The video above gives you an impression of how Buenos Aires was in 1954. In that time Juan Perón was busy with his last term as president of Argentina. From 1946 till 1955 is also known as the Peronist years.

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Buenos Aires in 1954

The years 50 were marked with some coupe d’etats with low economic activity, but later in the 60’s the economy recovered.  The beginning of 1950 was marked with inflation of up to 50%.  However, that is not a strange story for many Argentinians nowadays.

Buenos Aires in 1954 was also the stage for the first 1000km Buenos Aires. A motor car race at Autódromo Municipal-Avenida Paz. The race was won by Giuseppe Farina and Umberto Magliol. Not that much later, the Argentina Grand Prix took place.

International airport of Buenos Aires (Ezeiza)

When inaugurated in 1949, Buenos Aires international airport was the third world’s biggest airport. In 1954 air travel became more glamourous and many commercial airlines were expanding their network. In the video, you see a propeller airplane of Aerolineas Argentinas. The state flagship carrier founded in 1949.

Buenos Aires in 1954 - Cabildo

The difference with now

Many places still are important landmarks in Buenos Aires. Such as Plaza de Mayo, the Obelisco, and Plaza San Martin. The electric buses are not driving anymore in Buenos Aires. In 2020, the first electric bus was inaugurated in Buenos Aires. A change to the future.



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