We look forward to welcoming you back to Argentina. The question is: when will tourism resume in Argentina, when can you fly back again to Buenos Aires and when will the borders in Argentina open again? I give you here a weekly update on when is the best moment to visit us. Click here and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Tourism resume in Argentina. When?

We give you this suggestion based on news items and official announcements from the Argentinean government. Latest update on November 23, 2021.

The borders of Argentina are back open for all travelers. However, there are some restrictions for international travelers with tourism purposes.

The latest measurements can be found on the post “current measurements in Argentina”.

What do I expect?

We all waited long for the moment that the Argentine government announced the reopening of the international borders. And from November 1st the Argentine borders are back open. My expectation was late 2021, beginning 2022.

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Borders of Argentina reopen soon!

As of October 1st, the Argentina borders will reopen for citizens of neighboring countries.  The borders of Argentina will reopen on November 1, 2021.

Read here the requirements to enter Argentina when the borders reopen. In the future, you will find there all the information about the COVID app or how to prove you are fully vaccinated.

Fantastic news that we have all been waiting for for a long time. But I’m tempering the enthusiasm a bit. It is only official when it is published in the official newspaper and thus takes effect as a decree. But if the health minister says so – she is quite a serious minister – it will most likely become reality.

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Is Argentina open for travel?

Is Argentina open for tourism? Yes, from October 1st, citizens of neighboring countries can travel to Argentina. From November 1st, the Argentine borders are open again for all travelers.

People with an Argentinian family connection

The decree by the office of migration makes it possible that persons with a direct family connection with an Argentinian can enter the country. What does it say?

Are you married or do you legally cohabit? You need to have the certificate/document of the country where you signed it. Legalize the document with an apostille stamp. Together with a copy of your partner Argentinian DNI (national ID) you can enter the country. Also, get a PCR test 72h before departure of your flight and healthcare insurance that explicitly covers any COVID-related admission.

Are you Argentinian living abroad and your child doesn’t have Argentinian nationality? Then a birth certificate is enough for your child to enter Argentina. Also, legalize the document with an apostille stamp.

How is the situation in Argentina?

The infection rate is getting under control and national tourism is going well. The vaccination level is increasing and almost all activities are back allowed. Restaurants, clubs, exhibitions, …

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Resume international flights to Argentina

There are no restrictions anymore starting from November 1st.

Air New Zealand, Emirates, and Qatar suspended their routes to Buenos Aires for an indefinite time. They will not resume the route when regular commercial flights are back allowed in Argentina.

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Domestic flights in Argentina

Domestic flights are possible back. You do have to know to the measures that can differ from province to province.

Read also: interesting facts about domestic flights in Argentina. What about low-cost airlines, what hub to take, where is the domestic airport in Buenos Aires?

I recommend taking a private transfer instead of a taxi. I have found that the hygiene measures per taxi are very different and with a private transfer I had more confidence. I made a guide on how to get to Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires.

Then the question is what is the best time to visit Argentina and how many days you should spend in Buenos Aires. I answered these questions with pleasure and I look forward to when the tourism resume in Argentina. ☺️

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My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write for you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Feel free to support us by "Buy me a coffee ". Means a lot to us. ❤️


  1. Good evening from Lithuania, Mr. Glenn!

    I’m long term backpacker, was travelling around Argentina in 2020, however got stopped by lockdown in Salta. Now it seems like Covid-19 is finally fading away and I would like to come back to South America and continue my journey. However, I have few questions regarding land borders.
    My plan was to backpack with bicycle. At some point I would like to cross Argentine-Paraguayan border (Clorinda – Puerto Falcon) and later comeback to Argentina via Posadas – Encarnación. As far as I read, the first border is not even open yet, while second is open. My question: are foreign tourists allowed to cross the land borders between Argentina and Paraguay/Brazil that are already officially open? Perhaps there is some website with more info updates regarding border crossings for touristic purposes?

    Already miss Argentina and the rest of South America dearly 🙂

    • Hi Romualdas, tourists can enter Argentina, that is no problem. You only need to check if the other countries allow tourists to enter. Coming back from neighboring countries is no problem either. Have a nice trip!

      • Hi
        We are a danish family that plan to travel from Buenos Aires to Cordoba tomorrow. Do you know if there is any documentation needed? I know that some time ago you had to have some certificate to be able to move between cities, but I have heard that you dont need that anymore. Still, when I look at the website of Aerolinas Argentinas there is still some info (in spanish that I dont understand) about certain documents needed.
        Of course when we arrived in Buenos Aires we had made PCR, we are all vaccinated and we had also completed that health-certificate. Now we havent made any new PCR-tests for domestic travel and I am just getting a bit nervous if I have missed out on something.

        Best regards


        • Hi Petrus, for some provinces you need to fill in a “certificado Turismo”. Here is the link. For the province of Cordoba you need that certificate.

    • Just make sure you have the vaccine or they’ll treat you like a criminal when you arrive. I was escorted into the flight and my passport was only given back when I landed home…an opinion of a country can change very quickly after things like that :/

      • what happened? what purpose did you tell them you were going there for?

  2. Jan Syriste Reply

    Hello Glenn,
    so i just bought a ticket to Mendoza. im leaving on Nov11th and i will arrive to Eze on 12th. does it mean i need to do PCR or 10 or 9th ? im worry about not having results over night. thank you

  3. Hi Glenn,
    do u suggest to buy ticket right now? do you have any suggestion how to fly from usa to mendoza ? thank u so much

    • Hi Adam, I think the best way is to fly to Ezeiza and then a national flight to Mendoza. Saludos!

    • I’m flying from Florida and bought the tickets in Copaair.com. Good pricing and they go directly to Mendoza.

  4. Hi Glen. What is the status there regarding masks in restaurants and bars etc? As tourism reopens in November are there plans to relax any restrictions on masks?

  5. Jan Syriste Reply

    well my friend from Argentina told me what mr. Norberto Dupesso wrote on twitter. i would ot be so excited about opening.
    because they wont be that much of different in flights to argentina. and argentinans are still stuck in Europe and not even ppl fron Chile has flights to Argentina. my friend wanted to fly from
    Mendoza to BA on friday to
    Sunday but there is only flight from Friday to wendnesday, so he said its all about the election. goverment lies about all this flying and opening.


  6. btw i have no insurance at all. if i really need one. anyone can help where i can get it ? thank u

  7. Glenn,

    There is a new advisory as of 30/09/2021 for the borders, it seems they are putting the 1 Nov border opening into place officially! Thank you for your diligence throughout this whole ordeal! I’m officially getting married to mi prometido en Argentina after many months of waiting 🙂

  8. Hi Glenn,

    I am planning to go Argentina with my wife (Argentinian), I am European. At the moment we live in Uk, but the plan is to go to Argentina and stay for few months, so I can get a temporary residency. When to move to another European country, without any intention to come back to UK. As I am aware I need a health insurance to go to Argentina that covers covid expenses. I called Axa UK, they said they don’t have a health cover for me , as I am leaving Uk. I am not sure where do I get a health cover from…Is the health cover that comes with Airline enough..? In general what type health cover is necessary? Thank you for your help

    • Hi Goda, in the conditions of the health coverage they need to mention that you are covered for any COVID-related admission in the hospital or treatment abroad. Insurance companies are providing this these days.

      • I am travelling from the UK next month, I have insurance with Battle Face. But the Argentinian government website does also state cover for if you have to isolate. No insurer is covering for this. Have you heard of this Glenn in practise or is is just health insurance like you said?

    • Hi Glenn,
      My girlfriend lives in Rosario. I’m in Los Angeles. We’d planned for her to visit for 3 weeks December/November but she’s still waiting on her visa and I’m losing hope it’ll come through. Obviously, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to go to Argentina. Our back up plan was to meet in Cancun. However, with so many people being stranded overseas and unable to get back to Argentina, we’re worried she’ll get stuck in Mexico. Has there been any improvement of Argentinean citizens being able to get flights back into Buenos Aires? We don’t want to risk her getting stuck in Mexico ( we wouldn’t mind if she got stuck in LA, but without the visa…), but we haven’t seen each other in over a year.

      • Hi Julie 👋, at this moment there is still a maximum amount of passengers that can arrive in Argentina. There should come a change in that, with the plans that the cruise season will start soon. But it’s quite calm in announcements. I will post something, as soon there is any news 🙂

  9. Roberto Agati Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    well, I have postponed my holidays in Argentina 4 times since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, so my new flights are scheduled for November 30, 2021. But I am a little pessimistic. I hope that your gouvernement reviews at least its position on borders reopening allowing full vaccinated to enter country, as it is now the case to travel across European Union countries and not only. A simple covid-19 vaccination certificate written in English and…”LES JEUX SONT FAITS 🙂 ”

    • Dont hold your breath. Israel is locked again banning even the fully vax. We have endured the whimsical narrative about the vax miracle those last 6 months. Now, its reckoning day. Vax dont work. To such an extent that the third shot is dangling above any double vax. If you think you have seen the worst, just wait for the winter dark cloud. There is no light at the end of the tunnel yet

    • I’m in a hard situation. I’m an American citizen living in the States and my ex-wife is Argentine, lives in BA with our 8 year old daughter. Our daughter is technically an American citizen, born in the US but they moved to BA 6 years ago. I’ve been trying everything to be able to see her but it’s going nowhere and it’s going to be almost 2 years now. I have gotten no help from from their govt or had any luck with getting the proper travel documents. If anyone is in a similar situation, I would love to hear something. I was traveling there every few months before the pandemic and now it feels like this is never going to end. I’m also %100 vaccinated but that doesn’t seem to help. I’m just trying to see her again.:(
      -heart broken father

      • Moorea Morehart Reply

        Sean, I was able to get into Argentina in Jan 2021 as a US citizen with a notarized copy of my father’s DNI (he’s a resident in Arg), notarized copy of my birth certificate- proving he’s my father (plus all other requirements including a letter from my father’s Argentine lawyer saying the purpose for the trip. I believe you can get in if you show a notarized (in Argentina) copy of your daughters birth certificate and a letter from a lawyer explaining why you need to enter. I believe you just have to prove you’re related to an Argentine to get in…. I hope this helps. Sending my best.

  10. Hi Glenn,

    I am bit confused about the suspended family traveling. Does that count for visa holders? On the IATA website that has the breakdown for each country’s requirements stated that exception people with visas issued by Argentina (except tourist visas). I do have a visa, not tourist. Would we be able to get through with that? I went through the entire process and it took me 2 months and neither migraciónes or the consulate told me anything about not be able to go. So, I assume that with the visa I am ok.

  11. Hi Glenn,

    A very helpful article and has been good to read your updates as the situation on Argentina progresses.

    I have been planning on travelling from the U.K to Argentina for new year (2021 into 2022) to attempt Aconcagua. I have contacted a few guides about the thoughts on this, but would be good to get your thoughts. Do you believe travel from places like the U.K will be possible around that time? I see you have put that you expect to be gradual reopening at the start of 2022.

    Hopefully Argentina moves to an Amber country by then from the UK which will allow quarantine free return, from the latest UK Government advice. Hopefully more direct routes open up also as there is understandably not much available at present.

    Thanks for the updates, I will continue to read with bated breath!

    • Hate to bring this negativity of mine back again but it all looks like 2020 all over again. Opening to neighbor countries and then close down again. Let’s look at the two countries which have vax the most, the UK and Israel. the UK has dismissed all restrictions. But we all know that lockdown aficionados intend to strick back. In Israel, the prime minister admits that the vax is totally inefficient against delta variant. A full lockdown is looming for sept.

      Now, Argentina and Uruguay have followed the exact similar path of Israel. Total border control and massive vax campaign. This is the bombproof recipe for failure. By not opening their border like Colombia they pursue the policy of fear that any newcomer will let the virus rebound. How do you think they will react when a new variant pops up as soon as they intend to reopen ?

      My guess is that those countries that have never reopened (Argentina, Japan, Philippines, Uruguay…) may never really reopen. It’s really sad but fear has taken priority over reason.

      • I have to respectfully disagree with you. First, Colombia. It’s more than Covid-19, it’s the Duque government, protests and long simmering ELN issues. Second, the “Ok, so what” idea flopped. Chile opened too early and paid the price, today they are in some of the best shape of any country on the planet. Yes, borders are closed, restrictions and curfews, now easing, were draconian, but they worked. They have more vaccine than they need and are planning for booster shots as needed. Also, the U.S. CDC and the Minsal in Santiago, state that the vaccines are effective against the delta variant. I want to come to B.A. in December, but I doubt if that will happen. Stay healthy, please, even though we disagree.

        • Lockdowns work ? Go tell this to the million of colombians starving to death. Anyway you are delusioning yourself if you believe the vaxx magic wand will avoid new lockdowns. This is no more sanitary but politic. Good luck

      • OompaLoompa Reply

        It doesn’t matter what the country is, the peasants are already stripped of basic rights anywhere. Argentina and much of South America will have it really bad, they will practically collapse.

      • Just saying that only 59% in Israel and 57,5% of the Uk are fully vaccinated. So yes the cases will go up again. But the hospitalisations and deaths will stay low.

  12. Flora Woodscolt Cross Reply

    I used to live in Argentina and would love to move back with my boyfriend and our 2 kids. We would love to visit and stay for 1 month before making that decision. Do you think it will be open to visit by September or November?

