We look forward to welcoming you back to Argentina. The question is: when will tourism resume in Argentina, when can you fly back again to Buenos Aires and when will the borders in Argentina open again? We give you here a weekly update when is the best moment to visit us. Click here and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Tourism resume in Argentina. When?

We give you this suggestion based on news items and official announcements from the Argentinean government. Latest update on October 1,5 2020.

Currently, Argentina’s borders are closed for all traffic. From July 2020, some airlines did resume flights to Buenos Aires on a weekly base. However, only Argentinian residents are allowed to enter the country. Entering as a tourist is not possible because the borders are closed until October 25th, 2020.

99% of international flights arrive in the capital Buenos Aires. For example, the rules in the province of Mendoza are a bit more flexible. But the border is also closed for foreigners and you cannot travel from Chile or Brasil to Argentina.

Good news, the government launched a passenger locator form. It’s a step forward in the process of reopening the borders of Argentina. We made a video on how to complete the form because not everything is clear.

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What do we expect?

Based on the latest rumors I expect that tourism will resume slowly around February – March 2021. The last months of Argentina’s high-season travel.

The ministry of tourism said that it would be possible for Argentinians to enjoy a small summer holiday (December – January). This gives us the idea that the government prefers first to restart national tourism and in a later stage the international. One of the rumors is suggesting that if you want to travel to other provinces in Argentina, you need to provide a negative COVID-19 test not older than 48h.

The government announced on October 15th, that regular flights are resuming as of today. However, not everybody can take flights. We wrote an article with the actual status of flights and regulations in Argentina.

I propose to postpone your trip to Argentina until early 2021.

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Reopening borders of Argentina

There is a difference in the regulation of the international borders of Argentina. The borders of Argentina are closed until October 25th, 2020 for ALL foreigners ¹.

The government reviews the “Prohibition of entry into the national territory” every two/three weeks.

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Is Argentina open for travel?

Is Argentina open for tourism? No. Only Argentinian residents are permitted to enter the country. Non-essential travel is prohibited. Also, the borders are closed for foreigners until October 25th, 2020. Only essential travelers are allowed to board a domestic flight.

How is the situation in Argentina?

From July 2020 there are some international flights back to Argentina. Iberia, KLM, and Air France are flying once a week. These flights are only available for Argentine residents. Mandatory 14-day self-isolation applies to anyone traveling from abroad.

On October 12th, the Argentinian government will announce that the quarantine in Buenos Aires will continue until October 25th, 2020.

The situation outside Buenos Aires is dramatic. The situation in the city of Buenos Aires is stable for now. However, 49,2% of the infections are in other provinces such as Jujuy, Mendoza, Río Negro, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Santa Fe, La Rioja, Tucumán, Salta, Neuquén and Córdoba. Some of those provinces are tourist hotspots and probably tourism will not resume shortly there.

You can find the latest statistics here. (CABA= City of Buenos Aires and the province is referred to as “Buenos Aires”). 

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Resume international flights to Argentina

The situation is very unclear at this moment and changes day by day. Therefore, I wrote an article only about when national and international flights will resume in Argentina.

Air New Zealand, Emirates, and Qatar suspending their routes to Buenos Aires for an indefinite time. They will not resume the route when regular commercial flights are back allowed in Argentina. GOL suspended all flights to Argentina until January 2021.

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Domestic flights in Argentina

Flights are coming back to Argentina. On October 15th, the ministry of transport published a new decree. But only essential travelers can board those flights. More in the dedicated article about flights in Argentina.

If you are planning your holiday and want to fly from North to South? For example, from Iguazu to El Calafate. Then it’s maybe a good idea to take Cordoba as a layover. The chance that Cordoba goes back in strict lockdown is lower.

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The domestic Aeroparque (AEP) is closed until December 2020. So, all domestic flights will arrive and depart at the international airport Ezeiza (EZE). Just calculate this in your planning. We made a guide on how to get to Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires.

On top of that, LATAM suspends all its domestic flights indefinitely. Contact LATAM if you booked a domestic flight in Argentina with them.

