Welcome to the delightful world of breakfast and brunch in Buenos Aires! There’s a special magic in those early hours when the sun peeks over the horizon. Whether you’re an early riser who enjoys the tranquility of dawn or someone who relishes a leisurely mid-morning feast, this article is your ticket to exploring the art of breakfast and brunch in the capital of Argentina.


Favorite places for breakfast and Brunch in Buenos Aires


First on the list in Ninina bars. It has 3 locations located in Palermo and has a wide menu card for breakfast and brunch with fresh fruits, croissants, yogurt and breads. The pastries are delicious! It are cozy location to stay during the moment and start the day in Buenos Aires.

Mon-Sun: 8 AM till 20 PM
Gorriti 4738, C1414 CABA

Ninina Breakfast in Buenos Aires
Ninina Brunch in Palermo


Looking for a brunch location in San Telmo? Then Hierbabuena is the place for you. A nice and cozy location in Avenida Caseros. A trendy street for your brunch, lunch and dinner. Hierbabuena focuses on biological food and all products are made in their atelier.

Thu-Mon: 9 AM till 00 AM
Av. Caseros 454, C1152 CABA

Hierbabuena San Telmo Brunch
Hierbabuena in San Telmo

Cocu Boulangerie

Cocu Boulangerie is a French-inspired bar. A little Paris in Buenos Aires. Delicious French pastries, bread and so much more. During weekends it can be very busy there but I understand why. It’s just a nice place to stay and spend your morning. Located in Palermo.

Mon-Sun: 8 AM till 20 PM
Malabia 1510, C1414 CABA

Cocu Boulangerie Buenos Aires
Cocu Boulangerie

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L’ Orangerie

Do something more fancy? Make a reservation at L’Orangerie in Alvear Palace Hotel. The luxury 5-star hotel offers a Sunday morning brunch in luxury style. You need to make a reservation in advance and it is only open on Sundays. It has a buffet with salmon, quinoa, salads, ceviche and so much more.

Sun: with reservation
Av. Alvear 1891, CABA

Alvear L'orangerie Brunch Sunday
Alvear L’Orangerie Brunch

London City

Are you staying near Plaza de Mayo? Then I can recommend London City on Avenida de Mayo. I was surprised at how tasty all things were and how much we got. It is a popular location for Argentine residents for their weekend brunch. Also, a wide extensive menu of tea melanges. A nice fact, it opens at 6 in the morning. Perfect if you have plans early in the morning.

Mon-Sun: 6 AM till 23 PM
Av. de Mayo 599, C1084 CABA

London City Brunch in Buenos Aires
London City on Avenida de Mayo

Las Violetas

Defitintly one of my favorite locations for breakfast and brunch in Buenos Aires! Las Violetas. Step into an atmosphere of the roaring 20’s and let you tastebuts explode by sweetness. So many delicious things to try at Las Violetas. They have a Brunch and Teatime combo on the menu. Really recommended! And it is open from 6 in the morning.

Mon-Sun: 6 AM till 12 AM
Av. Rivadavia 3899, C1204 CABA

Las Violetas Breakfast Buenos Aires
Café Las Violetas in Buenos Aires

La Panera Rosa

Get overwhelmed by pink at La Panera Rosa. There are many bars of the La Panera in Buenos Aires. From Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo, and the airports.

It has a special brunch menu with orange juice, pancakes, fruits, coffee,… Also perfect for tea time or just a waffle during the day.

Mon-Sun: 9 AM till 12 AM
Check out the locations here

La Panera Rosa Buenos Aires
La Panera Rosa

More places for breakfast and Brunch in Buenos Aires


Back to San Telmo you will find Merci! It is located in the famous Mercado de San Telmo. Open every day from 9 AM, it is a perfect place to get the best pastries and coffee in the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is inspired by the French bakeries and the quality is good! Worth going to Merci!

Mon-Sun: 9 AM till 8 PM
Carlos Calvo 455, C1102 CABA

merci bakery buenos Aires
Merci! breakfast and brunch


Another name to remember for your morning moment in Buenos Aires is Pertutti. Enter the heaven of cakes and pies. Known for its quality and typical city atmosphere. Secretly also the owner of London City cafe. Wide range of tea melanges and coffees. Pertutti has multiple places in the city.

Mon-Sun: 6 AM till 10 PM
Check out locations in the city

Pertutti Tea time Buenos Aires

Café Crespin

Are you staying in Palermo? Make a stop at Café Crespin on the edge of the Palermo neighborhood. They have a special brunch menu with brie, avocado, bacon and so much more other delicious things to try.

Tue-Sun: 9 AM till 8 PM
Vera 691, C1414 CABA

Cafe Crespin Buenos Aires
Café Crespin

My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write to you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Buenos Aires ❤️

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