Welcome to Argentina! The home of the Argentinian Peso (ARS). The Argentinian currency is very unstable. Here I give you the best tips on how safe to exchange money in Buenos Aires, the best places to exchange money, and even sometimes make a profit!

I will talk about ATM withdrawals, Exchange Bureau’s, Calle Florida (black market), XOOM and Western Union, Creditcard and, and paying directly in Dollars or euros in stores.

TIP: don’t change your local (USD, EUR, …) money to Argentinian pesos in your home country. The Argentina currency fluctuates hard during days, so you probably lose value even in a couple of days.

The symbol for Argentinian Peso is familiar with the dollar sign: $. In Argentina, the shortcut for the US dollar is USD or U$S.

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Private airport transfer Buenos Aires Ezeiza

1. The best place to exchange money in Buenos Aires

In my app (iOS and Android), I give you updates on the best safe places to change your money in Buenos Aires. The app is free and available for iOS and Android. Disfruta! Download here and view the current exchange rate per office.

Important note: the currency controls in Argentina have also affected tourists. You can exchange dollars or euros for Argentine pesos without any problem or restriction, but the other way there is a restriction (ARS back to USD/EUR/…). Do you have Argentine pesos left after your stay? You can only exchange a maximum of 100 dollars worth of pesos back to dollars or euro. This is per person.

2. ATM Withdrawal

Don’t use an ATM!!! I caution against ATM withdrawals in Buenos Aires because it’s the least recommended option. The withdrawal commission can get up to USD 10, bad exchange rates, and sometimes no money in the ATM. So, there are better ways to get Argentinian pesos. Using the ATM is not the best way to exchange money in Buenos Aires! Don’t you have any other options? Go to the bank and take an ATM with the above sign “Cajero Automatico”. These ATMs are for everybody. An ATM with the above sign “Autoservicio” will not work for tourists.


3. Exchange office 

If your local currency is US Dollar (USD) or Euro (EUR), then you are lucky. Also, currencies such as the British Pound (GBP), Swiss Francs (CHF), New Zealand dollar (NZD), and others are possible to exchange into the Argentina currency the peso.

There are enough exchange offices available in Buenos Aires. Always take your passport with you when you’re going to the exchange bureau. It’s used that the exchange bureau will only accept banknotes higher than 20 USD or 20 Euro. Changing coins is not possible. Withdrawing money here is not available. Read the article for the best exchange office: “The best places to change your money in Argentinian peso, Dollar and Euro

I listed all the best places to change your money. Read the extra article

Tips when you go to the exchange office (Casas de Cambio in Spanish)

  • Don’t change immediately all your money. Are you staying longer than 3 weeks? Then change it by every 100 USD or EUR. In other Argentinian cities, you will find exchange bureaus.
  • Don’t accept any extra fee or commission at the exchange bureaus. This is illegal by Argentinian law.
  • A rate that is 10 ARS under the current rate is acceptable. For example, the actual interbank rate is 841 ARS for 1 US dollar. If you can get 835 ARS for 1 US dollar, that’s ok. Go to some different exchange bureaus and compare them. You get the best rate during bank office hours. Check the current interbank rates on xe.com. Here are the best places to change your money.

4. Calle Florida: The Dollar Blue

Not afraid of some negotiation? Then go to the pedestrian street “Calle Florida” near the president’s house (Casa Rosada or Pink House in English). When you walk down the street you will hear people saying “Cambio, cambio”. These people work for a bigger boss.

Exchanging dollars and euros is possible. Be in a strong position to negotiate. Don’t take the first one, but play them against each other. Once you accept a rate after negotiation they will guide you to a small office somewhere located near the street Florida.

It’s possible, that once you arrive in the office, they start to negotiate again. Keep with the rate that they said outside. If not, just go outside again.

Secret tip in Calle Florida: the Dollar Blue will give a better exchange rate for notes of USD 100 or €100. Because these banknotes are highly sought after.

Read more: Where is Calle Florida and what looking out for?

5. Xoom and Western Union in Buenos Aires 

Do you want to travel cashless to Argentina? Then there is XOOM and Western Union in Buenos Aires. You can send money to yourself in Argentina and pick it up on arrival at one of their offices in Buenos Aires.

Western Union and XOOM have several offices in the city. Western Union works together with PagoFacil and XOOM with Cobroexpress. You will have the option where you want to pick up your money. For Western Union, I suggest heading to the office in the street Montevideo 825 (not in Uruguay 😉 ).

The rate at Western Union in Buenos Aires is the best! Western Union almost offers better rates than the black market. The only thing that you need into account is the transaction fee. Both companies are around USD 25 per transaction per USD 500.

