As from today the Torre Monumental, also known as “La Torre de Los Ingleses”, near Retiro train station is open to visitors. After 15 years of closing is it an extraordinary opportunity to visit La Torre de Los Ingleses. The visit will bring you to the upper balcony of the tower. It gives you a magnificent look over the city, the train station and when the weather is clear you can even see Uruguay.

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The story of Torre Monumental

La Torre de los Ingleses was built in 1916 with the idea to copy the Big Ben. The tower was constructed by Englishmen and the materials came from the United Kingdom. During the time the tower was often the victim of graffiti and fires on the base of the monument. As a signal of rage against the UK.

When is it open?

The Torre Monumental is open Monday to Friday from 10:30 till 16:30 o’clock. At the weekend from 09:30 till 18:30 o’clock. The entrance price is around 4 USD. But on Wednesdays it’s free! Also children under 11 years old.

Location: in front of Plaza San Martin

By GameOfLight – CC BY-SA 3.0
Retiro Plaza San Martin Buenos Aires Secrets
Plaza San Martin during construction

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