Then the question is what is the best time to visit Argentina and how many days you should spend in Buenos Aires. We have answered these questions with pleasure and we look forward when the tourism resume in Argentina. ☺️

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My roots in Buenos Aires started as a tourist. After some great adventures in Argentina, I moved in 2017 to the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires. I felt a need for correct and honest information for tourists. That's why I love to write for you. Sharing my discoveries in Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do! Feel free to support us by "Buy me a coffee ". Means a lot to us. ❤️


  1. Ryan Ristow Reply

    Glenn, my wife and I were planning on doing a Patagonia trip starting January 18th? What do you think the odds are that this will happen? Obviously a 14 day quarentine would make the trip a no go.

    • Hi Ryan 👋, it’s 3 months away from now, and a lot can happen. My opinion is subjective and based on rumors, governmental information and inside info of the travel industry. There I feel that the government is not really planning to open international tourism soon. They prefer to focus on local tourism first. However, a lot can change over time and the government decisions or plans can change in just one night.

      In the news that I received, nobody is talking about international tourism. I suggest waiting a 1,5month to make a decision for your trip. Then at least we should have more info… I hope 🙂

      • Hi Glenn,

        You state no one is talking about international tourism but do you know if there is ANY talk about possibly letting in family (such as spouses or children of citizens?) like Chile and Uruguay are doing? Is there ANY chatter about this at all? This is not tourism… and I would hope be a consideration and possible topic they are looking into if they are planning to keep the borders closed for even another month or two.

        • Hi Sally, The newspapers also regularly write about this exceptional situation in which families are separated from each other. But not being able to travel to Argentina to finally get back together. Even couples who have had a baby abroad cannot return with the baby because it is not of Argentinean nationality.

          So far it is exclusively Argentines who can travel to Argentina. Nowhere do I receive any reports that this will change anytime soon. I hope that the government will gain insight into the following communication.

          • Hi Glenn,

            How would we put pressure on the government to allow families to enter?

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your website which is great with lots of useful information. I am a French citizen and I was wondering if there is any way to enter Argentina right now. I am not looking for doing tourism but reunion with my girlfriend. We are not married nor in concubinage. So I am not sure if I can apply for a visa for family reunion. Do you have any idea of what solution I can find?

    Thanks in advance. Best,

    • Hi Jean 👋, thank you. I’m sorry to say that there is no way to enter Argentina if you don’t have any residency or visa. You can’t apply online for a visa. Fingers crossed that they will do some changes for people in relationships #loveisnottourism. Saludos.

  3. Hi Glen,

    I am a U.S. citizen in Argentina, and I am planning on going back to the U.S. in November. I need to travel to Buenos Aires from Bahia Blanca and I see that Aerolineas Argentina has flights for sale, but I was wondering if there are any restrictions on who can board those flights?


    • Hi Chloe 👋, good news! The government just published the decree that domestic flights are allowed back again. But, only for essential travel. And in your case, it is an essential trip. You will need to complete this extra form: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/circular and download the CuidAR app. Follow the steps in the form. Also, you are always allowed to take the flight if you have a connection to outside the country 🙂

  4. Hi Glenn,

    I watched your video about last travel restrictions to enter Argentina. I need to go there for my family. I am an European citizen. I know I can enter the country with my Argentinean DNI and my European passport, but at the time to complete the form should I use my DNI or my passport?
    Also, If I have a negative COVID test means that I will not have to isolate for 14 days?


    • Hi Toni 👋, it’s easier to use your DNI. Later in the process it’s is handier. At this moment, everybody needs to go into 14 days of self-isolation. A COVID-19 test is 100% on its own initiative. I mentioned it, if you want to leave the country earlier, you can prove at least something. There is no regulation about it and therefore a little bit exploring what is possible. Saludos

  5. Where did they post that the borders are closed til October 25? Do you have an official link we can look at?

    Also, how likely do you think it is that borders open again on the 25th? Do you think the entry ban will be extended again?

    • Hi Fede 👋, the decree is published here on the official page of the government. I don’t think the borders of Argentina will reopen on October 26th. It’s postponed so many times and the covid situation is still bad. Saludos.

