Let’s talk about the climate in Argentina. What is the best time to visit Argentina? When does it rain the most? And is it very hot in the summer? Let’s explain the seasons in Argentina.

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What is the best time to visit Argentina?

In general, I can say that the best time to visit Argentina is in September till November and March/April. Autumn and spring are the best moments to visit Argentina. The temperature is just good, almost no rain, and the humidity is normal.

Summer in Argentina is from December until February. Winter is from June until September. Also, the sun never shows up on the Southern side.

best time to visit Argentina
Overview best time to visit Argentina

What about Buenos Aires?

The best time to visit Buenos Aires is in autumn or spring. Buenos Aires is classified as a humid subtropical climate. The summers are known for being hot and the humidity is high. Often I changed my shirt and after one minute outside it was wet again. What makes daily trips very sweaty, especially during December and January. With a UV index of 11 when the sun is at the highest point, even the sun protector has difficulties. I felt the sunburn after a day of walking around in the city. Even if I thought that I was walking a lot in de shadow.

In spring the streets of Buenos Aires will turn purple because of the Jacaranda trees, also a fresh breeze will make your stay comfortable. Also, most people are in a good mood. I can really recommend spring in Buenos Aires!

The highest temperature in recent history is 43,3° and the lowest -5,4°.

Best time to visit Argentina
Beautiful streets in Buenos Aires in Spring

Our preference for the best time to visit Buenos Aires goes out to September till November and March/April. Of course all year long you can enjoy Buenos Aires, the weather can’t withhold you 🙂

What is the best time to visit Patagonia?

As I mentioned, I prefer spring or autumn. For Patagonia the spring is perfect. Trees are blossoming and the temperature is ideal for hiking.

Summers are colder in Patagonia than in Buenos Aires. But perfect to swim in some lakes in Bariloche.

What is the best time to visit the north of Argentina?

As the North is more located to the equator, the climate is more constant. Around Iguazu, the humidity is mostly high. Near Salta, in winter (July) it can be sometimes colder, around 10 degrees but dry. It doesn’t ray often. Summers are hot. Prepare yourself for a high UV-index.

Enjoy your stay in Argentina!


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