The waiting lines at the WU office can be long (up to 1 hour or more) but you make a lot of profit by exchanging money in Buenos Aires with Western Union. That’s a free dinner for two! :-). Western Union HQ office is closed on weekends and holidays.

Take a copy of your passport with you and the WU / XOOM code.

Western Union office in Buenos Aires street Montevideo
HQ Western Union office in Buenos Aires

6. Exchange money in the hotel

Exchanging currency at your Buenos Aires hotel is convenient, but it doesn’t always offer the most favorable rates. Additionally, not all hotels in Buenos Aires provide currency exchange services. Therefore, before approaching the receptionist, it’s advisable to verify the current exchange rate in Argentina and compare it with the hotel’s offer.

This option is particularly useful for securing a small amount of cash to kickstart your trip and for those intending to convert USD, EUR, or other currencies into Argentine Pesos later during their stay.

7. Credit card

Paying with a credit card (Mastercard and Visa) is widely accepted in the city and safe to use. Restaurants, bars, and supermarkets mostly accept your credit card for any amount. By April 1st, 2018 all stores have to accept card payment by the law, but often small kiosks, the bakery or newspaper stores around the corner don’t.

Before going to a restaurant always ask if they accept your credit card or check the window for any signs.

Since December 2022, you can pay with your credit card at the tourist exchange rate which is close to the Dollar Blue rate that you get on Calle Florida. However, take into account that touristic activities such as tango shows, bike tours, … will charge you in USD or Argentine peso at the MEP rate. Most of those companies have an international payment terminal to charge you in USD. Because of course, companies want to have USD and not ARS. And then you don’t make any profit with that new rule.

More info about credit card payments here

8. Coto supermarket or other stores

A not very know way to change your Dollar or Euro to Argentinian peso is going to a Coto supermarket or other brand store (Havanna, Falabella, …). At the Coto supermarket go to the cashier lane and you will see a little announcement with the rate they will give you.

The system works as follows. You buy something small – for example, a little bottle of water. Thereafter, you go to the cashier and pay with your US Dollars or Euros. Use a note of 50 Euro/US Dollar or smaller notes. The cashier will give you Argentine peso for spare change. Coto supermarket often gives a higher rate than the actual rate.

9. Top-up credit card

There are debit Mastercard- or Visa cards available such as Revolut. It is a top-up debit card. Revolut, for example, uses the interbank rate that fluctuates during the day without any fee. A good way for travelers and residents without an Argentinian bank account. Check out more on their website.

Paying tours or other events

The difference between the official exchange rate and the black exchange rate is of course not unknown to tourist companies such as tours, shows, etc.

You can certainly pay in Argentine pesos at the cash register, but you will regularly be asked to pay this at the black exchange rate. For example, a ticket will cost you $50. Initially, you would think that you have to pay 5,000 ARS. So 25 USD if you exchanged your money on the black market. But they will then ask to pay 10,000 ARS at the black exchange rate.

So you don’t actually make a profit on this.

You will make a profit on restaurant visits, government museums and local shops. I have noticed that gift shops have increased the prices in Argentine pesos so that you actually continue to pay the same in USD.

Extra tip!

Have some cash with you. I mentioned that stores have to accept credit/debit card payments by law, however, not every store is happy with it. Also when a store accepts card payments, it’s common that they will make a difference between paying cash or with a card. They will put two prices on the price tag. One in cash (cheaper) and one for card payments.

Get more tips that will save you more money: The best places to exchange your money in Argentinian peso. Read in our app. Download the app for free.

Footnote: Secretsofbuenosaires.com is not responsible for any wrong information or problems that appear with payment by following one of these tips.


My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write to you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Buenos Aires ❤️


  1. Generally, what is the smallest (dollar) bill denomination that would be accepted at Coto or other retailers that allow payment of change for the transaction in pesos?


  2. Hi Glenn (Nice name…with 2 n’s as well) We will be in Buenos Aires in May 2024 Can I go into a Western Union Office with a USD $100 note cash and get pesos (at or near the blue rate) ? Thanks Glenn

    • Hi Glenn 🙂 normally that should be possible. The exchange rate in Buenos Aires at that moment is best to check on WU website.

  3. Hi Glen, Is there a max amount of pesos that can be picked up at the Western Union office on street Montevideo? Traveling with a group and was going to do one exchange. Now worried about the large amount.

    • I am not sure what they have available at the moment you are picking up the money. Normally the HQ of WU has many banknotes. I believe there is no limit to exchange your currency in Buenos Aires. Have a great trip!