  13. Hi Glenn,

    It’s been quite a while since my last question. I am being issued a family reunification visa soon and will be traveling there in August. However, I am only seeing mostly multi-airline flights. That is fine, right? As long as I am traveling with the proper documentation, I can have layovers, change airlines… etc? I am not sure if there are other requirements I must fulfil at the other stops. I know you stated to add those stops onto the Jurada form. Just wanted to make sure if we can’t find any direct flights, that would be ok. Thanks again for all your help and information.

  14. I saw an Instagram post that they are temporality suspending even the Foreigners with direct relative of Argentinian. Have you heard of this? I’m scheduled to arrive July 1. I’ve been coming down the last 6 months once a month under that rule.

    • Hi David,
      could you please let us know how it goes if you make it there on July 1st?

      I am planning to get there July 24th, but with all the recent news I am a little concerned.
      Thank you,

      • I emailed the consular in Las Ángeles and they told me the family stuff is suspended and you can not enter the country at this time under that rule. You have to apply for a special exception permit. I asked how one does that and what are the reasons they would approve but I have not heard back yet.

        • Thank you David.
          Yes, i received the same information from the New York consulate. Please let me know if you find out more about the special permit.


          • They finally got back to me. To late for my travel and they did not even answer my question on how to get. An exceptional permit. They just said the same thing over again. Even though my only question to them was how do I apply for an exception permit lol. I’ll just wait for the suspension to be over.

  15. Hi,
    what do you mean by “They will not resume the route when regular commercial flights are back allowed in Argentina.” ? for airlines such as Qatar , and Emirates.
    I have been keeping up with the border restrictions , especially for those airlines to be able to fly to Argentina.

    • Hi Yasmine 👋, a while ago some airlines announced that they will not resume their activities even if covid is over. Probably they want to research the market again. Saludos!

      • Interesting. Countries like Argentina or the Philippines show no sign of reopening. I traveled to bogota in a KLM flight 2/3 empty. Russia alike the Philippines intended to boost tourism by encouraging their own citizen to spend time in-house but to no avail. Russian resorts required vaccin proof. As a result they saw a 70% drop on their bookings. In the end, with no commercial viability for airlines and their own dismiss, we could find ourselves with very strict reopening in 2022 but with no flights available.

        Futur is bleak. Israel may consider full lockdown again. That has nothing to do with fatally rate anymore. It’s just the agenda. I kiss Argentina goodbye. Hope I’m wrong….

  16. Hi Glenn,

    I am US citizen and my boyfriend is Argentine, we have la declaración de convivencia, it has the apostle stamp and everything, so I booked a trip to Argentina for July 5th. We wanted to do a trip, we have a car, but to enter most provinces you need the CUIDAR app and I can’t find a way to use it without an Argentine DNI. Is there some way if you’re a foreigner?


    • Stay home baby! this is not time for tourism in my country. As an Argentine, who lives in UK, i will advise stay back.

    • Hi Chloe,

      I was able to travel through Argentina (US passport holder) from Feb-April without needing to use the CUIDAR app- they recognize that it is only usable if you have a DNI.

  17. Hey Glenn, thanks for putting out all that information, and updating it!
    I’m a resident – not a citizen – planning to get back to San Martin de los Andes.
    Is it correct that I can take a bus, or another flight out AEP, right after taking that PCR-test at EZE without waiting for the result?
    (in this case I wouldn’t stay in BsAs at all)
    I’d travel to SMA and (presumably) go into quarantine there for ? days (there’s something missing in your text “…go into…..? ) then get another PCR test to get out of quarantine?

    Thanks for your insight
    and best regards

    • Hi Wolf 👋, the decreto mentions this at the moment: “Estas personas una vez que se encuentren en territorio argentino para llegar a su lugar de cuarentena deberán movilizarse en un medio de transporte que preferentemente no sea colectivo, extremando las medidas de distanciamiento social y usando obligatoriamente durante su traslado barbijo”.

      It’s a bit difficult to say, but I assume that you can travel to reach your destination and do the quarantine in SMA.

      • Correct. You can travel to your final destination (I went thru Ezeiza direct to San Martin) and quarantined in S.M. This was in Jan 2021 however, so maybe things have changed?

  18. Thanks so much for keeping us updated, Glenn! Just a quick clarification: In the 6th paragraph under the *What Do I Expect?* heading is the sentence, “So, there is still a lot to happen and I personally feel more and more that tourism will no longer be possible before 2021.” Do you mean ***before 2022***?

    • Hi Cricket 👋, before the end of 2021. Thanks. I will update that sentences 🙂

  19. Glenn, thanks for the update. In this morning’s, June 15, edition of “La Nacion”, the government spokespersons feel that easing of restrictions will come in September if, and a big if, the testing and vaccinations increase. I am still on hold for early December, but now leaning towards March 2022. I hope December is possible, but, again, ,who knows?

    • Indeed, who knows. Multiple factors are taken into account before some easements will come. Let’s hope soon.

  20. Thank you Glenn for all that you do with this page. How likely do you think it will be that Americans will be able to travel to Argentina in February 2022?

      • Unfortunately, the information is a bit old. Now they have also closed the boarders even for foreigners with direct family connection … 🙁

  21. Hey Glen, thank you for all you do with this page 🙂 How likely do you think it is that the border will be open for Americans in February 2022?

  22. Hey Glen! Thanks for all that you do with keeping this page updated.

    What do you think the chances are that Americans will be able to travel to Argentina in February or March 2022?

  23. Hey Glenn, When do you think work visas will open for new candidates?

    • I noticed at one point in the document it says something about not resuming tourism until 2021. Was there supposed to be a month with that? It just seemed that there was something was missing since just the year was shown.

    • Hi Ana, a new update is coming soon 🙂 Waiting for the latest official publication. The article “measures in Argentina” is recently updated with the newest restrictions because of the rapid increase of infections. Saludos

      • Chile, Uruguay, Argentina have made the deadly choice of not preventing and treating. They have experienced huge surge of contaminations and deaths with their vaccin campaign while India has experienced a massive drop thanks to ivermectin kits. The UK with 70% vaccinated pop is fearing another lockdown this summer.
        So, I hope Argentina along with Uruguay will agree to live with the virus alike Colombia where all has reopened. Otherwise…

  24. Jan Syriste Reply

    Hello, i would like to fly
    to Argentina. i have dual citizenship is there any way to fly there since i just wanna visit my friends? or can they fly to UsA to visit me?thank you

  25. Hi, these are minor questions but still a concern. First, do we need a physical copy of the relative’s DNI? Because I don’t have it physically. Secondly, if the documents are in english, would that be a problem? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Jade 👋, a copy of the DNI is just enough. I would suggest translating it because the English proficiency of the majority of Argentinians is not that good. It will just give you a smoother process. Cheers!

  26. Hi,

    Thank you Glenn for all of the useful information. I wanted to write a quick note having successfully reunited with my partner in Buenos Aires, as a number of people were incredibly kind and helpful to me on here when I was trying to figure things out myself.

    My partner is Argentine and I am from the UK, but I have been based in the US recently. We are not married. I was with him in BA until March 2020 when we were separated due to the pandemic.

    The Argentine Embassy in New York kindly assisted me in drawing up a Union Convivencial (a document allowing non married couples in an established long term relationship to reunite)which can be done out of country, but in this case needs apostille stamp, and my partner had the same document drawn up in Argentina. To do this I had to attend the New York Argentine Embassy in person with two witnesses.

    To enter the country at EZE I needed both original copies of our Union Convivencial (he needed to send me his by post), a copy of my partner’s passport and DNI, PCR test and covid insurance ( I wasn’t asked for my return flight but would recommend having this). The Visa was $90 (US dollars) and I believe is valid for 90 days.

    Wanted to send this to give non-married couples who are trying to reunite some hope- I believe many people are being allowed to enter the country by this means from around the world- however, I also wanted to voice a word of warning. Although immigration at EZE was absolutely fine, I had real trouble at Miami airport with the Aerolineas Argentineas Staff. Currently, I believe the two ways of getting an Union Convivencial outside of Argentina are to either attend an Argentine Embassy who will draft the document as an Argentine official document or to attend a notary and have the document ‘apostilled’ which I believe means getting an official form and stamp from the local state government (for example in the US). The Flight crew at Miami were unfamiliar with the first option and for hours disputed that the letter I had from the Embassy was drafted in the US (as it appeared like an Argentine document…because it was drafted by argentine officials!) even though it had New York stamped all over it. They then sent a photograph to the Argentine Immigration office in EZE who again disputed it. After many hours of tears(!) and phone calls to the New York Embassy, the immigration office looked at the photograph again and was satisfied it was from the US. I was allowed on the plane with 30 mins to spare. So, some advice if you go down tis route- make it very clear to the check in staff that you have two documents- one drawn up in wherever you are/your home country and one from your partner drawn up in Argentina. It is also worth double checking with the Embassy/consulate you go to that this route is still allowed as there seemed to be some implication from the Immigration service that they weren’t totally happy with consulates doing this(but as I said ,at EZE it was fine). Just don’t want anyone to go through what I did as it was pretty awful!

    If I can be of any further help to anyone, more than happy for you to e-mail me directly, sophieredlin@doctors.org.uk.

    Good luck travelling!

  27. Hi Glenn,
    What are your thoughts about the upcoming 2021-2022 Antarctica season? I am considering a cruise that departs from Ushuaia in Feb 2022. Thanks, Linda

    • Hi Linda 👋, Feb 2022 sounds good. The tourism sector is preparing itself for the next high season starting from October 2021. I expect a slow start but back on track from begin 2022. The vaccination level will be much better and it will be summer in Buenos Aires. 🙂

      • Don’t wanna throw a buck of cold water here, but vaccination is just another layer of upcoming major problems. Either countries will accept to cope with a degree of uncertainty or they will proceed on panic mode with any new strain or variant and keep their border sealed . It’s far from absurd that some countries will never reopen.

      • First of all, thank you Glenn for keeping us up-to-date! It is much appreciated. I’d like to get your thoughts on the upcoming 2021-2022 Antarctica season again. I received this from one of the cruise operators: “On July 5th, the Argentine government announced that international cruises will begin operating on October 1st. Then, on August 5th, the Immigration & Border Control director announced that plans are in process for opening borders to Fully Vaccinated international travelers. This is positive news for the normal operation of the season, however we are still waiting for concrete dates of opening and for protocols for ship travel.”. I am thinking this is just a lot of hot air and the reality is that even the Jan-March 2022 sailings are in jeopardy. There is some chatter that ships could sail from Punta Arenas if Ushuaia is not viable. Again, is this really feasible? Thanks in advance for your perspective. Linda

        • Hi Linda, I believe that the cruise operators are tired too by the lack of perspective from the Argentinian government. Punta Arenas sounds possible but will take extra effort from the operators. But I think they will do it then.

  28. Chloe Peck-Sanders Reply

    Hi Glen,

    I am a from the U.S. and my boyfriend is Argentine, but we have la Declaración de Union Convivencial (I have his documents with the apostle stamp and everything) and they told us I can enter the country now, so I am planning to go in May – do you know if I have to quarantine in Buenos Aires, and can he meet me and quarantine with me? is that on a hotel by hotel basis? Thanks so much!


    • Hi Chloe, indeed you need to go into self-isolation. Upon today it’s possible to do it at your house.

  29. Manuel Colon DeJEsus Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    My family and I have a vacation trip planned for BA arriving on May 20. Should we cancel or is there a chance the country will be open to tourists by then.



    • Hi Manuel 👋, the chances are extremely low that the borders will reopen at that time.

      • hi Glen, we are a group of four scheduled to arrive in BA 28th november 2021 and then onto Cordoba for a few days, does your gut tell you that we might be in with a chance of the flights happening etc both nternational and then internally. we are from UK. thanks John

        • Hi John 👋, the vaccination here in Argentina is going in a good direction. This will be the measurement for the government to reopen the borders. At this moment the government is not thinking about how to welcome international guests. November 2021 looks ok but everything depends on how Argentina will go through the winter. Saludos!

  30. Megan Thomas Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    I, like many others, have my partner living in Argentina but as a US citizen I am not currently allowed to enter. My plan is to move into our apartment together in Buenos Aires in June and so I thought I might be able to get in with proof of cohabitation but my partner is a resident of Argentina, not a citizen, and I have not been able to find any information indicating that the same rules apply to residents. Would you happen to know anything about that or have any suggestions for a way in other than getting married?

    Much appreciated!

  31. Hi guys

    I am about to entry Argentina to see my GF. I have all the papers ready and i am waiting for PCR test. My question is regarding Covid cover insurance. What exactly is this document? Where i take it from? The requirments asks me to get this Covid insurance. Is this about traveling with the airliner(included in the tiket price) or i must do a private insurance cover against covid?
    I am really confused

    • Hi Robin, this can be normal travelers insurance but it needs to mention that any COVID-19 related admission is covered. Normally traveler insurances can cover up to 90 or 120 days of international traveling.

      • Thank you Glenn

        What about the requirments after 9 of april ? Is any update regarding flights between UK and Argentina? The old ones expired on 9 april.

        I could not find anything on internet. You have any news?