  6. Nicolas Gabriel Reply

    Hi Glenn – Have you heard about the Eclipse Festival near Neuqen (Las Corales) in December? Do you think this will happened and will flight depart from EZE to Bariloche? I have flight with Lufthansa in December 8 and return 21. Thanks Nicolas

    • Hi Nicolas 👋, if we may believe the government, then domestic flights should start soon. BUT only for essential travel in the first phase. The tourism ministry is giving priority to domestic travel instead of welcoming international tourists. I see the chances low for December. But that’s my subjective opinion based on the perspective given by the government and many news sources. Cheers.

  7. Hi Glenn,
    I am a US citizen in Buenos Aires as a temporary resident, on a 2 yr work assignment. If I travel to the US in December, will I be allowed in back to Buenos Aires under the same rules as residents and citizens of Argentina?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Marie 👋, that will be no problem. Even if you have a temporary DNI (residency) you can travel back to Argentina. Your DNI needs to be valid of course. Cheers.

  8. Joseph Mathews Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    Looks like you’ll have to wait awhile on my next coffee installment. Thank you for all you do on this site. I’ve decided to postpone our trip once again from March of 2021 to early December of 2021 in the hope both our countries can get back to some kind of normalcy and have a viable vaccine for all. God Bless, stay safe and we will get through this. Muchas gracias mi amigo nuevo!


  9. Hi Glen,

    I would like to visit my girlfriend in Buenos Aires. When do you think foreigners will be let in?

    Also, my gf has a double citizenship and an EU passport. Can she leave the country and go to Europe to see me ?



    • Hi, your girlfriend can leave Argentina whenever she wants. Also returning is no problem but she needs to follow the 14-day self-isolation upon arrival in Argentina. It will take a while before tourist can cross the Argentinian border :s Saludos

  10. Hola Glenn,
    Vivo en California y soy Argentina con dual citizenship. Quiero viajar en noviembre para pasar las fiestas en familia pero quiero llevar a mi hija que es menor pero no tiene ciudadania Argentina. Puede ella viajar conmigo igual por ser hija de ciudadana Argentina? En la embajada de Los Angeles no estan procesando pasaportes, visas, solo tramites de emergencias. Que me sugieres?
    Muchisima gracias!

    • Hi Daniela 👋, Si leo la ley, no mencionan nada sobre familiares en primer grado (niños). Entonces, creo que no será posible viajar con su hija si leo la ley correctamente. Te envío aquí el texto que lo explica todo. Deseando la mejor. Saludos.

  11. HI Glenn,
    well, I postponed my flight from Europe to Argentina to February 2021, previously scheduled for October 25, 2020, hoping in a miracle, a vaccine against covid-19.
    But what about your national airline “Aerolineas Argentinas” ? it seems they canceled all flighs for Brazil (including mine) between October and November. Government asks the company do not sell any more tickets?
    ciaooo from Italy

    • Hi Roberto 👋, normally from October 15th Aerolineas Argentinas should resume domestic flights. The international flights to Brazil are depending on the frequency that the airline will take. They are making their schedule at this moment and probably within 2-3 weeks, we should know more. Saludos

  12. Hi Glenn,

    I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and all the information you post on this blog.

    I have a trip booked at the end of November, and all the information online about travel restrictions are so unclear; except for your blog which is always up-to-date! I have already decided to postpone my trip until next year, as it seems unlikely it will happen in November…

    You have been a great help to me, and I am sure to many others as well.
    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Alice 👋, thank you! Indeed, everything is still unclear for November. Let’s hope that the situation gets stabilized. See you soon in Argentina. Saludos.

  13. My boyfriend i planing a trip to miami. He is argentinian will he be able to travel to miami before the 11th of oct for leisure?

    • Hi Marie 👋, if he has an Argentinian passport, then he can leave Argentina without any problem. Returning to Argentina also possible. Only he needs to check the restrictions for Miami (USA). The passenger is responsible for that. Cheers

    • paul jones Reply

      I live in Buenos Aires and have DNI and permanent residence here in Argentina. I have pending family business. Are there any flights to the USA? My only funcional relative in the USA is not well. Do you have any suggestions?
      Thank you
      Buenos Aires

      • Hi Paul, you can take a flight to the USA without any problem. Aerolineas Argentinas and American are flying to Miami. You can book the flights directly on their website. Saludos.