  4. We have gone to 3 banks and not one will exchange our money. We can’t seem to get pesos anywhere which had been a huge problem while dining out. We can pay for the meal with our credit card but then only have American dollars for tip. We only brought large bills so we either over too or don’t tip at all. It’s been a very frustrating experience as we cannot get pesos here.

    • We were last in Buenos Aires in 2018. The rate then was 20/USD. ATMs were expensive. We solved this problem in Mendoza, our first city in Argentina. We went to the casino and took out 10,000 pesos ($500 at the time) on a Visa card. Played a little Blackjack for 2 hours and after breaking even we left. We also brought along a considerable amount of USD in $100s and $20s. Tour guides we more than happy to get tips in USD.

  5. Hi Glenn – great page and will be definitely of use, while I am in BA in two weeks. Even if you don’t recommend ATMs and I am aware of the problems, do you have an idea what is the current daily max to withdraw?

    • Hi Jens, I have no idea about the max withdraw. I believe it depends on the bank limits?

  6. Ariel Riske Reply

    Hey there,
    I am now living in argentina but i didn’t bring enough USD with me. Am i able to send myself a wire transfer at western Union and pick it up in USD not pesos? My rent is paid in USD, and I would like to wire myself a large amount (ex 10,000 usd) since my first transfer there is no fee, and then only exchange a bit at a time to pesos. Is that possible? Struggling to find an answer online.

    • Hi Ariel, Western Union will always pay you in ARS. You can open an USD account at an Argentine bank if you have a DNI. Afterward you can transfer USD to your Argentina bank account and withdraw. But be sure this to check with your bank in Argentina.

  7. Hey Glenn. Question for you. We western unioned 1,000 usd to ourselves (wife and i) so we can pick it up next week when we visit buenos aires. You said they run out of money sometimes? Will we have a problem getting that much ars at once? Exchange rate was crazy at 975 ars at the time of transfer.

    • Hi Jon, if the 1000 usd is in smaller parts, then it would be easier. If in one time, that’s a risk. Try going in the morning if possible.

  8. Hey Glen,

    one question.
    For example, I would like to transfer 500 euros via Western Union to pick it up at Western Union stores in Argentina. Do you know whether I have to collect the 500 euros (in pesos) transferred in the example in full at once or can I also make partial collections? for example 2×250 euros (in pesos of course) on different days and Western Union locations. Thanks for your help.

    Greetings Robert

    • Hi Robert, Western Union will pay you out the full amount. Partly collecting is not possible. Have a nice trip!

    • Is it better to bring USD or EUR for ease of changing? Also, I tried downloading the app but it said it was only compatible with an older version of Android.

  9. Hi Glen,

    You mentioned there is a limit on changing Argentine Pesos to USD. What if I bring the physical peso notes back to the United States and exchange to USD at a local bank back home? Would there still be a limit?


    • Hi, I am not informed about the regulations in the USA. This rule applies for Argentina for sure.

  10. Hi Glenn, wow a year has passed since our nine day stay in B.A. and oh, how we miss it. Experience has shown me that Western Union is the way to go and that office at 825 Montevideo is tops. They never run out of “large” bills, are so nice and so helpful. My credit card stayed in the hotel safe. Want to come back as we love it.

  11. Hi! Thank you for this great information! Do tourists currently get the (good) blue rate if they exchange cash at the airport? Or I have to send myself the cash using Western Union? I will be traveling in a few weeks! Thank you!

    • Hi Nicole, at the National bank in EZE airport is the official exchange rate. The best rate is with WU or on Calle Florida. Also, using a credit card is mostly at the blue rate. Only check it first with a small purchase.

      • Please am in Ghana and am receiving some transaction from Argentina currency into my local currency but is challenge for me because he asked me for CVU or CBU before he can perform it but we don’t use it here so I don’t have it is there any way I can received the transaction without stressing up and difficulties thanks

        • Normally you can select to pick up the money at a WU office. Hopefully you see that option?

  12. Hi Glenn,

    I’ve got a question. I have a Revolut debet VISA card. Revolut charged the official rate. 1$ = 198 ars. After 7 days i didn’t receive a refund. Does the this card work in Argentina?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Manon, I didn’t try with Revolut yet. But Revolut is a debit card and not credit. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work.

    • Alexandru-Tiberiu Reply

      Same issue, confirmed with Revolut, they have the bad exchange rate and no refund

  13. This is so helpful thank you! Any tips on what to do when it’s a bank holiday? We forgot and all the western unions are shut – we don’t have any cash we just want to transfer USD/Euros/GBP (anything) and pick it up in cash in Buenos Aires – are there any other options? Or do we just have to wait until western unions open again?