        • There’s a very useful group called Love Is Not Tourism Argentina on Facebook
          the group keeps up-to-date and is helpful for couples- good luck

        • Hi robin, my gf is also from the UK and I’m an argentinian citizen, I was wondering how you managed to get here because we’ve been waiting and looking at updates for more than a year now and it seems like there’s no options besides the cohabitation agreement but when I looked into it it almost sounded like a low-key marriage contract so I was hesitant. It’s truly difficult times for ldr couples, maybe you have more information about the process. I hope you did get to come and reunite with your partner <3

          • Hi Abril,

            As Cris mentions above, there is a useful group on Facebook called Love Is Not Tourism and they seem to have had success in reuniting unmarried couples. Have a look at the page here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/637270756885701/?ref=share

            From what I understand, they are travelling under the following (sent to me by the Argentine consulate in London) –

            “Group 2: non-resident foreigners who are direct relatives of Argentinians and of resident foreigners, and who do not require visa to enter Argentina


            Birth, marriage, or civil partnership certificate with an Apostille, as proof of direct relationship to an Argentinian of resident foreigner
            In case couples do not have any of the certificates above, they should submit a notarial record by a notary public with two (2) present witnesses, stating the relationship and reason to travel. If the partners are not in the same country, one in Argentina and the other in the UK, each one will have to execute a separate notarial record. Records issued in Argentina must be legalized by the corresponding Colegio Notarial. Records issued in the UK must bear the Apostille issued by the FCO and then translated into Spanish.”

            Where it says, “ In case couples do not have any of the certificates above, they should submit a notarial record by a notary public…” I believe unmarried couples are using this to travel – declaring that they are in long term, committed relationships and although unmarried wish to be reunited. I have not yet started this process but the Facebook group has lots of stories of people getting in under this measure and seem to have been doing so for a while.

    • Lucila Belmonte Reply

      Hi Robin!
      Can i ask you how did you manage to get permission to enter Argentina? do you have any certification ?

    • Marina Canner Reply

      Hi Robin , Hi Glen. I was reading Robin comment about going to see girlfriend.
      I need to go to see by boyfriend . I didn’t see him for a year . does it possible to go to Buenos Aires to see him ? what forms i have to fill it up ? what papers do i need ?

      • Hi Marina, Sophie’s comment can help you if you don’t have a co-habitation form 🙂

  32. George Navarro Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    I signed up for an 8-week online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification in Buenos Aires. I have just completed the first 4 weeks of Spanish language courses, but the program said that after April 19, they will start taking in-person students in BA. What is the likelihood that I can go to Argentina in mid-May from the US? Classes start after the first week of June and finish in July. I will be provided a private apartment as part of the program. I am trying to get tickets asap.

    • Hi George, try to get a visa to enter Argentina based on your studies. I suggest contacting the Argentinian consulate in the US. Look out, the flights are currently back restricted. And it will take some time before the restriction will be lifted. Good luck!

      • Chili proudly hold the third place in the vaccination race and has lockdown again. Vaccin wont make much difference. We can see massive differences between states that use treatment (hcq, ivermectine) and those who dont (mexico, brasil…). There was a very successful trial of ivermectine in argentina clinics. Dont know what they made out of it. If they can’t yank the brake on panic mode , they can kiss turism revenue goodbye for good

  33. HI Glenn! I have a big bday trip planned for mid November with a small group of vaccinated friends (US citizens). I need some optimism here…do we think we’ll be let in/no quarantine with negative tests prior to flying & proof of vaccination?

    • Hi Lee, there is no news of privileges for vaccinated persons. The borders will remain closed for a long period again. Argentina is now in a second big wave. They prefer to close the borders over putting a new lockdown in the country. So, it will take again some time… 🙁

  34. I have surgery bookings in Buenos Aires in a few months, but I am not a citizen. Is there any possible way to enter Argentina for such reasons? I’ve seen ‘medical’ listed on some websites as a reason for entrance, but it never describes what that means. Whether it means just doctors going to Argentina, etc.

  35. I am desperate to get in Argentina and marry my GF, argentine citizen. I am in UK right now and it seems impossible to get in Buenos Aires.
    I am romanian citizen living and working in London.
    Where i should do the declaracion jurada? In London or i must go Romania ? Where i need to get the apostile? Being romanian citizen can i do this with romanian embasy in London? Or argentine embasy in London? I dont want to go Romania and do this proces in Romania. Can i do this in London? Can the declaracion jurada be apostilled and signed in London if i am romanian citizen ?
    I really dont know the proces of making an apostile and this scares me alot. Anybody in the same situation with me ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Nick 👋, sadly, but you can’t travel to Argentina due to the current restrictions. Because you can’t prove yet a direct connection with your girlfriend. The declaration jurada is something like a Passenger Locator form. You just need to complete it online before you will travel to Argentina.

      If you have any official government document that can show the relationship between you and your GF then it needs to get an apostille stamp from the country that issued the document.

      Another option, is to marry outside Argentina, get the marriage certificate and let is legalize it in the country where you married.

      Wishing you the best.

    • Tiffany Waller Reply

      I know many of y’all who check these post like I do have a significant other that they currently want to see in Argentina. We all know as foreigners we currently can’t get in but just a reminder Argentinians can currently travel to lots of different countries for example Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia where you could potentially meet your partner and then be able to at least see each other that way. Also I’ve seen a lot of people commenting about how they’re trying to get married this would be a good way to get married and then you’d be able to visit your partner in Argentina whenever you wanted to.

  36. Hello
    I am in a terrible situation. I have my GF in Argentina. I am European and living in UK. We lived togheter in UK 2 years and she left UK in oct 2019.

    We wanted to get maried on march 2021 but i can not enter Argentina now. I have read the comments and i sow few persons managed to entry Argentina with a certificate of living togheter. This certificate will allow me to enter the country and marrying my GF, argentinian citizen.
    How can i get this? I must go consulate in London and explain them my situation? Does anybody have some information from the argentinian consulate in London?
    How long is the procces? I have read that the consulate deal and provide this document so that the people can visit Argentina. How realistic it is? Does she need to do the same in Argentina?
    Could anybody explain step by step how am i suppose to do this?

    Please get in contact with me nicholasdnk@yahoo.com or whatsapp me +44 7749 490 896

    • Which goverment must issue the document regarding our relationship? Romanian, british or argentinian?

  37. Hi Glen,

    Are there any restrictions for Argentine people leaving and traveling to certain countries (not including needing a VISA)? My boyfriend and I wanted to meet in Colombia since as a US citizen I can’t enter Argentina, but we were confused by this article in infobae. https://www.infobae.com/politica/2021/03/11/el-gobierno-restringira-los-vuelos-al-exterior-los-paises-serian-estados-unidos-brasil-colombia-y-chile/

    Does this mean it is risky for him to buy a ticket? Could he be restricted from leaving?


    • Hi Chloe 👋, there is no restriction for Argentines to leave the country. However, the government strongly advises against it and may ask some difficult questions about border control when leaving. But by law, they cannot stop him. Please note that there are currently rumors that those returning to Argentina will be required to stay in a hotel at their own expense during their isolation period. But they are just rumors. At the moment, the government has not yet confirmed anything about this.

  38. Joseph Mathews Reply

    Today is 12 March. President Fernandez just extended the Health Emergency until 31 Dec 2021. Does that mean the flight and tourist bans will remain in place? Was planning for early December, but that looks out now. Comments please and thansk.


    • Joe

      I have been looking on the Internet and cannot find anything that says the extension is until December 31, 2021. Where did you find this information? Thank you

      • Joseph Mathews Reply

        In English, the “Buenos Aires Times” and in Spanish “La Nation”.

    • Hi Joseph 👋, the border closure for all foreigners is extended to April 9th, 2021. The Health Emergency gives the government more possibilities to enforce rules and funds within a legal frame. The border closure is a sub-decree that falls under the health emergency possibilities. We can only hope that they will be flexible as soon that the situation is getting better.

  39. Hey Glenn,

    I want to Argentina, as you mention in the article there is no legal way to get in. I found myself a “girlfriend” in Buenos Aires that could go to the notary. I am about to go for it but I have second thoughts because I am not aware of the risk I am taking. Do you what would happen if get caught? and the probability is high? Do you know someone who has done it recently?



  40. Hi Glenn,

    Im trying to visit my gf in Argentina and Im and US Citizen. I was reading that with a certificate of cohabitation they would let me in. Im unaware of this process and was curious if you know more about it? Is this something that could be done in a week? And what do I need to prove our cohabitation? Just have her fill out the document and mail it to me with an apostille stamp?


    • Hi Troy 👋, it’s not really like that. The certificate of cohabitation is only possible if both persons are going to the same city hall and sign the paper of cohabitation. In Argentina, it is something pretty official, like a ceremony. In Argentina, you can’t sign the cohabitation if one person lives in another country. Saludos

      • Hi Glenn, my wife and I are USA citizens. Can we travel down arriving March 12th? I’ve read conflicting articles stating both yea and not yet. United Airlines has even given us conflicting comments.



      • Megan Thomas Reply

        If my boyfriend and I were to obtain the certificate of cohabitation physically together here in the US would that work?

      • I was in the exact same situation as you guys until the end of December. Separated from my partner for 8 months.

        We were living together for 1 year prior to COVID, then due to the circumstances had to go back to our countries.

        I entered Argentina without any problems on the 29th December with a cohabitation document drafted in Ireland. It said we are in a long term relationship and lived together(with dates & address) with all of mine and my partners official details, pass number, current address etc. Signed by a notary, with the apostle stamp. The apostle stamp is for documents not drafted in Argentina (this document should be in Spanish). And my partner had a similar official document drafted in Argentina.

        This is what the Argentine consulate in Ireland to do.

        What they asked me for at EZE:
        Negative PCR.
        Documents proving my link to Argentine citizen.
        My partners printed documents (dni-passport)
        Where I would be staying during my 7 day quarantine.

        On the migrations website it says you should have proof of health insurance that covers COVID, and a return flight, which I had, however they did not ask me. But probably good to have just in case. This particular visa lasts for 90 days with the possibility of a 90 day extension. And costs €9000 pesos, this is payable anytime during your stay or at the airport when you leave.

        Hope this helps!

        • Brooke Watney Reply

          Pad – thanks so much for that.

          I’m looking into doing the exact same thing, but it’s good to see someone else has actually done it!

        • Joaquin Fernandez Reply

          Hi Pad, sorry for asking but it’s basically urgent, i’m waiting for my girlfriend to come to argentina, i just have a few question of how to make this happen. If you can contact me that would help a lot joakoofer@gmail.com

        • Hi Pad,

          Did you get an actual visa from the consulate or did you draft an affidavit yourself and get that apostillized? My partner and I are in the process of putting all of this together for me to travel to BA. Did you need the stamp from the Argentine consulate in your country of or could it be done by a Secretary of State? I’m in Massachusetts and the consulate is in NY and it’s unclear if it’s necessary or not. Also, in terms of the document being in Spanish, did you have to go to a government translator or can you or your partner do that yourselves?

          Thank you for any info you can provide.

          My email is Justinewlong@gmail.com if you’d rather reach out directly.

  41. Glenn;
    My husband had COVID in December 2020 and has received 2 Pfiser COVID 19 vaccinations. Does he still have to have the testing done before entering Argentina and upon arrival? His tests will most likely still be positive since he had it in December 2020. What does he need to do? Will he have to quarantine in Argentina upon arrival? He is coming to the country for a hunting trip that was scheduled March 2020 that has been moved to this year March 22 2021. Thanks

    • Hi Linda 👋, this is what the decree currently mentions: “who was positive COVID-19, in the 90 days prior to entering the country, must accredit the results of diagnostic tests and add the medical discharge after more than 10 days have passed since diagnosis”. At this moment there are no exceptions for people that are vaccinated. Probably will come later.

  42. christchurch motel Reply

    This article gives detail about Argentina travel update when will tourism resume. This article gives suggestions on this blog. I enjoyed reading while going through this article and this is the best link for gaining all the information about it.

    • Hey, Glenn. Great work, here! I hope to travel to Bariloche on July 1st on a tourist visa. I have an American passport. Do you believe that is realistic? Thanks in advance for your help!

      • Hi Joe 👋, to be honest, July is still far away but at that point, there should be already some new regulations. As soon the vaccination is going good, then there will be some changes. Cheers!

        • Hey Glenn,
          Love your site and your updates. Is there a general idea of when vaccinations will be available to the general public?

  43. Hi Glenn. How are you? My husband (American citizen) is traveling to Argentina to see me in a couple of days. I keep reading that he needs to install the Cuidar app, but it doesn’t have an option for passport, only DNI. How is he supposed to comply if the app only works with DNI? Not sure what to do.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I am an American living in Argentina. You are correct the cuidar app only works with a DNI, which I don’t have because my paperwork was stopped due to covid. I drive all over the state of BA and have not had a problem. I was able to get the certificado verano online with a passport. If you have a hard time downloading the certificate with google after it has been emailed to you then copy the link to internet explorer and it should work. Not sure of the legality but in Argentina sometimes you have to ask for forgiveness and not permission. I also find it highly unlikely that they will verify that anyone has the app especially since it only works with a DNI.

      I imagine your husband should have a special permission to enter Argentina. I would imagine with that he will be ok. I hope this helps and for sure this is just the opinion of one man.

          • Hi Glenn, my wife and I are USA citizens. Can we travel down arriving March 12th? I’ve read conflicting articles stating both yea and not yet. United Airlines has even given us conflicting comments.



  44. Hi Glenn,

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I have found your site to be the most reputable during these times.