  14. Hi Glenn,
    I’m living in the USA but I’m Argentinian and have both a USA and my Argentine passport. If I get a flight to Argentina, will I be able to enter. My brother is sick and need to go see him. Also, will I be able to leave Argentina once I am there? Or will I get stuck until all border are open? Thanks!

    • Hi Mariana 👋, that it no problem. You can enter and leave Argentina at any moment that you want. Even now. Because you have an Argentinian passport. Once you are in Argentina, you need to follow the 14-day self-isolation and provide an address where you can stay alone (they don’t really control that but you never know). As soon as you want to leave Argentina, no problem. Best for your brother.

    • Hello so I was reading all the comments I believe my question is redundant but I will ask anyways. I live in California but boyfriend on argentina so I understand i can’t go there no time soon but he can here with a passport?

      • Hi Dahlia, correct. He can travel to the USA but you not to Argentina. He only needs to be sure that he can enter the USA. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to comply with the rules of the destination. Upon return, he needs to follow the 14 days of self-isolation. Cheers

  15. Hi Glen,

    I was born in Argentina, I live in the UK, I’m British citizen. I’d like to travel to Buenos Aires.
    Can I travel with my British passport and enter the country with my DNI as my Argentine passport has expired?
    Hope everything goes back to normal soon

    Many thanks

    • Hi Java 👋, you can enter Argentina even with an expired Argentinian passport. That’s what the government website mentioned. You only need to have a valid passport – in your case the UK – to leave the country. This will be controlled by the airline too. And even with a DNI, you will be allowed to enter the country. For example, I have also a foreign passport and I enter Argentina by showing my foreign passport and DNI. And that’s fine 😊.

  16. Definitely looking like flights will not really happen after some time that borders are open. I bought flights in March for late October. I had not canceled yet because I was hoping to be rebooked at the same price since it was such a good deal ($400 roundtrip from Los Angeles) or that they would cancel so I could get my money back. We booked on United. Today, they canceled the whole reservation. Looks like it will be a while!

    • Hi Ingrid, indeed. Airlines are canceling their regular flight schedule for October. They are going back to special authorized flights. The minister of transport said that international regular flights should resume in October. Probably it will be on the last day of October if he wants to keep his promise… 😕

      • You’re right Glenn. Published Sep23 timatic says only nationals and residents allowed to enter. Passengers not allowed until oct 12. Only need to complete declaración jurada. Subject to quarantine. And even if flights restart they won’t be daily….

    • Hi Glenn
      I was born in Argentina but now I reside in the USA and I am an US citizen. But I don’t have an Argentinian DNI
      I have purchase an airline ticket to go to BSAS in November would I be allow to enter Argentina?

      • Hi Guillermo 👋, do you have an Argentinian passport? If yes, then no problem. Maybe a birth certificate can work and try to contact the migraciones. But I’m not sure about that. It’s nowhere mentioned in the decree. Saludos

  17. Daniel Karcher Reply

    hola glenn la verdad sos un rey por ayudar a la gente con las preguntas que te hacen felicitaciones un abrazo grande//////saludos daniel////

  18. Hi Glenn, We are stuck with our own Swiss licensed vehicle in Posadas/Misiones since 27.1.2020, firstly due to car problems and then to Corona. The problem with the Argentinean Immigration and AFIP is solved. As it seems that there won’t be anymore a possibility of leaving Argentina this year, we are planning to ship our vehicle from Buenos Aires to Namibia, what’s apparently possible. But how can WE leave? All the land borders are closed and no commercial flights out of B.A.? We know that there are weekly “special flights” to Europe, but we don’t want to go back to Switzerland where we are from, we try to go to Sao Paulo in Brazil, from where there are flights to Africa.
    Regards: Emil

    • Hi Emil 👋, normally it would be no problem to drive from Posadas to Buenos Aires. You need to show your flight reservation if there is any control on the road. But first, you need to have the flight. Normally they should let you pass. Before, the embassies in Buenos Aires (in your case the Swiss) can provide a letter with a stamp of the ambassador on it. Mentioning that your destination is Buenos Aires for a connection to get out of Argentina.