    • Hi, just any exchange office. I know one in Puerto Madero is almost everyday open. But normally you can pay with credit card at all shops/restaurants in Buenos Aires. In worst case, you can withdraw from an ATM.

  14. Hi Glenn, thank you for all the fantastic tips on here. It’s a brilliant information site. I’m travelling to Buenos Aires in 2 weeks from the UK and am taking US dollars. In relation to changing small notes at the Coto supermarket, do all the supermarket lanes exchange money or would I need to look out for a specific lane where money exchange is done. Many thanks

  15. Visiting from the uk, should I bring gbp or get some usd to convert when I arrive . We Will be travelling around so is gbp exchanged all over? Ushuaia, el calafate, iguaza etc.

    • Hi Mark, the best rate you get is with USD. If possible, I would exchange from GBP to USD. Saludos!

    • Do you have any tips for exhanging USDT to cash usd / pesos? I found a few options online and over IG, but fee seems a bit too much. 10%.

  16. Very informative information. What’s the best way to convert large amounts of ARS to USD.

    • Hi Glenn, in reference to the following advice you provide: “Do you have Argentine pesos left after your stay? You can only exchange a maximum of 100 dollars worth of pesos back to dollars or euro. This is per person”, I wish to get clarification please: does it mean 100 dollars per transaction? (in which case I could conceivably do multiple transactions?) Or will they prevent me from flying out of Argentina if I bring more than 100 dollars out of Argentina?

      • Hi Les, the Argentine government allows tourist to exchange foreign currency to ARS at a interesting rate. Without any limitations. This is because they want to have USD in the country. However, exchanging ARS back to USD or EUR is limited to 100 USD per person. Of course, they want to keep the dollars in the country. So, when exchanging, don’t exchange too much or spend all the ARS. Taking ARS out of Argentina is not interesting, as the currency loses value very fast.

  17. Hi Glen
    When you say the best way too get the
    Next exchange is Via Western Union
    Can you send USD or dies it v need to be Aussie Dollars from Australia?

  18. Hello Again Greg
    Quick question
    Can I use USD $1, $2 And 5$ with cab drivers
    Restaurants and bars/clubs?

    • Hi Glenn. Is it possible as a tourist visiting Argentina, go with cash (pesos) to a WU, and send it to another country? Greetings

      • Hi Hendri, that’s possible. You can send pesos out of the country. The rate is pretty high.

  19. Krzysztof Domaros Reply

    What is now the best way to change Argentinian pesos to dollars or other currency?

    • Hi Krysztof, I still prefer exchange money with Western Union and pick it up at a local WU office.

      • Hi Glenn,
        Is exchanging Euros as easy as exchanging US$, or is it recommendable to bring US$, when coming to Argentina?

        • Hi Nino, USD are more popular. But Euros are also easy to exchange in Buenos Aires.

  20. Hello Glen Reply

    Hi Glen
    Great website I used it back in 2019 😊
    I’m just wondering
    At EZE airport is Bank de la Nacion
    (I heard they got good exchange rate)
    Are they open 24 hours?
    Is there a way to find out what rate for Australian dollars they exchange for?
    I think there’s a massive line there
    Do you know the usual wait times?
    It sucked last time because I wanted to exchange my money there but my driver was waiting and I Forgot to factor in the wait.
    Cheers and Thank you
    Enjoy the Coffee ☕️

    • Hi, about the waiting line… you just need to be lucky. Often I went and there were 2-3 persons before me. I didn’t saw Australian dollars on the list of the national bank. Have a great stay in BA!

      • Hi Glen
        Thanks for answer
        So did you end up exchanging
        Australian $ there?
        Is it open 24 hours?

        • Hi Trent, I didn’t exchange Australian dollars here. I went to check at one exchange office and they didn’t provide it.

  21. Hi Glenn, great informative article, got to know lot many things from your website. Just curious, can I exchange 10000 USD at WU or any other store(need your recommendation on the store) at one go with less brokerage/commission, and can I later convert all that pesos back to USD at one go. So my trip depends on as per your information, I am planning to visit BA very soon and my visits will be repetative if things work out so that i can make quick fortune of these trips at BA 🙂

    • Hi Sridhar, exchanging 10000 USD at a WU office is not possible I guess. It’s too much money to get in one time. I suggest going to Calle Florida exchange there. Or preferable, contact a broker there and make an arrangement in advance. I cannot give any contact info because.. yeah you know why.Be careful with the info you provide because sometimes info and whereabout gets leaked.