    One question. Currently a Venezuelan passport holder and living in Buenos Aires. DNI is expired but in processing. Is it possible to leave Argentina and come back using an expired DNI? New DNI is not due until May.

    Thank you!

  45. I’m on a tourist visa and arrived in Argentina before March 17 2020 (I live here with my Argentinean partner and have not been able to get my documents). I would like to leave to the US and come back. What exactly are my options? I did read the cohabitation certificate, which I imagine is the certificado de convivencia? Which as a US citizen I was told I could not get. I’m wondering would a certificado de domicilio help me out at all. I’m in a bind. Any help would be welcomed!

    • Hi Nicholas 👋, only a co-habitation certificate (union convivencia) or marriage document will give you clearance at the Argentinian border. You can go to the city hall and ask to start for a union convivencia. Everybody can apply if you want to live together with an Argentinian. Cheers!

      • Jonathan green Reply

        Hey Glenn, I am just wondering, what are your thoughts of traveling to Buenos Aires in May? I am a United States passport holder and am trying to visit my friends down there. Unfortunately I don’t see when they will allow for tourist to visit again.

        • Hi Jonathan 👋, in a couple of days we know more about the perspective of reopening the borders of Argentina. A new announcement will come but I expect an extension… again. I don’t believe there will come extra exceptions on the current regulations. Extension probably until end of March and then we can see again but May looks very uncertain 🙁

  46. Francesco Costanzo Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    thank you very much for all the information you provide. Not a question, but I thought i would share as i am sure there are many people in my same situation.
    I am an italian citizen living in the United States and my girlfriend lives in Argentina. I have not seen her in months now because of the closure of the borders, i recently contacted the Argentina embassy in N.Y.C. and they very gently helped me to get a Declaration de Union Convivencial which according to them will let me enter Argentina. I was initially skeptical because we do not live in the same country, however they told me that they have been processing these types of “permission” often recently, so i am very optimistic.
    By living abroad many year i had to deal many times with Embassy workers and i have never experienced a collaborative treatment as good as the one the Argentina embassy is offering (the official actually shared his personal phone number with me).

    Thank you,

    • Dear Francesco,

      I am in the same situation as you and I would be very interested to know more about what you are saying here. Could you contact me by email please? ejp691@protonmail.com . Thank you in advance.


    • Hey, I saw your message and was wondering if you had any insight for me! I am a U.S citizen, my boyfriend is Argentinian, and i was living in argentina with him end of 2019-2020 when I had to come home for a family emergency, and we haven’t been able to reunite since because he is still waiting on his visa. You were able to get a cohabitation certificate to go back even though you guys were not currently living in the same country? Do you think my situation would be applicable for that? Really appreciate your help in advance

      • Francesco Costanzo Reply

        Hi Chloe,

        yes, we don’t live in the same county. I was able to get a certificate of cohabitation at the Argentina embassy in NYC, and I was told that my girlfriend needs to do the same in Argentina and then mail me the original copy.

        my email is below if you have more questions.


    • I read a response from Francesco And have not had any luck when talking to someone about getting a Declaration de union convivencial and wondering if he could share the person’s name and phone number as I am just told no by the person I’ve spoken to. I date a woman in Argentina for over 3 years and am scheduled to go April 3. I am hoping to go and not cancel this flight as I’ve had to cancel several. I left there last February 23 and haven’t seen her since. Can you please help.

      Thank you

  47. Alex Teyssandier Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for all of your help here. I’m trying to figure out where you saw that Brasilian residents can go to Argentina. Im’ a Brasilian resident myself interested in flying to Buenos Ares, but I can’t find any information on the Argentine government websites about being allowed to enter the country.

    • Hi Alex 👋, you will be able to enter Argentina and follow a 7-day quarantine. The rules changed recently. Update is coming 🙂

  48. Hi Glenn,
    My husband(born in Argentina) and I are both US citizens and are planning to visit his elderly parents in Argentina in a couple weeks(his parents are both Argentine citizens). All of my husbands Argentine documents such as his DNI/Argentine passport are expired so he only holds a valid US passport. If I read the current decree correctly, he should be able to visit his parents as long as he brings proper documents to prove the relationship with his Argentine parents. Will there be a problem for me to enter with him since for me the relationship with his parents is by marriage? I have an apostilled marriage certificate.

    • Hi Pat 👋, he probably can leave the USA with his USA passport but upon arrival in Argentina there can maybe a problem. He can enter Argentina with the USA passport but will need to pay the entrance fee + visa (I’m not sure of the last). Entering with the expired Argentinian passport will depend on the border control agent how flexibel he/she is.

      If he has an Argentinian DNI, even expired he should be able to proof that he is an Argentinian citizen. Also the passport will show that.

      If your husband is Argentinian, and you can proof it by marriage document, then no problem.

      Safe trip!

    • Adniel Christopher Marte Reply

      Hey Glenn. Thanks for your hard work, and your knowledge. Would US citizens be able to come to Argentina and do the 7 day quarantine too??

  49. Brooke Watney Reply

    Hello Glenn,

    I may have missed it, but what are the requirements for quarantine on entry to Argentina? Also, say I was only visiting for 7 days, could I leave directly or do I actually have to stay for 14 days? Obviously I’d spend that time in quarantine, but just asking to get an idea of the principle of it 🙂

    Presumably its as simple you stay at the address that you declare in the DJE?

    Only reason I ask is obviously some countries have introduced a hotel system – just wanted to make sure that wasn’t happening!



    • Hi Brooke 👋, you need to comply with a 7-day quarantine upon arrival in Argentina. There is not hotel system if you can provide an address where you say you can stay alone during your 7-day quarantine. Have nice trip!

  50. Hey Glenn,

    I have a trip booked to see my girlfriend in mid March, I am an American and will be traveling from the US.
    What do you think the chances are of the ban actually being lifted on February 28?
    What do you think the entrance requirements will be? I have been vaccinated (Pfizer) and have not tested positive at any point during this pandemic. I have the resources to have a PCR test prior to departure. Her mother is a doctor and has assured us she can make arrangements for me once I get to Mendoza. I just need some hope that I will not miss her birthday…

    Thank You, Joe

    • Hi Joe 👋, unfortunately, there is almost no new news about reopening the borders in Argentina. I want to give you some hope but it doesn’t look too good for March. But for sure upon reopening the government will ask for a PCR test and some self-isolation. Let’s hope for the best.

  51. Hi Glenn,

    Does the new curfew measures in Argentina affect families to come travel? What if our departing flights are at 11 or after? Do you know if there has been any changes to the decree of allowing travel from bordering countries and families?

    Thank you again!

    • Hi,

      I know now that the curfew didn’t affect special circumstance travel but I am back with another question. Are there any information on step children traveling? If my child can come with me to visit my husbands family? Thank you.

      • Hi Kelly 👋, that’s a difficult question. The law only mentions children of Argentinian nationals, even if they don’t have the nationality. If you have a marriage contract maybe it falls under the current law. Saludos!

    • Hi Glenn,

      Are there any updates regarding the travel restrictions for foreigners to Argentina?

      31st January has already passed, and we haven’t heard any news.


    • Ivonne Morúa Reply

      I really appreciate this website, most up to date news I have found yet, thank you Glenn!

  52. Cheers for the info mate, massive help when I can eventually get in I’m buying you a beer or many!!

  53. hi glen! buying u a coffee soon as u have been such a big help… do you still think end of feb/march looks promising for letting canadians in? the resent surge there has me very worried

    • I have intended to visit BA for months to no avail. I don’t want to throw some dark clouds on the current situation but my hunch is that Argentina borders, alike Uruguay, wont open anytime soon. Today, the country faces an average of a couple hundred deaths per day which is enough to proceed with panic mode management. Since this lab virus is constantly mutating, I can’t see any ease in those strict regulations anytime soon. I’m talking months. Even years. Yes, years. Vaccine wont make a difference. We are in it for good and with no ending on the horizon. The WHO just stated it a few days ago. It’s sad, almost horrific, but better brace urself for the worst.

  54. Hello Glenn,
    I have a flight booked to Buenos Aires on June 4th.

    What do you think is the likeliness of tourism returning by then given the increases in the number of cases worldwide?
    ( I would find it difficult to believe that the country would be closed off to US citizens for that long but you just never know)

    Best regards

    • Hi Dominic, the government believes very hard that the vaccination will be done at that time. Now we are entering here a second wave and let’s hope the final one.

  55. Hey Glenn. Thank you so much for doing this website. It has been so helpful over the past year to see when I can re enter Argentina. My husband lives their. Well because of the new rules I was able to finally enter after 9 months of not seeing each other. So thank you for keeping information updated. I had one question in the Decorie it states there is a $9000 peso fee to enter/exit for this type of entry. When I entered they said I needed to go online and pay. I created an account but I can not find where to pay. I don’t see this option anywhere. Any idea where to pay this fee online?

    • Update: I could not find any answers and emails to the migration and tourism departments went unanswered. There was a website and you create an account to pay your exit fee but when I put in my passport number it said nothing found. So I went down to the only migration office open on Av Antártida 1355. Bring someone that speaks Spanish or know fluent Spanish. We told the guy at the gate we need to pay an exit fee and they let me right in. They gave us a ticket and we went through the buildings to the correct counter. Explained what we needed. They looked at my passport. Searched the system for my entry. They then gave me a paper to go and pay the fee at the caja building next door. Then with the receipt for that went back to the building that gave me the paper and showed the receipt. They then stamped it and certified it that my exit fee was paid. I asked them about the website and paying online and she said many times that does not work and no information shows up and it is best to just come to this office to pay. Hope this helps someone trying to figure out how to pay the exit fee for the special entrance of visiting a spouse.

      • Hey Glenn ☺️
        Do u think new work visas for people newly enterting into Argentina will be suspended till nov-dec too?

    • Hi David! How are you?
      Not sure if you’ll see this but did you bring a copy of your husband’s DNI with you? Was it certified or just a simple copy?
      Thanks in advance!

      • Just a copy worked fine. And his was actually expired so showed them the email that he has a pending appointment for renewal. And they took it just fine. So copy is fine. Sorry for the delay. I went back to the USA. Actually heading back there again today.

  56. Aimee Callaway Reply

    Hey Glenn,

    So i was due to fly on the 25th Dec from the uk to Argentina. I got all the paperwork sorted to enter but then the countries shut down flights from the uk regards the new strain. Would i be able to enter Argentina if i went and spent two weeks somewhere else and then flew from there to Buenos Aires, so i would have done my quarantine somewhere else and not been in the uk for 14 days? or can i just fly from somewhere else and do my quarantine at my house in Buenos Aires?

    Thanks for all the information you have been posting over the last few months has been so helpful.

    • Hi Aimee, so far I’m aware of the situation only the flights are canceled. If you’re a UK citizen and stayed abroad for some time I don’t see any problem. Saludos

    • Hi Glenn,

      I love your blog, it has really helped me obtaining the information that I need in these difficult times. The only thing that remains very unclear to me is where can you get tested to get a negative Covid declaration before traveling? As I understand, not every test center in BA gives out those declarations. Do you know where best to get tested to get the negative declaration before traveling to Europe?

      All the best,


      • Hi Lin, I suggest contacting Laboratorio Aclimu. They have also an online reservation system. Saludos

  57. Hi Glen, thanks for all your advice through covid. I have a simple question, i am soon to fly into Buenos Aires as a resident of Brazil. Can I travel by car outside of Buenos Aires in January?

    Thanks and keep well, coffee coming your way.

  58. Hi Glenn,

    I apologize if this question has been asked already but here is my situation. I am waiting on my DNI to be mailed, in the mean time I have a pecaria. I was to get married here in Argentina but my partner is currently in Korea but is a UK citizen. I am in the country by myself and have been struggling with some things as I recently had a surgery and have another one to do but need my partner here as I’m struggling with depression. Even though I’m not an Argentine citizen, is it possible for my partner to come to Argentina and we get married and she file for residency?

    I hope I make sense. Happy holidays to you and everyone.



    • Hi Morgan, your case is a very specific one where I don’t have the expertise in it. Especially when you are applying for the residency and she is coming later. I believe as soon that you have your DNI then she can come but you need to have proof of relation by cohabitation. Or ask the local embassy for a certificate of reunification.

      Happy holidays!

      • Dusan Markovic Reply

        Hi Glenn , I am from Serbia my fiancé is Argentinan we got baby 8 months ago , and still I can’t enter in Argentina I never saw her , I contact embassy in Serbia they told me that only way is if I recognize baby and give her my last name then I can apply for visa which I have done and I send it to my fiancé she submitted all documents in Argentina civil registrar and we are waiting for more then 3 months just last name to be added I can’t believe that this take so much time do you have any advise , we started this process 6 months ago and this is unbelievable that no one wants to help us . Have good day.

        • Hi Dusan, sorry to hear about the situation. But unfortunately, I can’t help to speed up the process. Argentinian governmental institutions are not really known for their efficiency. I only can hope you will be reunited soon.

  59. John Rosenau Reply

    Los Angeles County sends your covid results by email. If I print the email with tge results, wil it be good enough to travel to argentina? Or do I need something signed and stsmped by a doctor. My daughter is Argentina. I have he legaluzed and apostilled birth certificate. Just need to know if a printout of tge Counties test results are good enough. Michelle from a previoys post just went maybe you could ask her

    • Yes a printed result is fine. I entered the country last week as my husband lives here. My covid test was emailed to me and I printed that and it was fine.