      From EZE there are special flights to Sao Paulo with Aerolineas Argentinas. They fly at least one time per week on GRU (Sao Paulo).

      Another option but less interesting because you need to drop off the car in BA. Getting a flight from Iguazu Brazil airport. Posadas is pretty close to Iguazu and normally the border with Brazil is open. Brazil lifted the travel restriction on July 29th.

      I hope you can continue the longest travel around the world 😊.

  19. Hi Glenn, in the article you say the borders will reopen on October 11th, but your prediction is that tourists will only be allowed back next year. I assume the 11th October date is not official, then?
    thank you

    • Hi Jack, the borders of Argentina are closed until October 11th, 2020 for foreigners. But as usual, a couple of days before the end of the current restriction, the government announced if it gets extended. The same happened yesterday. The borders were closed until September 20th but are now extended until October 11th. It’s not sure if the borders of Argentina will reopen on October 12th. That’s the decision of the government a couple of days before.

      The borders are closed for sure until October 11th. On Monday this will officially be published in the “boletin official”.

      • Marie MARCO Reply

        Hi Glenn,
        My son is American and his fiance and 5 month old son live in sante fe. Is allowed to fly into Argentina and visit them or is she and the baby allowed to fly out and come to.the USA.

        • Hi Marie 👋, if your son doesn’t have an Argentinian passport or DNI, then he will be not allowed to enter Argentina. Of course, Argentinians on their side can enter and leave the country at any given moment.

  20. Todd Schulz Reply

    I am a US citizen with Argentinian residency and have a permanent residence card. My wife and 2 sons are living in Mendoza at our house. I am currently in the USA and want to go to Mendoza the end of November for 3 months or so. I can get to Santiago but need to know if it is possible for me to be driven to the Chile – Argentina border and be allowed entry? I believe so as I am a resident but need to know for sure. Can you provide me any additional information I might need to know. I haven’t see the family since early March. Thank you.

    • Hi Todd 👋, true. You will be allowed to enter Argentina without any problem if you have a DNI. In addition, I send you this link to the official governmental page. Also, this link will guide you to the “borders” mobile application. In the app you can see which border crossing point is currently open. Just to be sure that you are not driving to a closed border crossing. Don’t forget to fill in the Passenger locator form, also when traveling by car. Have a happy reunion with your family. Cheers.

      • Hassan Charafeddine Reply

        Hi Glenn! I found it better to ask you then asking here! I live in Argentina and I have permanent residency, I can I fly out to see my family in another country and re enter back to Argentina? As I understood here it’s only possible for Argentinian national?!

        • Hi Hassan 👋, you can leave Argentina at any moment and also return when you want. Even when the borders are closed for foreigners. You have a permanent and valid Argentinian residence (DNI). So, they can’t deny you access to the country. You only need to follow the 14 self-isolation upon return to Argentina. Cheers.

  21. Hello! My 6 year old daughter lives with my ex wife (who is Argentine) in Buenos Aires. At least 3 times a year I would go and visit my daughter on a tourist visa. I’m a U.S. citizen. I haven’t seen her in a very long time now. Do you think that when they do open international flights, for essential travel only (if that’s the case), that I would be able to fly down to visit her? I’m particularly worried that if there is some type of emergency, that I wouldn’t be able to go there. It’s really been hard on both my daughter and myself. Thank you for all your information and all you do! You have better information than the Argentine consulate has.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Shawn 👋, I hope that you can visit your daughter soon. The borders of Argentina are closed until September 20th. There is no exception for people with families living in Argentina. However, they mention that you can contact the migraciones office and explain your situation. But the truth is, getting in contact with the migraciones by mail or phone is hopeless 😕…

      In case regular international flights will resume in October, then still we need to check if the borders of Argentina will reopen for foreigners too. Are two different presidential decrees.

      There will be press release of the president today or tomorrow. I will keep you updated here or subscribe to the newsletter to get the news as first.


