn!
    First of all thank you so much for this super useful info!!
    I’m going to Argentina from Bolivia which means that I only have bolivianos. Do you recommend taking lot of cash out here in Bolivia and change it in Argentina or rather send money to western union?

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Kelly 👋, nice to receive compliments like this. With pleasure, we try to give the best tips. The safest way in our opinion is to exchange by Western Union in Argentina. You don’t need to carry that much money, almost in all Argentina are Western Union offices and the exchange rate from USD to ARS is the best at WU now ☺️.
      Have a nice trip Argentina!

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