  60. Hi.
    Los Angeles County send the covid 19 test results by email. If I print out the results, is that good enough ?

  61. Glenn, a Merry Christmas to you in a very tough year. We are waiting until December 1, 2021 for our arrival in B.A. Hopefully, that will be enough time for the situation to return to something close to normal. I will not comment on that Russian vaccine other than to say I would not touch it. Waiting in the U.S. for our turn at the Moderna one that is easier to store. Good luck, stay safe and this will end eventually.

  62. Hi Glenn,
    Could you tell me where you found the latest update on the borders remaining closed till the 31st of January? I can’t find the update on any official pages.

  63. Hello Glenn! The government will hopefully release an update today/tomorrow?

    Thanks for your help.

  64. Hi Glenn,
    I am a French citizen and my partner is Argentinian. We are not married and don’t have a coabitation certificate but have a have 1 year old baby together (which has both our names, but no Argentinian passport yet – only French). Do you think his birth certificate is enough to make us 3 able to enter the country?


    • Hi Mathilda, from now on you can apply for a permanent residency at your countries Argentinian embassy. The cost is significant.
      The baby can enter based on the birth certificate and for you is a bit of a problem because you can’t show it on paper, only with a birth certificate. I would suggest contacting your local Argentinian embassy for a travel certificate.

  65. Hi Glen

    In November the London Argentine embassy said migration needed a Notary signed by two witness’s with Apostille to enter as a couple who are engaged and live together in the UK. So we got this. Then 2 weeks ago they stated using the word ‘certificate of cohabitation’ or ‘co-exsistance’ or ‘common law document’ (translations).

    The London Argentine Embassy think our Notary with Apostille as originally stated along with all the other documents required will be enough. Whats your view? Apparently the airline will check your documents before travel but the airline says ask the embassy. :), the embassy say ‘we think it looks good’ and Migration have not picked up the phone. 🙂

    • Hi Antony, I think you will be fine too. Your documents are signed by apostille and in my opinion, there is no reason to deny your access to Argentina. 🙂

    • Hey Mate,

      I’m in the same situation, did this work out for you?



    • Hi Anthony. I am in the same situation. Please tell me if you managed to entry Argentina. How the argentine consulate in london helped you ?? Were they helpful?

      Please whatsapp me +44 7749 490 896

  66. Hello! I’d like to share our experience in case of it may be helpful to others who are in a similar situation. My Argentine husband and I our residence of the United States. He has a need to be in Argentina for a couple of months and obviously we wanted to travel together. Long story short, we were successful in our arrival. A few very important things to note (this is not an exhaustive list of all the documents that are necessary. Just what is relevant from our experience)

    1) Your marriage certificate (or birth certificate for your children) absolutely must have an apostile stamp. We were able to find a service online that helped us obtain the stamp in a short period of time.

    2) COVID-19 PCR tests were required, but they were not asked for by officials at Ezeiza on Dec 6th when we landed.

    3) Una carta de solicitud was also a requirement. This was also not needed at the airport when we arrived. We put a lot of thought and effort into that letter. My advice to travelers in our situation is not to get fancy or convoluted with that. The authorities really did not seem to care about the reason for our trip.

    4) Health insurance was required, but not asked for at the airport. I would still highly recommend getting it. We found ours through Insubuy And it is under written by Lloyd’s, with a COVID-19 coverage stipulation. There are many others out there that are much more expensive. Don’t waste your money.

    5) The most important, unexpected detail: when we arrived to the airport, my husband and I went together to that immigration booth. We, along with all the other binational families, were sent to an immigration office to wait. Every non-Argentine family member needs to pay a fee to enter. The fee is 9000 pesos and can be paid for with the credit card. Note that that will be charged to you at the official rate. My understanding is that the fee is per family member. Be prepared to wait a very long time for your turn. Some families have been waiting for 3+ hours before being able to enter the office and pay their fee. A minor protest erupted outside the office from mothers school had been understandably unhappy about keeping their kids in the airport after their very long flights. Remember, that especially as we get closer to the holidays, the subsequent line to exit through aduana is also long. be prepared to potentially be in the airport for 3 to 5 hours after you land.

    The entrance to be was not publicized at the time of our arrival. Families in our situation were upset, because their consulate had not warned them about this. They were also upset about the wait. Perhaps this has all changed in the last few days, but I do believe it is a very relevant piece of information for anyone on their way down here.

    Finally, while there are rumors of Argentina opening its borders on various dates (e.g. Dec 20) to non-neighboring countries, none of this is official and there has been nothing that I have found in the local press about this for quite some time. I would keep an eye on the US embassy website (Buenos Aires), which is updated rather frequently and seems to have the most factual information.

    Best of luck to anyone who is in our situation. Know that there is hope and with some patience and willingness to deal with a lot of trámites that may or may not be needed to be presented, you will get here. The good news is that if you are married to an Argentine, they are quite accustomed already to dealing with “ un montón de trámites” 🙂

    • Apologies for all the typos in my message above. I was dictating to Siri 🙂 I would also note that the marriage certificate was the one document that was looked at very closely by every official (at the gate in the US for the flight to Buenos Aires and by all the people at the airport). The marriage certificate as what they all seem to care about the most. The consulate told us that it definitely needed to be of the original and that the apostile was essential.

  67. Florencia Quarles Reply

    Hi Glenn, Thank you for all this info. I’m Argentinian (and also American) but my kids and husband have only the American citizenship. We live in the US and I’m planning on going with my kids in a few weeks, and my husband later in January. Would it be an issue for him to get in the country since I’m not a resident of Argentina but yes, a citizen?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Florencia, if you’re an Argentinian citizen and you are married or you have a certificate of cohabitation, then your husband can enter Argentina. Only get an apostille stamp on the papers. 🙂

  68. Hi,

    Thank you for these updates. They have been very helpful during this time.
    As far as Argentina allowing relatives or partners into the country, how would one go about obtaining a certificate of cohabitation?
    My partner is in Argentina and I am in the US?
    Thank you for any help!

    • Hi Madison, you need to have already that certificate. Did you live together legally in the USA or Argentina? Saludos

  69. Hi Glenn,

    I want to visit Argentina to marry my Argentinian girlfriend, is this possible right now?


    • Hi Klaus, I suggest contacting the Argentinian embassy in your country to obtain a travel exception. There are cases that embassies do issue such certificates. Cheers!

  70. Hi Glenn – I’m traveling on Friday with my wife and 23 months old kid. My wife and I have our PCR tests booked. Does my kid need one?



    • Hi Pablo, in the law text they don’t mention a minimum age. To be sure, I should test the kid too.

  71. Hi,

    My girlfriend is Argentinian and now she is in Argentina right now, we are planning to marry next month. My question is, would I be able to go to Argentina to marry her?, can the paper work in the civil register be done remotely?


    • Yes, you can – but you have to have a notarized affidavit explaining the situation.

      I know this because my partner is Venezuelan and a resident of Argentina and I, as a Canadian citizen took a sworn affidavit with a notary provided by the Argentina consulate:

      I arrived last week, Dec 24th – the whole process cost about $400 usd

      Get in contact if you have any questions !

      • Hello Joseph.

        Plese get in touch with me. +44 7749 490 896.

        I am in the same situation.

  72. Hello. Canthe citizen of Argentina travel
    to Mexico or USA and come back with no problems?

    • Hi Jan, you need the check the travel restrictions of the destination countries if Argentinians are allowed to enter. Secondly, you need to get a negative PCR test before boarding back to Argentina. Saludos

  73. Hello!!
    I saw on the official website of Migraciones that it says that foreigners from neighboring countries or residents there can enter Argentina. But what exactly is “resident”? So basically if I have some type of non-tourist visa for Brazil or Paraguay, they could consider me “resident” therefore be able to enter Argentina? Or do you have to have permanent residency in one of these countries to be considered resident? thanks!!

    • Hi Yahya 👋, yes a residency is ok. The law text indeed mentions that. Even it is temporary.

  74. Hello Glenn, I currently have a ticket leaving the USA on the 19th of December arriving the 20th into EZE. Have you heard anything about tourism opening 100% on the 20th. My partner lives in Buenos Aires and he thought everything would be open on the 20th. I have not seen anything posted on the government web site that it would 100% and also the US State Department still has no travel posted on their web site. Thank you.

    • Hi Jimmy, nothing is officially confirmed by the government. It are rumors coming from many sources but let’s hope for the best a couple of days before December 20th.

      • Still far into the future, but…my husband and I are booked on a Hurtigruten cruise to Antarctica in late November 2021. We fly into BA and then on to Ushuaia (with Hurtigruten).
        If this trip happens, I understand we’ll still probably need a clear Covid test from the US to enter the country. When we return to BA after the cruise, where do we obtain a Covid test for re-entry to the US? I can’t find out whether Hurtigruten will perform the test or if we have to find a place in BA. But I’m sure the US will require a negative test result, as well.
        Any ideas?

        • Hi Cynthia 👋, such nice plans for the future. Hope to welcome you in November 2021. I can suggest Laboratorio Aclimu. They are located in Buenos Aires city and the appointment system is 100% online. The results are given in English. Payment can be done online and the results are ready in 24h. Cheers!

  75. Hi Glenn,
    When do you think it will be possible for international students to travel in Argentina?

    • Hi Pedro 👋, I believe together with the formal reopening of the borders for all foreigners. You can also contact your embassy for more info and maybe a special permit but I’m not aware of that. Saludos!

  76. Hi Glen! Do you think it will be possible for my Argentinian boyfriend to travel to me in France?

    • Hi Taila, Argentinians can always leave the country. You need to check the travel restrictions for Argentinians in France 🙂

      • I contacted the Embassy and they said Argentinians can only leave the country if they have a valid reason…

        • Hi Taila, that’s very strange. There is no law saying that Argentinians cannot leave the country whatever the reason is. Of course, it all depends on the destination country and the restrictions there. If Europe has restrictions for Argentinians, then they can’t travel or take the plane. But for example, traveling to Brasil is possible because Brasil is open for all traffic.

    • Hi Thomas 👋, thanks for sending the link. I saw it a couple of days ago. However, Infobae – in my opinion – is not a really good news agency. They write many clickbait articles and without any actual confirmed facts. In general, with Argentinian news channels, you need to check 3, 4, or even 5 times their sources. To inform my readers I get my info from the official laws/decrees published on governmental official sources.

      Now concerning the reopening of the borders. The borders of Argentina are controlled by the national government and by the latest decree the borders will remain closed until December 20th. The city of Buenos Aires doesn’t have the power to undo that. However, Buenos Aires city is a frontrunner and sometimes forces the national government to do things. How more pressure the city puts, how faster the national government will ease some things.

      But for now, I believe nothing will change until December 20th. And only hoping that December 21 will bring good news. Cheers!

  77. hi glen srry in my last question i forgot to add that they are showing the straight flights from toronto to BA for the first time starting the beginning of February… my boyfriend lives there and i am hoping to go be with him as soon as i can do you think it looks positive?

    • Hi Madz, my sources are saying that Air Canada will resume their flights to Buenos Aires on February 2nd, 2021. I believe the flight will take place. Air Canada already postponed their plans and it should resume in February. Safe trip!

      • Hi Madz:

        The Buenos Aires to Toronto route was my top choice as it minimized layovers in covid hotspots before reaching Canada. Air Canada has moved that flight several times. I tried to book in early October then it got moved to October. 25 then to December. 11 then to January 13 and now to Feb. 3. I gave up hoping and now returning to Canada via another route.

        • Hi Glenn, do you know of any US citizen that entered argentina with the new regulation for Arg relatives? My daughters dad is trying to come but we have a few questions:
          If the birth certificate is from Argentina, do we need an apostille or is it enough with the one provided by email from el Gobierno de Buenos Aires in pdf format stating is legal.
          Second do you know of any travel health insurance that covers what is expected and known is accepted?
          Thank you so much for your help. My 6 year old is being waiting a year to see her dad and we want to make sure he can board as expected.
          Best regards

          • Hi Andrea, if the document is from Argentina, then an apostille is not necessary. The health care insurance needs to mention clearly that any admission or treatment related to covid 19 is covered. It’s often written in the policy.

    • Hi Madz, A couple things, the flight is not direct, it shows direct but it actually stops in Santiago, Chile. The other thing is Canadian borders are closed but you might be able to get an exception through your boyfriend, there is a process.

      • Sam Bianchini Reply

        Hi Stephanie!
        My boyfriend is also in BA. (I am in the US).
        There is an exception for this? I would LOVE to know more!

      • Hi Glen!

        Thank you for this amazing help. My partner is in BA, and I’m in the US. I thought it was a lost cause- however, I’m now seeing 2 things on here that I would love to verify/understand…

        1) Argentinians are allowed to come to the US.
        Is this true? Do you have more info?

        2) I seem to see a couple things about how you can travel to BA from the US with “proper documentation”.
        What does that mean?
        I thought borders were closed to US citizens.
        I also saw someone mention there is paperwork/permit if your partner lives there. Not sure if you can speak more to this.

        Would it also be possible to meet in Brazil or Chile if the above don’t work?
        Again- I though Argentinians were not allowed to travel. Do you have any info on how and what they would have to do?

        Very grateful for your help.