      • Thank you Glenn so much!!! I know I speak for everyone on here that you are an amazing help!!! I really appreciate you helping us all!!!

  22. Daniel Karcher Reply

    hola glenn quisiera saber yo naci en argentina tengo dni pero vivo en usa 45 anos soy residente,puedo viajar ahora a visirtar a un amigo en vicente lopez provincia argentina tengo que hacer cuarentena puedo hacerla en la casa de mi amigo,muchas grasias glenn////

    • Hola Daniel 😊, Si tiene pasaporte argentino o DNI, entonces puede ingresar a Argentina. Solo necesitas demostrar que tendrás espacios privados en la casa de tu amigo.

      Amigos míos viajaron a Tres Arroyos en julio y la policía los escoltó hasta su casa y la registró. Entonces, por si acaso, pídale a su amigo que prepare la casa. Buena suerte.

      • Hi Glen….please can you help. I am an Australian with permanent residency in Argentina. I have children born in Argentina, and one of them now lives in Holland. I urgently need to travel there to be with my daughter for the birth of her first child. I have tickets booked for the end of October but apparently foreigners are denied access into the Netherlands. Every website I look at tells me something different!! I’m so confused….how can a travel agency even book tickets if we arent even allowed to fly there??? I am planning to travel with my 14 year old daughter, an Argentine national. Any up to date info would be greatly appreciated…please!! 🤔

        • Hi Mandy 👋, you can find the only correct information here. It’s the website of the Dutch government regarding travel restrictions. You can translate the page with Google translater.

          There is an exception for Australian citizens. However, I don’t know how good they control (if they check where you initial coming from or do they only check your Australian passport). But the general rule is: no entrance for people outside the EU-zone. The exceptions are listed on the page.

          The ticket sale of flights is open for the public. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to comply with the rules of destination. Also, the situation is changing week-by-week. Suddenly, people that were allowed to enter and not anymore. That’s sadly the cause of COVID-19 🙁

          Wishing you the best.

  23. Joseph Mathews Reply

    Good Morning Genn from Soggy Florida,

    Link to the article below shows yet another dollar tightening move by the Fernandez government, history would seem to indicate that the U.S. Dollar, and to a somewhat lesser extent the Euro, is going to be “king” in Argentina for awhile. It looks like “Cambio, Cambio” will he heard as often as birds chirping for some time.

  24. Hi Glenn,

    I’ve been on here before but I’m back for another question. So regarding the form travelers have to fill out before flying. That is is just when we are able to travel right? They keep saying October in the news but nothing is happening. Is there any news on this? I would like to really be with my family in December for Christmas. Thank you!

  25. Hello Glenn,

    I’m married to an Argentinian and waiting for my entry permit for 8 months already. He’s in Argentina and I am in Uruguay. Do you know someone who can help us with this? My application status is ” En Tramite”. I would like to be with my husband soon.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ariam, all migraciones activities are on hold until further notice. It’s not known yet when they will resume working. I hope soon.

  26. Hello Glenn,
    I was born and raised in BA, currently living in USA. I have dual citizenship Arg/USA
    My DNI has USA address, do you think I will be able to travel to Argentina next few week and then come back to USA?
    My dad has been fighting covid-19 but he remains in a quite delicate condition. I am really anxious not knowing if I can travel back and forth to visit my family during this tough times. I wouldn’t like considering not saying goodbye to my dad if things turn out with him losing his battle against the virus
    Do you think immigration will let me enter the country? will they place me on a quarantine?
    whats your opinion?
    thanks for your help and advise!

    • Hi Marcelo 👋, I wish your dad a good recovery. Because you have dual citizenship, you will be allowed to enter Argentina. You have DNI. You will need to go in 14-day self-isolation and that’s mandatory. You need to provide details that you have housing where you will stay alone for the upcoming 14 days. The follow-up by the government of the self-isolation is another question.

      Also, you will be allowed to leave the country at any time. Saludos.

