On September 21, 2021, the Argentine Minister of Health announced that the borders of Argentina will reopen on November 1, 2021.

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Argentina COVID-19 certificate

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It may be great news but nothing is yet officially published.

Here you will find soon the possible certificate that you need to download.

What vaccines?

Most vaccines will be allowed. Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, Sputnik, and Sinopharm as these vaccines are also used in Argentina. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is under investigation by the government health service.

What are the requirements to enter Argentina?

During the press conference, it became clear that there are some requirements to enter Argentina.

  • Fully vaccinated for at least 14 days on the day of arrival in Argentina.
  • Present a negative PCR test no older than 72h.
  • Get a new PCR test between days 5 and 7 in Argentina.
  • Those who are not fully vaccinated, including minors, must perform quarantine, a PCR test on arrival, and a PCR test on day 7.
  • When 50% of Argentines are vaccinated, the rule of a PCR test between 5 and 7 for fully vaccinated foreigners will be stopped.

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Travel certificate for provinces

At this moment it’s unclear if you need an Argentina COVID-19 certificate when you are traveling to other Argentine provinces. I created a special website to get a fast and clear overview. Visit www.reopenarg.com for the latest overview of all travel certificates.



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  1. Buenas tardes Gleen,

    The total of vaccinated people in Argentina is 47 % currently. Could you post us please when they will decide to stop the pcr Test…. I will be in the plane from Amsterdam the 1st of november, by precaution i have an apointment for a pcr test End of october (and fully vaccinated here). If i can cancel my apoitment, i will be of it.

    Thank you and have a good aftyernon 🙂

    • Hi Thomas, I will update the post as soon Argentina reaches 50% fully vaccination. Be aware, that everybody – ALWAYS – need to get a PCR not older than 72h before boarding your flight to Argentina. The 50% only applies on the antigen and PCR test when in Argentina. Cheers!

  2. This opening on November 1 applies only to arrivals on the plane, doesn’t it ? No land borders?
    We are stock in Uruguay with motorhome .

    • Hi Eva 👋, that’s not clear yet. I’m waiting for the official publication. Will keep you updated here.

  3. Peter John Reply

    Hi Glenn. Thank for keeping us all updated. I have one question, though. Do I still need to do the PCR test if I’m fully vaccinated?

    • Hi Peter 👋, yes. You will always need to get a PCR test not older than 72h when boarding your flight to Argentina. Until 50% of the Argentines are fully vaccinated, everybody that enters Argentina will need to get an antigen test upon arrival in Argentina and a PCR test between days 5 and 7. As soon as 50% is reached, the last 2 tests will stop.

    • Jan Syriste Reply

      hello. i have johnson & johnson vaccine. so that means they wont take it but i still come and have a quarantine for a week and pfr test between first 5-7days ?

      • Julie Melissa Shute Reply

        This is great news! I’m just concerned about getting stuck. Does opening the borders mean a full slate of flights in and out. I want to come for three weeks in December, leaving around the 29th but if my flights are cancelled and I can’t get back by Jan 10th I’d risk getting fired. Have the people who were stranded either in Argentina or out of it been able to get back where they belong or is that still an ongoing problem?

        • Hi Julie, the Argentinian government will increase the number of allowed flights to/from the country over time. For October, the Argentine flight authorities need to approve each flight separately. I suppose from November it will go higher again.

  4. Roberto Agati Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    it is a fantastic news Argentina borders reopening on November 1, 2021. (I cross my fingers :-)) My flight is for November 30, 2021. Well, I will regularly check the web site reopenarg.com.
    Nevertheless, I belive that each time we fly from a province to another province or from Argentina to Brazil (round trip) we need a PCR test.
    So it will be very useful if you can indicate us where to do PCR tests (maybe with a dedicated web page on reopenarg.com ??), for instance is it possible to do a PCR test at all Argentinian airports? and do they deliver a PCR certificate in Spanish/English ?
    many thanks in advance for your answers.

  5. Hello Glenn,

    Argentina possibly reopening in November is great news. I am a german living in Germany. But I visit the USA in October for a student exchange program. I had planned a long time to visit Buenos Aires after the student exchange program is over.

    So for me, some information – as soon as u get some – about travelling from the USA (actually a high number of corona infections) to Argentina, would be vital.