        • Hi Sam 👋, if your partner is allowed to travel to the USA depends on the restrictions that are there. I’m not informed about the USA.

          The borders of Argentina are closed for all foreigners except if you can prove that you have a direct relationship with an Argentinan. This by marriage or cohabitation certificate with an apostille stamp.

          You can also contact the Argentinian embassy in your country to ask a reunion certification but that depends on the embassy. Yes meeting in Brasil will be no problem 🙂

  78. You ppl better be buying my boy a cup of coffee. This man is solid.

  79. Hello, thank you for your update. Does a non-Argentinian child travelling to Argentina with an Argentinian resident parent require the PCR test? From your post you say ‘just an apostilled birth certificate’ suggesting that they do not but I can’t see that mentioned on the government announcement. If they do require one, is there a minimum age for children/babies that you are aware of?

    • Hi John, theoretically yes because they will see the child as a non-Argentinian citizen. Also, the decree changed with a phrase. ALL people need to get a PCR test 72h before the departure time. There is no minimum age mentioned in the law. Here the link to the decree. Saludos

  80. Hi Glenn!

    Thanks for the updates once again. I have replied couple of weeks ago as well, but now I noticed that you have updated a section referring to the decree for people with a direct connection to Argentinian family. Now is it debatable of what direct family strictly entails but my question is the following (if you can help, know the answer at all).

    I (Dutch nationality) are living together with my fiancee (Argentinian), both living together in the Netherlands. We have booked a flight for 7 February 2021 to visit my fiancees family for 2 weeks. Although we are not married (yet), we do live together, and our sole purpose is to visit my family-in-law. Do you think this will fall under ‘family visit’ and if so, will there be a possibility that I am allowed to travel in February 2021, if I provide the designated document with proper legislation/apostille on it?

    As always, much appreciated! Seems like Argentina is slowly opening up its borders.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Kevin 👋, to cross the border directly you need to have a certificate (marriage or cohabitation). Or you contact the Argentinian embassy to get a reunification certificate. It’s unclear if the borders at that time will be reopened for foreigners. Salads

      • Wait! GLENN! It’s Kelly again. I am married to an Argentine and I have our marriage certificate. I am US citizen. I CAN TRAVEL???? Please clarify!😁😁😁 also hope you got my coffee! Thank you!!!

        • Also. My marriage license is from the country of Argentina. So would i still need to get it apostille from here in the US? I check your page everyday. I can’t believe this is real.

        • Hi Kelly 👋, yes you can travel to Argentina. Just get an apostille stamp on the marriage certificate if it is a USA certificate. Then you will be able to travel to Argentina. Just also get a PCR test 72h in advance, healthcare insurance that covers any covid related admission and a copy of your husband’s DNI. Good luck!

          • Awesome! My marriage certificate was legalized and signed in Buenos Aires as I got married there right before the pandemic and luckily took it with me back home. So I’m good to go! Thank you!!!! So happy!

  81. I just heard this morning (12/1/2020) that the boards will reopen on the 15th for travelers from the USA? Is this true?

    • Hi Jimmy, party true. The borders of Argentina will reopen for foreigners that have direct family contact with an Argentinian. This by birth, marriage or cohabitation certificate. The borders remain closed for tourism purposes.

  82. Thanks for the update Glenn!

    No questions here, just a big thank you.

    Fingers crossed the government decides to let international friends and adopted family see each other for Christmas.



      • Hi I want to fly to Argentina this month from Canada is it possible?

        • Hi Andew, Air Canada isn’t flying yet to Argentina. However, you can take another connection through the USA if possible. There a flights from Buenos Aires to Miami and Dallas.

      • Wow thanks Glenn!! I might struggle to prove cohabitation etc as I’m trying to meet my gf for the first time😏😃 but that’s a huge step forward for so many families. Great news.

    • My girlfriend is Argentinian citizen..is she allowed to flay abroad to UK ( where l’m living)
      Thanks so much

  83. hi glen me again!! for the first time in months air canada is showing direct flights from toronto into Buenos Aires… thats gotta mean something right???

    • Hi Madz 👋, if my source is correct Air Canada will fly back again from begin 2021.

  84. Hi Glenn

    I booked a flight from Rio to Foz do iguazu, however, the plan was cross to Puerto Iguazu, this would on December 22.

    Are there any updates as when would U.S. would be permitted to go to Argentina?

    • Hi Robert 👋, the latest extension is until December 20th. What will happen afterward is unclear. The government eased already some restrictions but I don’t see it happening soon that foreigners can cross the border with Argentina.

  85. Derek Maxwell Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    first off, thank you for the work you do keeping this up to date.

    So my question is when do you think they will allow citizens to leave? I was supposed to spend October in Buenos Aires with my GF. Obviously that didn’t happen. Now we plan to have her fly here (United States). You think they will open travel out of Argentina for citizens before they open the boarders for US tourists?
    Thanks for your thoughts.


    • Hi Derek, Argentinians were always allowed to leave Argentina. It all depends on the travel restrictions of the destination country. Therefore, check the travel restrictions for the USA. Cheers!

      • Hello Glen, thought this might be helpful for Derek…I have a friend who has just flown from Buenos Aires to New York 2 weeks ago. Mid November. She had all the necessary papers and had the negative covid test before leaving etc, but she wasnt asked for anything either when leaving the country or arriving in America!!! She had no difficulty at all.

  86. Hi Glenn!

    Thanks for the article. So nice of you answering everybody’s questions. I’m an argentinean & swedish citizen and I’ve been hoping to be able to go to Buenos Aires to visit my family right before Christmas (Dec 18) for 3 weeks with my 1 1/2 year-old daughter. The problem is that she is only a swedish citizen. Do you think I’ll be allowed to get into the country with her? Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Jessica, I just read that the government will extend the closing of the Argentinian border until December 20th. I suggest contacting the Argentinian consul. Maybe they can arrange a special travel certificate. Cheers!

      • Raja shankar Reply


        Where did you hear the news on Dec 20th. I am British and my wife is Argentinean and British. We were planning to travel in Dec. Will this be possible?


        • Hi Raja, today it was published in the official government gazette. You will be able to travel to Argentina, ONLY if you can prove that you have a relationship with your wife by a marriage certificate or cohabitation certificate. The documents also need to be legalized by an apostille stamp. Saludos

          • Raja Shankar


            Thanks a lot. And would we need to self isolate for 14 days?
            It’s really great you are providing this help.


  87. Hello Glenn,

    I have a USA passport and an Argentine passport which expired about 10 years ago. I have different last names in my passports. Can I still use the Argentine passport to enter? Will I be forced to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks away from my family? I don’t have a problem with quarantine as fas as it is at my family place. I can’t get any answers from the consulate. I don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Sandra 👋, I’m not sure too about the procedure if you have an expired Argentinian passport. I suggest to renew it at the Argentinian embassy in the USA. Then you are sure that you are able to cross the border.

    • Hi Glenn,
      Hope your well! I have a flight to Argentina on the 22nd December as im hoping to go and see my fiancé for christmas as too in January we have our big day! He had to come home before me today as his visa in Europe ended but because of boarders still closed i was wondering if it is possible they would let me in?
      Kind regards

      • Sorry i forgot to mention my fiance is a argentina resident and im from the UK. Currently in germany!

      • Hi Cara, the president just announced that the closing of the border will be extended till December 20th. What will happen after that date is unsure. The official date still needs to be published in the official gazette. I’m waiting for that to be sure. Fingers crossed for December 22nd! Cheers.

        • Hello Glenn, one month ago I came to Argentina using my Argentinian passport. My English husband is supposed to join me on 7th December with his British passport but we don’t know if he will be allowed in in Ezeiza and then in to Mar del Plata. Someone mentioned the Reunification law. Will he be allowed in the country?
          We have very little time left to sort this and we’re not clear about the requirements. Thank you for your help!

          • Glenn

            Hi Adriana, the office of migration just published a new decree that partners of Argentinian can enter the country ONLY if they can prove it by a marriage certificate or cohabitation certificate. The documents need to be legalized by an apostille stamp. I don’t know if there is time enough for that. :-/

  88. We have tickets to go in March i am us citizen but my husband has dual Argentina citizenship And usa do you think we will be able to visit his family

    • Hi Sylvia, the prospects are looking good for that but you’ll never know with Argentina. At this moment the infections are decreasing with 30% in Argentina. And that’s a good sign.

  89. Hi Glenn,

    “The Argentinian border remains closed for foreigners until November 29th, 2020” – this this mean that foreigners will be allowed after 29.11 or that we should expect another extension of the ban? Thanks!

    • Hi Hubert, today the President announce the extension or not. An update will follow soon. Saludos.

  90. Hey, You can go being from the USA or Where ever for work with special document authurizing the company is inviting you for the work you do for them. 🙂

    • Hi Jac, yes that is what the ministry of tourism said to the news. But be aware that these “maybe” new regulation only applies for the city of Buenos Aires (CABA). And that only Argentinian residents and citizens of neighboring countries are allowed cross the border with Argentina. But it sounds promising for the near future. 🙂

    • When can people of Argentina go traveling to neighboring countries like brasil?

      • Hi Dominica, Brasil lifted their travel restrictions on 29 July 2020. So, everybody can enter the country.

  91. Alberto Viloria Reply

    Hi Glenn! Great site, hope you can answer my question. I live in Canada and i hold a Canadian Travel Document (Not a Canadian passport) so i have to get a visa to go to Argentina, i want to go and visit my father around Feb 20/2021, do you think i might be able to? What’s your opinion on it or can i skip the exemptions because i’m planning to get an argentinean visa. Thanks a lot

    • Hi Alberto 👋, for February there should be more flexibility if it comes to short stays in Argentina. To be sure, I suggest starting the visa application. If you have a visa, you can enter Argentina even if there are still restrictions for foreigners. 🙂

  92. Hi Glenn,
    I am a US citizen and have a business internship planned for January 1st in Buenos Aires. I am not sure if my situation falls under the non-essential travel category or if I would be a tourist but what do you think the chances are of that happening?


    • Hi Dominic 👋, I expect that international tourism will not resume from January 1st. You can only enter Argentina if you have an Argentinian visa or an Argentinian national document. Cheers and good luck with your internship!

  93. Hi Glen,

    I’m an Irish citizen and I don’t hold an Argentinian passport. I’m hoping to fly from Europe to Buenos Aires on the 19th of December. Do you still think there may be a slim chance the Argentinian government will open their borders to international tourism due to the recent announcements of a potential vaccination to be released 20/21?


    • Hi Bryan 👋, traveling to Argentina for tourism purposes will be almost not possible. I see the chance very low that the government will reopen the borders for non-essential travel. Saludos!

  94. Hello Glenn,

    I live in USA and have an Argentinean Passport. My want to visit my Dad as he is having a surgery in Buenos Aires. Do you know if I will be allowed to go to Argentina and stay there for just 7 days, or I am not allowed to go to the airport until I have completed a 14 day quarantine? Would a negative covid-19 test make a difference?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Gustavo, the best for your dad. It would be no problem. Argentinian officials don’t control hard and with good motivation, there is always a way around :). Theoretically, you need to follow the 14-day self-isolation but as I say almost no control. But I will suggest taking a PCR test 2 days before you go back to the USA. Just in case if there any problems. I can suggest Laboratorio Aclimu. They are located in Recoleta and the result is communicated within 24h and digital. You can mail or call them by Whatsapp: recepcion@aclimu.com.ar / +5491144291022. Feel free to mention the refer of Secrets of Buenos Aires. Cheers!

  95. Hi Glenn,
    Thank you for keeping us updated. Also, I LOVE your website! I am from the USA and have a 20 day cruise scheduled to depart from BA on January 28, 2021. What are your thoughts on the likelihood of cruises being allowed to resume in early 2021?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kim 👋, I heard last week from the tourism sector that they give up their hope for international tourism for this high season (October till March). I didn’t find anything about cruise protocols during this pandemic. So, I hope they will develop some protocols soon and (a big maybe) there is some hope for your cruise in January. Saludos!

  96. My wife has been stuck in corrientes arg since December 3.. we have been separated almost a year now. She says the roads to the airports in Paraguay or Buenos Aries are closed. Do you have any other info on this and any other info you can offer? Thank you.

    • Hi Larry, the roads in Argentina are open and persons with a flight ticket to outside Argentina are able to drive from point A to the airport. 🙂 To cross the border to Paraguay, you should check the travel restrictions of Paraguay.

    • Hi Glenn,

      First and foremost thanks for your blog and information, helps a lot! My fiancee (Argentinian w/ Argentine passport and DNI) and I (Dutch, no Argentine DNI)are both living in The Netherlands. We bought tickets with Iberia for 7 February 2021 to visit her parents in Lomas de Zamora. Flying back on 21 February 21.

      Of course, you do not have a crystal ball but do you think there is any chance that I am able to enter around that time as a foreigner?

      Also, when I cannot go and my fiancee flies all by herself. Is she allowed to return to the Netherlands after her visit in Argentina?

      Much appreciated,

      • Hi Kevin, the infections are slowing down here in Argentina and I expect that the entry ban of foreigners will stop. However, also I expect some regulations for partners because there is some pressure on the government. If your fiancee travel alone to Argentina, then she can leave Argentina without any problem 🙂

        • Hi Glenn, thanks for your quick reply and apologies I put my reply on Larry’s comment instead of on a separate ‘thread’. Called with my parents-in-law yesterday and my mother-in-law also has good hope that ‘family visit’ for foreigners hopefully will be allowed before our travel. I am thinking about contacting the Argentinian embassy in the Netherlands to gather some more info, would that be a sensible option?