  22. Hello,

    I’m about to travel to Buenos Aires for 2 weeks, I have Revolut and I use it every time I travel but this is my first time in Argentina and I just don’t know if I should trust fully that I’m gonna be able to use my card so I’m planing on having a few pesos on me. For what I can tell the best idea is to bring Euros (my home currency) with me and exchange them there? Also, do you have any experience about paying with Revolut?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Monica, I used Revolut all the time in Argentina when I visited for the first time. You can pay with a card almost everywhere. However, having some cash is always interesting.

  23. Great App. Very helpful.
    Can I go walk into a WU location in BA and exchange dollars for pesos on the spot or will they only do wire transfers. I’m heading to BA from the states this week. Thank you.

  24. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for this informative post! I’m heading to Argentina next week and thinking of just sending myself money through WesterUnion instead of bringing too many Euros in cash. From previous comments it seems there are no extra fees except the ones seen on the website? Which are still very low.

    I was originally planning on sending about 400€ to start with which according to WesterUnion would be around 94.000 Argentinian pesos. I have seen in previous comments of yours, however, that you recommend sending up to max. 20.000? Is this still up to date? Does it happen often that WesternUnions say they don’t have the cash to give you?



    • Hi Olivia, sending money to yourself by WU is a good idea. If you want to send more than 20.000 ARS I suggest going to the HQ office located in street Montevideo. They can give without a problem 94.000 in cash. Smaller WU offices such as in a small newspaper store don’t have that much cash available.
      Have a nice trip!

    • Hello, thank you for the helpful information! I tried 3 different Cobro Express locations and none would issue my $200 transfer on Xoom. Is there a reliable location to pickup my transfer?

      • Hi Eric, I didn’t try a Cobro Express office yet. Maybe somebody here on the forum used it before?

    • hello! great article! where do you suggest exchanging AR pesos for USD in Buenos Aires? I know you mentioned $100 limit per person. thanks!

  25. How is Western Union able to exchange money for higher than the Argentine black market rate?

    • Hi John, it’s unclear how Western Union does that. Sometimes their rate is better than the black market but also vice versa. I believe it depends on supply and demand. I can assure you that the exchange rate you set with Western Union on the day of transaction is also the actual amount you will receive.

      • Basically WU uses an exchange rate called LI (I think ) rate for use dollar conversion currently. Than rate varies and sometimes most of time it is lower.

      • Hi Glenn. Can you choose American Dollars for the ATM to give you so that I can exchange it in the back market for a better rate? Thanks.

        • Hi Anna, with a foreign card you can’t withdraw USD dollars from the ATM. Saludos

  26. Hi Glenn! Last week, I sent money to a friend of mine via WesternUnion. When he tried to pick it up, he was told he had to register and wait for that registration to be activated. Is this something new? Thank you!

    • Hi Marko, that’s indeed something new. Normally your friend only needs to show he’s ID. But there can be new procedures now with the new currency restrictions. I try to get the correct information. Saludos

  27. Does anyone have any experience picking up pesos from the Western Union representative in Ezezia Airport which is Correo Argentino. Planning, and hoping Covid-19 is controlled, for eight nights in B.A. in late March 2021. Want to get 100,000 pesos. Western Union in the U.S. tells me the amount is fine with them, but I’m wondering if C.A. will have that much cash on hand. Very convenient as I will be arriving from Santiago. Thanks.

    • Hi Joseph, the limit to receive money at Correo Argentino offices is $25.000 ARS per person / per day. You find the latest info on CA website here

      • Glenn,
        Thanks. I’mm wondering if the other Western Union pick up sites would have enough pesos. I would take a radio taxi to and from our hotel as I don’t relish the idea of walking down a B.A. street with $100,000 on me.
        I’ll research . Again., thans.

        • Alex Braunfeld Reply

          I am arriving on. Sunday to BA. If I have no Arg pesos to get a taxi or Uber, do I just suck it up and use atm or cc until I get to a WU or is there a WU at the airport?

    • Hi Glenn, if I wanted to exchange my extra pesos back into dollars, what would the cheapest way be? Is there a limit to buying dollars in the black market?
      thank you

      • Hi Marco 👋, the best way is the official way. But there is a limit of USD 200 and 30% + 35% tax. There is no exchange limit on the black market (dollar blue). Cheers

        • Hi again, if it’s way more expensive, why would you say the official route is the best?

