Wondering what things to do in Buenos Aires on Sunday? I can assure you that there are a lot of things to do in the city on a Sunday. Buenos Aires is a city that always has something to offer and almost never sleeps. A Sunday may go a little slower, but that has its charms.

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Things to do in Buenos Aires on Sunday

Feria de San Telmo and the market

The absolute number 1 thing to do on a Sunday. Because yes, Feria de San Telmo only takes place on Sundays. The open market on Defensa Street is located in the San Telmo neighborhood. Feria de San Telmo already starts at Plaza de Mayo and continues all the way to the end of the neighborhood. Certainly a 1.5 km long.

You can find all kinds of handmade works on the market and Plaza Dorrego is the highlight with the antiques market.

Don’t forget to stop at San Telmo Market. You certainly won’t walk past it.

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Feria de San Telmo on Sunday

Visit museums in the city

Many museums are open on Sundays. Such as the Bellas Artes or the national history museum where you can view the sword of San Martin. The National History Museum is just down the road at Feria de San Telmo. Ideal for a short walk to there.

Did you know that most museums in the city are free to visit. 🙂

Brunch on Sunday morning

What many often do on a Sunday in the city is have a nice brunch. This way you get to know the local culture and cuisine. You will see that many residents of the city have the same idea.  A Buenos Aires brunch usually consists of toast with avocado, egg, cream cheese and jam.

Breakfast or brunch was not so popular a few years ago. Because most residents nowadays rarely have breakfast or the breakfast consists of maté drink with a biscuit.

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Things to do in Buenos Aires on Sunday Brunch
Brunch garden in Palermo

The hop-on hop-off bus in Buenos Aires

A convenient way to get around the city is with the hop-on hop-off bus. Definitely a thing to do in Buenos Aires on Sunday. Especially on a sunny day it is pleasant to discover the city on the roof of the bus. The system is Buenos Aires is quite well equipped. There are two companies that provide the tours and especially on Sundays traffic flows smoothly and you do not get stuck in traffic jams with the bus. Buy your tickets here.

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