          Even though that we are not married (yet), I do think that once regulations are less strict that with a good story together with my fiancee, highlighting the fact that we are only going to visit her family will make a better case than if I just enter and say I have booked a hotel and want to explore Bs As, right?

          I am flying with Iberia by the way with a transit in Madrid, do not think that will be a problem.
          Saludos, keep in contact!

  97. Hi, a question about these Aerolineas special flights. Can a person with Argentine citizenship fly via Miami (as transit) to Dominican Republic? Or only to Miami and back?
    Also… Is it allowed to drive without any restrictions from Santa Cruz (Chalten) to BA to board this flight?

    • Hi Triin, Argentinians can always leave the country but it depends on the travel restrictions of the destination. If you have the flight out of Argentina, you can drive from Santa Cruz to BA. 🙂

    • I am in the Dominican Republic now. There is an Argentine living in my hostel. He fled Argentina a few weeks ago in search of a better life as there is no hope for a decent future in peronist Argentina. He is starting ground zero (like many Venezuelans) in the Dominican Republic.

    • Terna Moses Andoor Reply

      Good morning,I am Moses and Joseph from Nigeria – West Africa we were invited to come to Argentina by our Congregation for Catholics priestly formation/training. We were about giving Visas here in Nigeria when Argentinian government closed all their embassies.My question is will it be possible for us to travel to Argentina this year 2020?

      • Hi Moses 👋, to cross the border of Argentina you need indeed a visa. It all depends on when the Argentinian embassy will reopen in Nigeria to deliver your visa. But as it looks now, there will be no international non-essential travel in 2020.

  98. Hi Glenn,

    I am a US citizen and my fiancée lives in BA. She said today in the news that perhaps all people will be allowed in a few days. Is that correct?
    We already booked a flight to Rio in the middle of November so we’ll meet there but I’d love to come back in December if that news is correct. Also, she is a resident of Argentina. She just got citizenship like 3 days ago and is in the process of getting permanent DNI. She just has an alien one which is valid for like 15 years. I doubt she’ll get the real one or passport before we leave. She would still be allowed to return to Argentina on the noncitizen DNI, right?


    • Hi Gene 👋, the last days I didn’t hear anything about reopening the borders for everybody. If she has a valid DNI even with extranjero on, she will be able to return to Argentina without any problem. 😉

      • Jenny Kestler Reply


        Thank you for continuously providing updates. I just want to ask, do you think it’s posible that I will be able to travel to Argentina, March 1st, 2021? The update says that borders will be closed until January 31st, do you think this could change do to the second wave?

        • Hi Jenny 👋, Argentina is rapidly vaccination their citizens and they hope to vaccinate millions of people before February. If the results are going as planned, then I assume there will be some other regulations. However, mass tourism will not happen fast. I suppose first travels organized by agencies for better control. There will be an update soon of the government. Cheers!

    • Hi Gene,

      i am in a very similar situation. Did you guys end up meeting in Rio? How did it go?
      Would you recommend it?

      Thank you,

  99. Hi Glenn,

    I am South African and bought my tickets in Feb 2020, to travel in Dec 2020 to Jan 2020 to BA. Do you think the flights will be open by then for leasure travel?

    Thanks Richard

    • Hi Richard 👋, I think the chances are low. The government will first focus on national tourism and in the last step opening the borders for international tourism. cheers

      • I’m booked to travel to Rosario to see my boyfriend soon to be fiancé November 29th- December 9 what’s the chances of the airport opening ? News is unclear and this is becoming so stressful! Any updates on us citizens being able to come? Is there anyway I can come in!

        • Hi Dana 👋, until know the government didn’t announce anything about #loveisnottourism. Even if you have a long relationship with an Argentinian, you can’t visit them :-(. It’s sad to say. The chances are low that the borders of Argentina will reopen for foreigners. Another option is that your boyfriend comes to visit you, if he is allowed to enter your country.

          • Do you know about married spouse? Im from the states but wife is returning to arg, she is going to go back and then i would go back in feb if possible, but just not sure if you know if thats a possibility or not.

          • Glenn

            Hi Matt, if you have an Argentinian DNI then you can enter Argentina in February. If not, then you should wait a bit more. There are no talks about permissions for partners of Argentinians.

          • I can’t believe they won’t open for tourism for the solar eclipse in December. Many usa and others have booked flights and hotels near Berloche. So sad.

          • Glenn

            Hi Al, the government just extended the closing of the Argentinian border for foreigners until November 29th, 2020. The prospects aren’t looking too good 🙁

          • Hi Glen,
            Thank so much for info here. What’s you opinion in going for a week only to BsAs. I need to see my elderly mom but I can’t afford quarantine for 2 weeks then go see her. Im in the US and I have DNI and Argentinian passport. Also any PCR testing sites you can recommend there?
            Thank you!!

          • Glenn

            Hi Lauren 👋, how strange this may sound but theoretically Argentinians need to follow a 2-week quarantine but citizens of neighboring countries can enter Argentina with a negative PCR test and done! This option is not enabled for Argentinians :(. However, there are no controls if you follow the quarantine. If you stay in Buenos Aires city you will have no problems.

            I can suggest Laboratorio Aclimu (https://laboratorioaclimu.com.ar – +54 911 4429 1022). They speak fluently English and the PCR result is ready in 24h. Digital or on paper.


  100. Hubert Bartkowiak Reply

    First, thanks for those updates!
    Second, do you think is there a real chance that borders will be open back for tourists to flight to Argentina for total eclipse on 14th December? I see some covid numbers in last days started to drop, but I situation is still serious.


    • Hi Hubert, I see the changes low. The situation in Buenos Aires city is more or less ok and stable. In other provinces the situation is critical. Let’s hope for the best.

  101. Hi Glenn,

    I am a US citizen married to an Argentine currently in Buenos Aires. I just received a permanent family reunification visa from the Argentine Consulate in Chicago and have booked a ticket to fly to Buenos Aires via Santiago on December 8. Do you think I’ll be able to enter the country with this visa, though I am not an Argentine citizen?

    • Hi Joel 👋, normally you should be able to enter Argentina with a visa. Be sure the date mentioned on the visa is valid from that moment. Have a nice trip to BA!

    • Hi Joel
      I hope it’s all right if i ask a few questions, no worries if you don’t answer. I’m wondering, where did you get married? In the U.S.? How long did it take you to receive your visa?
      My bf is in the U.S. with me but we’re both needing to get to Argentina and are trying not to have to separate. I’m not getting much info on whether or not being married helps me enter.

      Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Joel,

      I’m Argentinian and my husband is from the US. He’s now trying to get a visa for familiy reunification as well and we were wondering what the interview is like.

      PS: You can absolutely enter the country with that visa.

  102. Hi Glenn,
    I’m an Argentinian living in Houston. I’m planning on going to Cordoba in late December. My flight is Houston/ EZE/ COR. Do you think it will be possible?

    • Hi Daniel, I think it will be possible. You can enter Argentina and there will be flights to Cordoba. Be sure to check the flight schedule and connection to COR. Saludos.

  103. Hi Glenn,

    I am unclear on the new opening of the country to tourists from neighboring countries. Do you need to have a passport from one of those countries (Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil etc) or do you just need to be on a flight from them in order to enter the country?

    Can someone with a USA passport enter Argentina on a flight from Brazil for example?


    • Hi Fede, what ministry mentioned is that only residents of Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Brazil are allowed to enter Argentina for a maximum of 10 days + negative PCR test and only staying in the capital city Buenos Aires. Traveling to other provinces is not allowed yet. You need to have a passport from one of those countries. A stop-over is not possible. Saludos

      • Hi Glenn,
        Can you please further clarify whether an actual Chilean passport is required or whether a Chilean residency visa is sufficient to enter Argentina from Chile starting in early November? And can you please confirm that in the near future travel will only be allowed to COBA and for a maximum of 10 days? I ask because my Colombian mother-in-law lives in Chile but is not a citizen there yet she and my brother-in-law (foolishly) want to move to Córdoba as soon as possible.
        Thanks, Heidi

        • Hi Heidi 👋, you will need a Chilean passport. A visa is not sufficient enough. Because the visa applies to Chile and not Argentina. The decree even mentions that the actual address of the person needs to be in one of the countries.

          The limitation of days is suddenly not anymore in the text of the government. So, that is gone 🙂 But if you want to travel to another province, another law applies. Meaning the law of essential domestic travel. The exceptions are listed on the age “actual flight status“. I hope it a little bit clear. Cheers.

        • Hello! I am married to an argentinean, I have my DNI but am from Nigeria, will I be allowed to travel down to buenos Aires say in December this year? I just want to find out. thanks.

          • Glenn

            Hi Princess, if you have a valid Argentinian DNI, then you can cross the border to enter Argentina. 🙂

    • So Argentinians can leave the country to visit USA even they are not “essential”? Can you please clarify?

      • Hi Soledad, yes Argentinians can leave the country without any problem. Only they need to check the travel restrictions of the destination. For example, Argentinians are not allowed to enter Europe (there are exceptions like #loveisnottourism, dual citizenship, …)

  104. I have tourism (fishing) travel scheduled into EZE on Dec 25th – I am US citizen. What would you say the odds are they will allow me to enter? Thank you.


  105. Adrian Service Reply

    Hello Glenn,

    It seems visiting Argentina as a tourist is not going to happen any time soon.

    Are you aware of any plans to allow business travel?


    • Hi Adrian, there is no news about business travel. However, the minister of tourism just announced (not officially published – just another “I will say something on the news”), that tourists from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay will be back allowed to visit Argentina as soon as November 2nd. And that there will be no change up to February 2021. Let’s wait and read what the government will announce officially. Saludos

  106. Hi Glenn,
    I am English and live in U.K. . My daughters boyfriend lives in Córdoba, he is Argentinian. He was hoping to come to London to visit her for a month in January . Do you think this is possible and would he be allowed to come back into Argentina ? I know Argentina is not accepting tourists but would he be allowed to come out of his province and get an international flight to England? I know only special flights are in place right now which looks impossible to apply for unless a good reason to . I know in U.K. we have a 14 day quarantine but not sure if an Argentinian citizen would be allowed to enter U.K. right now ? It’s all so confusing with the forms etc and maybe we need to just wait ! The government have not given much information on this , only tourists entering Argentina 😦gracias 😊

    • Hi Kim 👋, your daughter’s boyfriend can travel outside Argentina. If he needs to take a domestic flight to Buenos Aires, that’s ok. But he needs to prove that he has a connection flight the same day. So, departing in Cordoba on the same day that a flight to the U.K. would depart. Finding that combination is maybe difficult because there are not many flights yet from Cordoba to Buenos Aires.

      Only he needs to check if he is allowed to enter the U.K. That’s the passenger responsibility.

      He can return to Argentina without any problem. Only need to follow the 14-day self-isolation upon arrival. Also, the same issue here. He needs to follow the quarantine in Cordoba. He has a day time to get there.


      • Thank you Glenn for this great & very helpful information🙌 My daughters Argentinian boyfriend could be driven to BA airport , to get a flight to U.K. But would he have to apply for a special flight ‘ to get to the U.K. ? He would like to come for a months visit . I’m not sure a special flight would allow this ? I’m not entirely sure but I think U.K. are allowing Argentinian citizens to enter , then a 14 day self isolating.

        Gracias 😊

  107. Ryan Ristow Reply

    Glenn, my wife and I were planning on doing a Patagonia trip starting January 18th? What do you think the odds are that this will happen? Obviously a 14 day quarentine would make the trip a no go.

    • Hi Ryan 👋, it’s 3 months away from now, and a lot can happen. My opinion is subjective and based on rumors, governmental information and inside info of the travel industry. There I feel that the government is not really planning to open international tourism soon. They prefer to focus on local tourism first. However, a lot can change over time and the government decisions or plans can change in just one night.

      In the news that I received, nobody is talking about international tourism. I suggest waiting a 1,5month to make a decision for your trip. Then at least we should have more info… I hope 🙂

      • Hi Glenn,

        You state no one is talking about international tourism but do you know if there is ANY talk about possibly letting in family (such as spouses or children of citizens?) like Chile and Uruguay are doing? Is there ANY chatter about this at all? This is not tourism… and I would hope be a consideration and possible topic they are looking into if they are planning to keep the borders closed for even another month or two.

        • Hi Sally, The newspapers also regularly write about this exceptional situation in which families are separated from each other. But not being able to travel to Argentina to finally get back together. Even couples who have had a baby abroad cannot return with the baby because it is not of Argentinean nationality.

          So far it is exclusively Argentines who can travel to Argentina. Nowhere do I receive any reports that this will change anytime soon. I hope that the government will gain insight into the following communication.

          • Hi Glenn,

            How would we put pressure on the government to allow families to enter?

  108. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your website which is great with lots of useful information. I am a French citizen and I was wondering if there is any way to enter Argentina right now. I am not looking for doing tourism but reunion with my girlfriend. We are not married nor in concubinage. So I am not sure if I can apply for a visa for family reunion. Do you have any idea of what solution I can find?