          • Glenn

            Hi Marco, the exchange rate in banks (for example Santander, ICBC, …) is the official Banco Nacion rate + 65% (30+35). Even then you will pay 131,25 ARS to buy 1 USD. At the black market now, you need to pay around 140 ARS to get 1 USD. Therefore, the official way – by bank – is now +/- 9 ARS cheaper. Of course, the difference is not that much as before. The only bad thing is with the official way, is that you are limit to exchange max USD 200 per month.

            Be aware, that all credit card and debit card payments in foreign currency are discounted on your monthly USD 200 limit. You can exceed it but then you lose the right of exchange USD 200 the next month or it will be discounted from next month limit.


  28. Hi, the part about the current rate doesn’t work. I am trying to find a place to change euro during the lockdown… Can you please help me?

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Raphael ?, exchanging money in Buenos Aires during the lockdown isn’t that easy for a foreigner. I suggest you transfer money by Western Union and pick it up at a Correo Argentino office (max 25.000 ARS). However, we receive notifications that not all Correo Argentino offices have enough exchange available. Another option is to make an appointment at a bank (Galicia, Santander). We tried Galicia for example. You can make an appointment for the “Caja” at your nearest bank office. Also, it’s allowed to leave your home when you have an appointment at the bank. I hope we could help you with this.

  29. Ashleigh Rogers Reply

    Hi Glen! Thanks for the great information! I’d like to use the Western Union option. Could you suggest an office in Palermo or Palermo Hollywood area that’s safe?

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Ashleigh ?, thanks a lot for your nice comment ☺️.
      Actually you can pick up your Western Union transfer in any store with the WU sign. We know that some stores do look small and strange but it’s common for porteños to pay and pick up money there. I suggest max transfers of 20.000 ARS.

      However lately, there are some problems with the Western Union system and small stores can’t enter the international WU system. If you want to be sure that you can pick up the money you can go to 2 HQ Western Union stores in Buenos Aires: street Montevideo or Street Peru. Also there you can pick up money up to 2.500 USD.

      Have a great trip to Argentina!

  30. Hi Glenn.

    Would it make more sense to bring pound sterling with me from the UK and change it there? Or should I change to euros or dollars here and then change it when I arrive?


    • Glenn Reply

      Hi, there are two ways you can exchange British pound sterling in Buenos Aires. One, you go to an exchange office. In 99% of the cases, they will exchange GBP at a normal exchange rate of that day. Second, you can go with your GBP to the black market (calle florida). However, GBP is not that common to exchange at calle Florida. They will exchange it but they will go to their boss for confirmation, etc. Euro and US Dollar are booming on the black market. If you want to exchange on the black market and get more value for your currency, exchange your GBP to Euro or US dollar in the UK. Another option is sending the money to yourself in Buenos Aires by Western Union.

      Have a great stay in Buenos Aires! ?

  31. Glenn, great site and info. Do you (or someone you trust) do personalized day tours?
    If so, please send me an email, thx!

  32. Hi Glenn!
    Thanks for your post! It’s been very useful. I am going to Buenos Aires at the end of the months and I was wondering how to exchange money when I get there. I have checked the Western Union rate and it is amazing, way better than the official rate, as of today for 1USD you get 80 ARS. According to their website, it would be as it follows:

    Exchange Rate
    1.00 USD = 80.6600 ARS
    Transfer amount 500.00 USD
    Transfer fee + 25.00 USD
    Transfer total 525.00 USD
    Total to receiver 40330.00 ARS

    so I am wondering, does Western Union charge you something additional once you get there to withdraw the money? or would I really get 40330 ARS by paying 525 USD (500 transfer + 25 transfer fee) ?

    Thank you in advance for your help

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Almudena ?, thank you. We are happy to help people coming to Buenos Aires. Indeed, Western Union gives at this moment the best rate. The economy of Argentina is pretty unpredictable. But I expect no major changes in the upcoming month. Meaning that Western Union will give the best exchange rate in Buenos Aires. There a no fees when withdrawing the money because you already paid the fee when sending. :-).

      Wishing you a fantastic time in Buenos Aires! ?

      • Hello Glenn,
        Based on the previous conversation I am planning on using WesternUnion as well. Do you recommend a particular Western Union location store to pick up my money? Thanks much

  33. Hi Glenn,
    I will be in Buenos Aires in two weeks staying in the Palermo Hollywood District. Where is the best place to exchange dollars into pesos in that area? Love your website, very helpful. Thanks for providing such a great service to visitors

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Jim ?, the exchange rate in exchange offices are not the best right now. But, we can suggest Euroamerican or a Banco Nacion office near Plaza Serrano or Plaza Italia. Banco Nacion’s offices are the official offices of the central bank. Have a nice stay in BA!

