Planning to visit the Iguazu Falls in the North of Argentina? Most of the tourists start their adventure in Buenos Aires. But how to go from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls? I give you the best ways to travel to the Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires by flight, car and bus.

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How to go from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

In general, there are three ways to travel from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls in Argentina:

  • Self-drive by car: 15 hours – cost one way: USD 75 (fuel + tolls)
  • Long-distance bus: 18 hours – cost one way: USD 45
  • Flight: 1h45 – cost one way: between USD 30 and USD 80
Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls by flight, car and bus
Travel options: Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

Self-drive to Iguazu Falls

Argentina is a big country. Driving to Iguazu Falls is possible. The roads up to Iguazu are in good condition and the average speed is 90 km/h. However, while driving you will not see different types of landscapes. That can be a little bit boring. If you’re taking the time to drive from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls, we suggest making a stop at the National Park Iberá also known as the Iberá Wetlands. There you can spot capybaras, crocodiles, and a wide range of birds.

Esteros del inbera argentina iguazu

Book a flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazu

Taking a flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazu (airport code: IGR) is very easy. Almost all Argentinian airlines are flying on Iguazu. Most of the flights to Iguazu are departing from Aeropuerto Jorge Newberry (AEP). The flight time from Buenos Aires to Iguazu is 1h45min.

Check all current flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls here. A handy website with all Argentine airlines on it. Low-cost and the national carrier.

Airlines that are flying to Puerto Iguazu airport: Aerolineas Argentinas, FlyBondi,  JetSmart, Andes airlines. The low-cost airlines such as FlyBondi, JetSmart do have daily flights to Puerto Iguazu but mostly depart and leave in the midday. This makes it more difficult to visit the Iguazu waterfalls in one day. However, it is possible to visit the Iguazu waterfalls in one day. For example, if your focus is more on the south of Argentina (Patagonia) but you don’t want to miss the waterfalls, then a day trip to Iguazu waterfalls is perfect.

Day trips from Buenos Aires - Iguazu

Long-distance bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

My third option is the long-distance bus to Iguazu. Argentina is known for its long-distance bus operators, also called micros. There is a wide variety of operators, classes, comfort, and destinations.

Read here more about long-distance buses in Argentina

Taking the bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazu will take you around 18 hours. Busses leave at every moment of the day and then check out when to arrive in Iguazu. Taking a bus that leaves in the evening is our preference. You can sleep during the night and arrive by midday in Iguazu.

I suggest taking a “cama” type seat. Cama means bed. These seats can recline up to 180 degrees but it depends on the bus operator. Check it out on their website.

Where to buy a bus ticket from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls?

Buy your ticket in advance online. Discounts are often available on the websites:,, and omnilí

Buses are departing from bus terminal station Retiro, near Retiro train station.



My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write to you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Buenos Aires ❤️


  1. Hey Glenn,

    This is such an amazing website that you have here for all the info on BA! We are a family of 4 wanted to fly out from BA to Iguazo falls and it looks everywhere i read, they recommend doing the Argentinian side only and skip the brazilian side. But we want that to be our entry point into Brazil. Spend a day in the falls and then fly out to the Amazon from there. my question is about the luggage. when we fly from BA, we can check into a hotel for a night but after we check out, is there any idea to store the luggage near the falls so that we can visit the falls and then head straight to the brazil border after collecting the luggage? OR are there hotels close to the falls where we can go back and pick up the luggage and then get the bus to cross the border?

    thanks much

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Our friends Tom & Linda from NYC directed us your way. They spent 4 weeks there during COVID.

    My wife and I heading to BA for 4 weeks from Toronto starting there January 19th. We look forward to reading your work and will have plenty to ask.

    Has the Tourist Card taken off yet? Our plan is to bring USD and converting in BA.


    • Hi Bill, in many cases yes, but in other not. But as I wrote in the post. For some activities Argentine companies are charging in USD. Have a nice trip to BA!

      • G’day Glenn – wife and I are visiting from Australia early 2024. Want to visit Iguazu Falls from BA, and have set aside a few days. Fly BA – IGR day one …. spend day 2 and 3 in Iguazu and fly back to BA Day 4. Quite capable of booking flights and accommodation ourselves but need guidance on actually seeing the falls. Some advice appreciated … Best way to see both the Brazilian and Argentine side of the falls?? By water / land or both ? Read that its best not to leave Argentina … viz don’t go into Brazil. Secondly booking tours … Need to do this well in advance or can we book on arrival ??? Thirdly recommendations for reputable and reliable tour operators ? Anything else we should consider doing / seeing whilst in Iguazu ? Thanks – Kevin and Anne

        • Hi Kevin, great plans! Iguazu will be hot and with high humidity. I would suggest booking a hotel with a pool :-D. For me the Argentine side is beautiful. You can book a boat trip too. It’s not too long but a very nice experience to see the waterfalls from that point. On the Argentine side there are many walking paths and in good condition. It took me around 4-5 hours to visit the complete park. With a guide is nicer because you will receive interesting information. You can contact me by mail and I can arrange for you a group or private tour guide. Begin of the year will be high season. I suggest booking in advance. Beside the waterfalls there is the 3-country meeting point. 🙂

        • Thanks for your reply Glenn – don’t have your email address .. can you send me an email with that info, and I will communicate directly as you have suggested

  3. Hi Glen, We are 4 adults in their 70s staying in an AirBnb in Buenos Aires from Jan. 15-24. We would like to go to visit Iguazu Falls for 3 days. There are alot of organized tours. Trying to plan on our own but it seems complicated to organized and coordinate. Your thoughts please. Much obliged. Thank you, Madeleine

    • Hi Madeleine, mostly you depart on day one. All depends what time the flight arrives in IGU. If in the morning, then you can visit the Argentina side. The day afterward you can visit the Brazilian side and the last day you fly back.

  4. Hey Glenn quick question i will be flying into Buenos Aires next week for a few days then flying to iguazu falls for a few days do i need a covid test to be able to board the flight for the falls or can i just fly around within Argentina with out one. Thank you so much for the help

  5. Hi Glen. Is the land border between Argentina and Brazil in Iguazu scheduled to reopen for tourists in November with other borders?

    • Hi Bryan, the border to enter or leave Argentina will reopen. The border control of Brasil has its own rules. But I think they are open too.

  6. John Clark Reply

    Hi Glenn. My wife and I are joining a tour that starts in Buenos Aires on Nov 20. Our flight arrives in Santiago on Nov 18. That same day we need to connect to a flight to Buenos Aires without leaving the airport or claiming our bags. Both Latam and Aerolineas Argentinas have baggage interline agreements with United, the carrier we arrive on. I have spoken with Latam and I cannot get an understandable explanation as to whether they have flights to BA or not and if not now will they resume Nov 1 when Argentina reopens their borders. Flights do show up in various schedules but they are not bookable. Can you please offer some helpful insight into this? Thank you, John Clark

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