Here we are with a cliché phrase: discover Buenos Aires differently by bike. What has a bike tour in Buenos Aires to offer? Do you discover the city differently? There are many bike tour companies active and we are listing them up by tour category, language, and duration.

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Worth booking a bike tour in Buenos Aires?

The benefit of a guided bike tour is that you explore the city faster. So at the same time, you can visit more places.

Also, the bike tours are always with a guide that knows the city well. We passed some interesting places when going from one point to the other, where we otherwise didn’t go.

In our opinion, a bike tour is worth doing it. Just pick the right tour for you, and explore the history of Buenos Aires.

In what languages are the bike tours?

Most of the bike tours in Buenos Aires are in English or Spanish. But, there also companies that do the tours in Dutch, German, Portuguese, and French.

The bike tour in Buenos Aires in one list

The majority of the bike tour Buenos Aires companies are providing tours in English. You can make a choice based on the route, price, duration, start location, and time.

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Biker Street 

Finding a bike tour in Buenos Aires for you? Biker street company started by 3 true Argentinians with a passion for cycling and the city.

The meeting point for all the bike tours is in Palermo, around Plaza Italia. You can choose for a full day tour or half-day tour that starts in the morning or afternoon. And the theme of preference such as “The Paris of South-America” or “History and local culture”.

Price range: from USD 35 > USD 210
Duration: 3h30 > full day
Languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Private tour available

Biking Buenos Aires

You can recognize Biking Buenos Aires at their flashy blue bikes in the city. A group of travelers settled themselves in the capital city and started the company.

Biking Buenos Aires organize one of the most complete bike tours. The starting point is in San Telmo and the tour guides you in 7 hours around the city. Including a traditional Argentinian barbecue “Parrilla”.  The price is around USD 95 / 85 Euro. Biking Buenos Aires has around 8 different bike tours.

Price range: from USD 49 > USD 150
Duration: 3h30 > 9 hours
Languages: English, and Spanish
Private tour available



Biketours Buenos Aires are describing themselves as young and professional bike guides. An enthusiastic team it is! They organize two bike tours “A different Buenos Aires” and “Recoleta-Palermo”. Both with departures in the morning and afternoon. So, a clear choice for a bike tour in Buenos Aires.

Price range: from USD 40 > USD 45
Duration: 3h30 > 5 hours
Languages: English, and Spanish
Private tour available

Bikelane in Buenos Aires near Casa Rosada

BA Bikes

Do you see the green bike around in Buenos Aires? That’s BA Bikes. A company that provides almost the most language available for a bike tour in Buenos Aires.

You almost can’t count how many different tours they have. A wide possibility, even going on a bike to Uruguay. Also, they have an e-bike tour, with of course electric bikes.

Price range: from USD 35 > USD 180
Duration: 5 hours > 11 hours
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese
Private tour available

Bike ‘n Wander

The full e-bike tour company in Buenos Aires. They characteristic bikes, smaller and red. You can’t miss them in the city. Bike ‘n Wander has two mayor bike tours. One of 3h30 and 5 hours. Even combine a bike tour with a tango show. A different experience.

Price range: from USD 49 > USD 139
Duration: 3h30 hours > 7 hours
Languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Private tour available

Ontdek Buenos Aires 

Do you speak Dutch? Then this is the bike tour in Buenos Aires for you! The one and only Dutch-speaking tour in the capital of Argentina. From a “Highlight” tour to the “Maxima” tour (Queen of the Netherlands). How cool isn’t that?

Price range: from 38 EURO > 110 EURO
Duration: 4 hours > 7 hours
Languages: Dutch
Private tour available

La Bicicleta Naranja

Last but not least, we have La Bicicleta Naranja. As the name suggests, the bikes are orange. The bike tour company offers 4 different tours in Buenos Aires. Starting from USD 36, with an upgrade possible to use an E-Bike. The meeting point is in San Telmo.

Price range: from USD 36 > USD 80
Duration: 3 hours > 8 hours
Languages: Enlgish, and Spanish
Private tour available




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