    Many greetings from Germany


    • Good morning Jens 👋, normally starting from November 1st, 2021, every foreigner will be able to visit Argentina. Regarding if you’re fully vaccinated or not. Fully vaccinated people can continue their travel in Argentina when they arrive. Not vaccinated people can enter Argentina too but they need to go follow the 7-day quarantine. So, I think it would be no problem traveling to Argentina as soon the borders reopen. Cheers!

    • If you have a US passport do you need to get an ETA to travel to Argentina?

  6. John Clark Reply

    Hi Glen Read your comments all the time. We are doing a trip to see the eclipse on 4 Dec. Due to be in BA by 20 Nov for many activities ending up in Punta Arenas by 4 Dec to board 1 of two Latam 321’s to chase the eclipse that day and then on 5th meet up with Quark to do an 8 day Antarctica trip after flying to St. George Island. Do you feel this whole trip could be viable? At this point I only bought for my wife and myself RT air to Santiago so that we could buy tickets wherever we need to go. Luckily we got last years air cost refunded by Avianca (in the middle of bankruptcy) so this time bought United. We certainly hope this trip has possibility of happening. We each have 3 Moderna vaccines now so we are good to go. We live in Los Angeles. TIA for any comments you can offer.

    • Ji Hohn, I hope for everybody that the borders of Argentina will reopen soon 😊. Will keep you updated here.

  7. Hi Glenn,
    Thank you for all the info. It’s really very helpful. I will be in Ecuador until October and wondering when you think or if you’ve heard anything on travel into Argentina from other South American countries. I’m originally from the US and am fully vaccinated but I’ve been living in Quito. Argentina has always been a dream to visit for me ever since I saw photos of the mountains in a book as a little girl. If I do get to visit it would truly be a dream come true. I’ll probably cry. Lol. Tears of joy for sure 😂 Thank you for all the updates and I’ll continue to check back in and read your articles for further updates.

  8. I’ve already changed my flights to February, returning in March. Hopefully the borders will remain open to those who have been vaccinated.

  9. Uruguay has implied the same outcome. I suggest that anybody make the most of this time frame if and when it happens. Israel remains the best landmark and what is going on there now ? Vax stand for 2/3 of the patients and deaths. Border is closed to double vax. Let’s enjoy Argentina and Uruguay before they panic again because they will ! Colombia is fully open with no pcr test but this is another story. As far as I’m concerned I will have wait for the second generation of vaccines by the end of the year so not sure my agenda fits the narrative

  10. Hey Glenn, I’m a Flight Attendant for a major airline. I know the country has been closed to tourist until yesterday 8/6. I’m scheduled to travel (work) there on the 10th. Your blog is the only info I can find out there about what took place yesterday. Would you know of an official website I could check out?
    Love your website!!!!!!!

  11. Scheduled for a Antarctic cruise in January. Will there be a process for people to pass through BA, to Ushuaia, and then on board a ship en route to Antarctica?

    • Hi Jarvis, probably yes. However, first, the idea of the quarantine for fully vaccinated people needs to get off the table. Otherwise, it’s not interesting to travel to Argentina. But probably, the cruise operators will find a way and direct you directly to the cruiseship. Let’s wait and see 🙂

  12. Thanks for the update Glenn! I live in the US and was supposed to becoming to Argentina October 31st through November 10th on a fishing trip. All the fishing outfitters are saying all will be open, but they’re also trying to collect their upfront non-refundable fees. What do think about these dates?

    • Hi Mark, that’s indeed a bit tricky. Argentinian travel operators are desperate for some cash flow. So, I understand that they ask for upfront payments but the non-refundable condition isn’t good. Many operators, even in Argentina, became more flexible with their cancelation policy. It’s up to the fishing outfitters to change their policy.

      I’m not really sure about the dates.

  13. Antarctica season will it run starting in NOV you think out of Ushuaia? For cruising?

    • Hi Jo, let’s wait a bit more. Probably September – end September will give a better view on the situation and regulation.

  14. Thanks Glenn. Still keeping my reservations for BA from 30 Nov to 9 Dec, but we’ll see. I would expect we “Americanos” will be near the last on the list. I can put up with a lot, but not quarantine. Next time choice would be
    early April, 2022. Don’t have to make a decision until early November, so patience it is for now. Chile, for now, is an issue not so much for leaving but for returning for Chilean nationals and foreign residents.

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