    • I was in Palermo just a few weeks ago and my AirBnB hostess showed me a storefront cambio on Callebo that provided great rates. Where others were offering 57.50 to 59, this offered 65 if at least 50 to 100 dollar bills. I changed US20 for 64 pesos. Pretty sure it was couple of doors down from Farmacia Varela. Good luck!

      • Thx much for this information. I will do my best to look for this Cambio. Hopefully the manager of the hotel where I will be staying (Ilum Home Experience) will be familiar with it.

      • We will be in Buenos Aires only one day from a cruise ship. We are taking a day long tour and then have an airport transport arranged. Wondering if it is acceptable to tip the guide and driver in US dollars.

        • Glenn Reply

          Hola Shirley ?, giving a tip in US dollars to the driver and guide is a kind gesture. Feel free how much. Enjoy your stay in Buenos Aires ?

  34. Hi Glenn,
    I am visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina next month and I found your website extremely informative. Thank you so much. You mentioned about Western Union being one of the options to get Argentinian Pesos from my local currency (Canadian dollars) At the time of this writing, I see the official interbank rate on xe.com, between CAD and ARS, is 1CAD = 46ARS. On Western Union money transfer page it quoted 1CAD = 57ARS (fine print indicates the actual exchange rate will be determined at the time of payout). The service fee is 7CAD.

    So from your experience it is common that Western Union exchange rate is actually higher than official rate, right? I am thinking about using this method of getting ARS when I visit Argentina. This would save me from exchanging money from CAD to USD then to ARS (CAD is very weak against USD now).

    I have never used Western Union at all. I see on their website there are over 1100 locations where I could pick up the money. Really???!!! That many locations???!!! From the name of those pick up locations, none of them that I saw actually says “Western Union”. Instead they are all sort of weird places like drug stores, paper shops, etc. I am confused. Are those places safe to pick up money? Or, do you have a recommended location to pick up money from Western Union when in Buenos Aires?

    Thank you very much for your kind help.

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Max ?, thank you for the compliment. Indeed, Western Union does offer a very good rate at this moment. Sometimes even better than the black market (Dollar Blue) rate. The service fee is ok. Depending on the amount. It’s indeed the best option to exchange Canadian Dollar (CAD) to Argentina Peso (ARS), avoiding first to exchange to USD.

      True, many Western Union offices are looking strange. I suggest going to the Western Union office located in the street Montevideo 825. ? Click on the link for the direction. It’s open on weekdays from 8AM till 7PM and on Saturdays from 9AM till 12:30PM. Subway line “D” is close to there.

      Have an awesome stay in Buenos Aires!

      • Glenn,
        Thank you so much for your information and provided your recommended Western Union location to pick up cash (Montevideo 825). I will try to make it to this location but in case I cannot conveniently make it (because I won’t be staying near that location. I will be staying in Almagro), if some other location that looks legitimate with big Western Union yellow color signs outside across the entire store, should those ones be safe as well? Any previous stories of fake bills being handed out by Western Union pick up location? I am being cautious because likely I will be sending over $1000 CAD. Sorry, I might be asking dumb questions because I never used this service before. Thank you so much for your kind information.

        • Glenn Reply

          Hi Max, when you exchange money with Western Union in Buenos Aires, you should send the money in parts. Not directly $1000 CAD. Maybe 4 times $250. This because not all Western Union offices have directly that amount ready. When you exchange the money with Western Union you will receive a code. With that code, you can go to any office that you see. True, that many offices do look weird. But there are so many, that you are free to choose. I didn’t hear stories yet about fake bills. Have a nice stay!

          • Hi there Glenn,
            I’m planning to do the Western Union exchange for my trip this week and was wondering about your comment about making several small transactions because the locations don’t typically have that much money on hand. Is this true for all of them? Including the Montevideo location you mention?

            Looking to do about 1500 CAD in 500 dollar chunks if possible.

            Thanks for all the great info!

          • Hey Glenn,

            I wanted to add to Max’s question as I will be using the western union method in a few days when I go and will be taking a similar amount. Is it really necessary to break it up into 250 CAD increments if we plan to take out the cash in Buenos Aires, specifically at one of the main locations like the Montevideo one you recommend?

          • Glenn

            Hi Charles ?,

            Yes, I suggest to split it up in parts of CAD 500. Its mind sounds strange but CAD 1500 is currently 95.000 Argentinian peso. And that’s a lot for or small Western Union office. 500 gives you the possibility of going to different WU locations. The Western Union in street Montevideo is the biggest office. But I wouldn’t take the risk at this moment. Have a nice stay in Buenos Aires!