    Thanks in advance. Best,

    • Hi Jean 👋, thank you. I’m sorry to say that there is no way to enter Argentina if you don’t have any residency or visa. You can’t apply online for a visa. Fingers crossed that they will do some changes for people in relationships #loveisnottourism. Saludos.

  109. Hi Glen,

    I am a U.S. citizen in Argentina, and I am planning on going back to the U.S. in November. I need to travel to Buenos Aires from Bahia Blanca and I see that Aerolineas Argentina has flights for sale, but I was wondering if there are any restrictions on who can board those flights?


    • Hi Chloe 👋, good news! The government just published the decree that domestic flights are allowed back again. But, only for essential travel. And in your case, it is an essential trip. You will need to complete this extra form: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/circular and download the CuidAR app. Follow the steps in the form. Also, you are always allowed to take the flight if you have a connection to outside the country 🙂

  110. Hi Glenn,

    I watched your video about last travel restrictions to enter Argentina. I need to go there for my family. I am an European citizen. I know I can enter the country with my Argentinean DNI and my European passport, but at the time to complete the form should I use my DNI or my passport?
    Also, If I have a negative COVID test means that I will not have to isolate for 14 days?


    • Hi Toni 👋, it’s easier to use your DNI. Later in the process it’s is handier. At this moment, everybody needs to go into 14 days of self-isolation. A COVID-19 test is 100% on its own initiative. I mentioned it, if you want to leave the country earlier, you can prove at least something. There is no regulation about it and therefore a little bit exploring what is possible. Saludos

  111. Where did they post that the borders are closed til October 25? Do you have an official link we can look at?

    Also, how likely do you think it is that borders open again on the 25th? Do you think the entry ban will be extended again?

    • Hi Fede 👋, the decree is published here on the official page of the government. I don’t think the borders of Argentina will reopen on October 26th. It’s postponed so many times and the covid situation is still bad. Saludos.

  112. Nicolas Gabriel Reply

    Hi Glenn – Have you heard about the Eclipse Festival near Neuqen (Las Corales) in December? Do you think this will happened and will flight depart from EZE to Bariloche? I have flight with Lufthansa in December 8 and return 21. Thanks Nicolas

    • Hi Nicolas 👋, if we may believe the government, then domestic flights should start soon. BUT only for essential travel in the first phase. The tourism ministry is giving priority to domestic travel instead of welcoming international tourists. I see the chances low for December. But that’s my subjective opinion based on the perspective given by the government and many news sources. Cheers.

  113. Hi Glenn,
    I am a US citizen in Buenos Aires as a temporary resident, on a 2 yr work assignment. If I travel to the US in December, will I be allowed in back to Buenos Aires under the same rules as residents and citizens of Argentina?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Marie 👋, that will be no problem. Even if you have a temporary DNI (residency) you can travel back to Argentina. Your DNI needs to be valid of course. Cheers.

  114. Joseph Mathews Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    Looks like you’ll have to wait awhile on my next coffee installment. Thank you for all you do on this site. I’ve decided to postpone our trip once again from March of 2021 to early December of 2021 in the hope both our countries can get back to some kind of normalcy and have a viable vaccine for all. God Bless, stay safe and we will get through this. Muchas gracias mi amigo nuevo!


  115. Hi Glen,

    I would like to visit my girlfriend in Buenos Aires. When do you think foreigners will be let in?

    Also, my gf has a double citizenship and an EU passport. Can she leave the country and go to Europe to see me ?



    • Hi, your girlfriend can leave Argentina whenever she wants. Also returning is no problem but she needs to follow the 14-day self-isolation upon arrival in Argentina. It will take a while before tourist can cross the Argentinian border :s Saludos

  116. Hola Glenn,
    Vivo en California y soy Argentina con dual citizenship. Quiero viajar en noviembre para pasar las fiestas en familia pero quiero llevar a mi hija que es menor pero no tiene ciudadania Argentina. Puede ella viajar conmigo igual por ser hija de ciudadana Argentina? En la embajada de Los Angeles no estan procesando pasaportes, visas, solo tramites de emergencias. Que me sugieres?
    Muchisima gracias!

    • Hi Daniela 👋, Si leo la ley, no mencionan nada sobre familiares en primer grado (niños). Entonces, creo que no será posible viajar con su hija si leo la ley correctamente. Te envío aquí el texto que lo explica todo. Deseando la mejor. Saludos.

  117. HI Glenn,
    well, I postponed my flight from Europe to Argentina to February 2021, previously scheduled for October 25, 2020, hoping in a miracle, a vaccine against covid-19.
    But what about your national airline “Aerolineas Argentinas” ? it seems they canceled all flighs for Brazil (including mine) between October and November. Government asks the company do not sell any more tickets?
    ciaooo from Italy

    • Hi Roberto 👋, normally from October 15th Aerolineas Argentinas should resume domestic flights. The international flights to Brazil are depending on the frequency that the airline will take. They are making their schedule at this moment and probably within 2-3 weeks, we should know more. Saludos

  118. Hi Glenn,

    I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and all the information you post on this blog.

    I have a trip booked at the end of November, and all the information online about travel restrictions are so unclear; except for your blog which is always up-to-date! I have already decided to postpone my trip until next year, as it seems unlikely it will happen in November…

    You have been a great help to me, and I am sure to many others as well.
    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Alice 👋, thank you! Indeed, everything is still unclear for November. Let’s hope that the situation gets stabilized. See you soon in Argentina. Saludos.

  119. My boyfriend i planing a trip to miami. He is argentinian will he be able to travel to miami before the 11th of oct for leisure?

    • Hi Marie 👋, if he has an Argentinian passport, then he can leave Argentina without any problem. Returning to Argentina also possible. Only he needs to check the restrictions for Miami (USA). The passenger is responsible for that. Cheers

    • paul jones Reply

      I live in Buenos Aires and have DNI and permanent residence here in Argentina. I have pending family business. Are there any flights to the USA? My only funcional relative in the USA is not well. Do you have any suggestions?
      Thank you
      Buenos Aires

      • Hi Paul, you can take a flight to the USA without any problem. Aerolineas Argentinas and American are flying to Miami. You can book the flights directly on their website. Saludos.

  120. Hi Glenn,
    I’m living in the USA but I’m Argentinian and have both a USA and my Argentine passport. If I get a flight to Argentina, will I be able to enter. My brother is sick and need to go see him. Also, will I be able to leave Argentina once I am there? Or will I get stuck until all border are open? Thanks!

    • Hi Mariana 👋, that it no problem. You can enter and leave Argentina at any moment that you want. Even now. Because you have an Argentinian passport. Once you are in Argentina, you need to follow the 14-day self-isolation and provide an address where you can stay alone (they don’t really control that but you never know). As soon as you want to leave Argentina, no problem. Best for your brother.

    • Hello so I was reading all the comments I believe my question is redundant but I will ask anyways. I live in California but boyfriend on argentina so I understand i can’t go there no time soon but he can here with a passport?

      • Hi Dahlia, correct. He can travel to the USA but you not to Argentina. He only needs to be sure that he can enter the USA. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to comply with the rules of the destination. Upon return, he needs to follow the 14 days of self-isolation. Cheers

  121. Hi Glen,

    I was born in Argentina, I live in the UK, I’m British citizen. I’d like to travel to Buenos Aires.
    Can I travel with my British passport and enter the country with my DNI as my Argentine passport has expired?
    Hope everything goes back to normal soon

    Many thanks

    • Hi Java 👋, you can enter Argentina even with an expired Argentinian passport. That’s what the government website mentioned. You only need to have a valid passport – in your case the UK – to leave the country. This will be controlled by the airline too. And even with a DNI, you will be allowed to enter the country. For example, I have also a foreign passport and I enter Argentina by showing my foreign passport and DNI. And that’s fine 😊.

  122. Definitely looking like flights will not really happen after some time that borders are open. I bought flights in March for late October. I had not canceled yet because I was hoping to be rebooked at the same price since it was such a good deal ($400 roundtrip from Los Angeles) or that they would cancel so I could get my money back. We booked on United. Today, they canceled the whole reservation. Looks like it will be a while!

    • Hi Ingrid, indeed. Airlines are canceling their regular flight schedule for October. They are going back to special authorized flights. The minister of transport said that international regular flights should resume in October. Probably it will be on the last day of October if he wants to keep his promise… 😕

      • You’re right Glenn. Published Sep23 timatic says only nationals and residents allowed to enter. Passengers not allowed until oct 12. Only need to complete declaración jurada. Subject to quarantine. And even if flights restart they won’t be daily….

    • Hi Glenn
      I was born in Argentina but now I reside in the USA and I am an US citizen. But I don’t have an Argentinian DNI
      I have purchase an airline ticket to go to BSAS in November would I be allow to enter Argentina?

      • Hi Guillermo 👋, do you have an Argentinian passport? If yes, then no problem. Maybe a birth certificate can work and try to contact the migraciones. But I’m not sure about that. It’s nowhere mentioned in the decree. Saludos

  123. Daniel Karcher Reply

    hola glenn la verdad sos un rey por ayudar a la gente con las preguntas que te hacen felicitaciones un abrazo grande//////saludos daniel////

  124. Hi Glenn, We are stuck with our own Swiss licensed vehicle in Posadas/Misiones since 27.1.2020, firstly due to car problems and then to Corona. The problem with the Argentinean Immigration and AFIP is solved. As it seems that there won’t be anymore a possibility of leaving Argentina this year, we are planning to ship our vehicle from Buenos Aires to Namibia, what’s apparently possible. But how can WE leave? All the land borders are closed and no commercial flights out of B.A.? We know that there are weekly “special flights” to Europe, but we don’t want to go back to Switzerland where we are from, we try to go to Sao Paulo in Brazil, from where there are flights to Africa.
    Regards: Emil

    • Hi Emil 👋, normally it would be no problem to drive from Posadas to Buenos Aires. You need to show your flight reservation if there is any control on the road. But first, you need to have the flight. Normally they should let you pass. Before, the embassies in Buenos Aires (in your case the Swiss) can provide a letter with a stamp of the ambassador on it. Mentioning that your destination is Buenos Aires for a connection to get out of Argentina.

      From EZE there are special flights to Sao Paulo with Aerolineas Argentinas. They fly at least one time per week on GRU (Sao Paulo).

      Another option but less interesting because you need to drop off the car in BA. Getting a flight from Iguazu Brazil airport. Posadas is pretty close to Iguazu and normally the border with Brazil is open. Brazil lifted the travel restriction on July 29th.

      I hope you can continue the longest travel around the world 😊.

  125. Hi Glenn, in the article you say the borders will reopen on October 11th, but your prediction is that tourists will only be allowed back next year. I assume the 11th October date is not official, then?
    thank you

    • Hi Jack, the borders of Argentina are closed until October 11th, 2020 for foreigners. But as usual, a couple of days before the end of the current restriction, the government announced if it gets extended. The same happened yesterday. The borders were closed until September 20th but are now extended until October 11th. It’s not sure if the borders of Argentina will reopen on October 12th. That’s the decision of the government a couple of days before.

      The borders are closed for sure until October 11th. On Monday this will officially be published in the “boletin official”.

      • Marie MARCO Reply

        Hi Glenn,
        My son is American and his fiance and 5 month old son live in sante fe. Is allowed to fly into Argentina and visit them or is she and the baby allowed to fly out and come to.the USA.

        • Hi Marie 👋, if your son doesn’t have an Argentinian passport or DNI, then he will be not allowed to enter Argentina. Of course, Argentinians on their side can enter and leave the country at any given moment.

  126. Todd Schulz Reply

    I am a US citizen with Argentinian residency and have a permanent residence card. My wife and 2 sons are living in Mendoza at our house. I am currently in the USA and want to go to Mendoza the end of November for 3 months or so. I can get to Santiago but need to know if it is possible for me to be driven to the Chile – Argentina border and be allowed entry? I believe so as I am a resident but need to know for sure. Can you provide me any additional information I might need to know. I haven’t see the family since early March. Thank you.

    • Hi Todd 👋, true. You will be allowed to enter Argentina without any problem if you have a DNI. In addition, I send you this link to the official governmental page. Also, this link will guide you to the “borders” mobile application. In the app you can see which border crossing point is currently open. Just to be sure that you are not driving to a closed border crossing. Don’t forget to fill in the Passenger locator form, also when traveling by car. Have a happy reunion with your family. Cheers.

      • Hassan Charafeddine Reply

        Hi Glenn! I found it better to ask you then asking here! I live in Argentina and I have permanent residency, I can I fly out to see my family in another country and re enter back to Argentina? As I understood here it’s only possible for Argentinian national?!

        • Hi Hassan 👋, you can leave Argentina at any moment and also return when you want. Even when the borders are closed for foreigners. You have a permanent and valid Argentinian residence (DNI). So, they can’t deny you access to the country. You only need to follow the 14 self-isolation upon return to Argentina. Cheers.

  127. Hello! My 6 year old daughter lives with my ex wife (who is Argentine) in Buenos Aires. At least 3 times a year I would go and visit my daughter on a tourist visa. I’m a U.S. citizen. I haven’t seen her in a very long time now. Do you think that when they do open international flights, for essential travel only (if that’s the case), that I would be able to fly down to visit her? I’m particularly worried that if there is some type of emergency, that I wouldn’t be able to go there. It’s really been hard on both my daughter and myself. Thank you for all your information and all you do! You have better information than the Argentine consulate has.
    Thank you!