          • Hi there,
            Just wanted to follow up and let you know that all went well with the Western Transaction. We took your advice and went to the main branch, it moved pretty quickly in spite of how busy the place was.
            I don’t know how often this occurs but in addition to our ID the staff wanted our Argentinian address and an Argentinian phone number, the latter might have proven difficult to except that we had gotten an Argentinian SIM at the airport.
            Anyway, they were very patient with us, counted out the money twice.
            With the rates such as they are, Western Union was a no brainer choice and I can’t believe how easy it ended up.
            Thanks Glenn for pointing me in that direction!

  35. Justin Dunning Reply

    If ATMs are no good for cash withdrawal are there alternatives, such as cash back at the grocery store? I brought some USD with me but not enough for my whole trip, thinking I could withdraw some each day but my first proved your point about the awful deal it is. Thank you for the article!

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Justin ?, withdrawing money is not the best option. You can do it, but I would suggest to take the maximum possible. Every ATM transaction, no matter the amount, will cost you around USD 10 (Argentina Bank Fee).

      You can send money from your country to Buenos Aires with Western Union or Xoom. The exchange rate of Western Union is good and the transaction fee is acceptable. There a many offices in the city.

      Withdrawing money in a grocery store on top of your purchases is not possible. Only Argentinian cards. Of course, exchanging money is possible. But I suggest going to Calle Florida. The black market gives up to 30% more than the actual exchange rate in Buenos Aires.

      Have a nice trip! Saludos.

  36. Glenn, what to you recommend when selling tranches of USD 10.000 against Pesos and hoard the Pesos in expectations of better times ahead? I am not familiar with capital controls at Argentinian banks at the moment? Is it recommendable to these transactions via bank accounts or get a safe? How is the behavior of the street guys in Calle Florida when exchanging these amounts? I hope they don´t have too much “grandes cojones” when smelling higher amounts and show some disrespect?

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi, thank you for reaching out. Exchanging dollars for Argentinian Pesos, and by that saving Argentinian pesos in an Argentinian bank is not recommended at this moment. Dollars are very popular among people. There are no restrictions when exchanging your dollars to ARS.

  37. Thanks for your awesome blog… helped me texchange $ with more confidence, even on Calle Florida! Here’s my RECENT Nov/December 2019 experience… The official rate was about $59.50. I found a nice store front recommended by my AirBnB host that gave me 65 pesos/USD for a USD$50 note (they sure like big notes… for USD$20, they would give me 64 pesos, still a great rate). The store is on Cabello. The above listed Cambio places were closed when I found myself out of pesos. So desperately, I took a bus to Calle Florida. As you described, ‘cambio, cambio’ in every pitch sounded. I founded the most professional looking person (some looked really marginal), asked for their rate (quoted 66 for one, then when went to store, was told 62 because 66 was for 100 USD.. I walked away). Found someone who quoted 64 pesos, they asked me to follow them. I asked where before I even moved an inch. He pointed to guy standing in plain site beside a building on same street, I went over. The guy had a wad of pesos. I just needed USD20 to tide me over so I can get ‘legit’ exchange back at my Palermo store. He counted 1280 pesos and handed to me. I didn’t have my USD20 ready yet;) He gave me 500 pesos notes – I rejected them, and told him I wanted smaller notes (quiero cientos). Figured less chance of funny money. No problem, smooth transaction. Just be street wise, be in plain site and public, get USD ready and all good to go! Thanks GLENN!!

  38. Thanks for your info.!! I’m cross-eyed reading all the reviews and wish I had found your site first! Would you suggest the grocery store as 1st choice then? Also, what are your thoughts on XOOM? I’ve read quite a few people mentioning it. Thanks! I’m leaving for Peru this coming Monday then Argentina.. would prefer not to be glued to the google and enjoy my trip))

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Olivia, at this moment we suggest exchanging your money in Calle Florida. However, you will need to bring cash with you. The rate of XOOM is actually good and the fee is reasonable. Choose Cobroexpress as the place to pick-up your money. There are several stores in the capital city. Have a nice stay in Buenos Aires 🙂

  39. DanielLaurl Reply

    Many thanks for helping people get the information they need. Great stuff as usual. Keep up the good work!!!

  40. Alexander Ellison Reply

    Hi we have changed some money in the uk to dollars but they only gave us 10 and 20 dollar notes can this notes be exchanged for paso easily

    • I have been using exclusively cash and find that most places don’t want to take the CC. And the exchange rate is terrible. 1/128 or 1/289 on the blue. However last week at the Reclota cemetery, the only accepted card. So it really is a mixed bag.

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