  27. Joseph Mathews Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    As always thanks for the update. Just watched a CNN piece here in the U.S. with Dr. Fauci. He’s always conservative with time estimates, but he stated that he does not see a return to pre Covid-19 conditions until late 2021. The logistics of getting billions of people vaccinated etc. is formidable. No vaccine has been signed off as yet so we’ll wait. Can keep
    our booking for Easter week in B.A., but would not be amazed if it has to be posponed yet again. Early December sounds good, but it’s so long off. Good luck to all of you, it seems your long lock down did not do as much as hoped.

  28. Am from Nigeria I enter Argentina on March before the lock down wit my husband to give birth here so since 5 months waiting Eziza airport to open so that we can go home, we dnt base here, suffering from this situation, pls we need to travel back to nigerian because I left my 2 kids dere in Nigeria no one is taking good care of them nd we have spend all our money here pls we paid to Ethiopia airlines to come and pick us but dey told that government refused them to come pls government shd help to go back home please we are pleading, so when are we expecting to go home or when are d Eziza airport going to open thk you

    • Hi Uju, sorry to hear about the situation that you and your family are in. At this moment there are flights departing from Buenos Aires to Europe. Maybe you can take from there a connection to Nigeria? If you have a ticket with a stopover in Europe, then there is no problem during the transit. The latest rumors are suggesting that by the end of October there will be back international flights. But that’s uncertain.

      Besides this information, I can give you some organizations that maybe can help you: http://argentina.iom.int/co/ (it’s an international organization that has connections with airlines to get some discounts in emergency situations), https://www.cels.org.ar/web/category/migrantes/ (This is a organization for legal advise), and this link will bring you to the UN organization for migration problems.

      Can I further help you with some special needs for the baby such as clothes, pampers, …? We can try to arrange some contacts.

      Hope you will be able to find a solution soon.

  29. Hi Glenn,

    Nice blog I always check it out to see if there are any news about the reopening of the borders.

    I’m in Italian guy and 5 months ago I met a girl on IG and since then we talk 24/7 and we have fallen in in love… but Argentina’s quarantine doesn’t allow us to meet in real.
    I can’t reach her but I was wondering if she can come here (she has a Spain passport too).

    Thanks for any advice,

    • Hi Michel 👋, glad to hear. If she has a Spanish passport, then normally she can travel to Spain. Just to be sure, check the Spanish travel restrictions.
      Hopefully, you meet each other soon. Saludos.

  30. Hello,

    I am booked on a cruise out of Buenos Aires in Jan 2021. I will need to fly into BA from the US. Do you see any chance of that happening (being able to fly in and then taking the cruise) ?


    • Hi Tim 👋, the latest rumors are suggesting that commercial flights will resume in November. But I think there will be restrictions on who can enter Argentina. Definitely, we will know more in November. Also, tourism is getting more attention from the government. Let’s hope for the best. Saludos.

  31. Shilpa Bhallamudi Reply

    Hey Glenn,
    My company is planning to send me to Argentina soon, so i will go there with temporary residence whic will last for 3 years minimum, can my spouse come as dependent and work in argentina? He has a Germany visa

    • Hi Shilpa 👋, that’s a very particular situation. I suggest contacting the Argentinian embassy in your home country. I suppose if your spouse needs to have a visa too. Saludos.

  32. Hello Glenn,

    Do you know if Argentineans are allowed out of the country during September? I would like to go to the UK and i am a British Citizen, also Argentine citizen. Do you think i would be allowed to travel to the UK?

    Great website btw. Thank you

    • Hi Emily, yes of course. Argentinians are allowed to leave the country. It all depends on the country of destination. Also, you can return to Argentina because you have a DNI / permanent residence here.
      Thanks 🙂

  33. Madison Felicetti Reply

    HI! Hoping you can help me as the Argentine embassy in Toronto is taking a long time to respond.
    My boyfriend is from Argentina he has been stuck here due to covid-19 since Feb. We saw Air Canada flights resuming to Buenos Aires on the first week of October. I would really like to go back with him. Do you think Canadians will be able to enter in Oct? Or when we will know the answer to that?

    • Hi Madison, around this time the government should start to approve the commercial routes to Buenos Aires. However, we are waiting again because there is 0 communication from their side. Also, airlines don’t have any news. So, it’s waiting until a couple of days before if the flight will take place. I don’t expect that the borders will reopen for foreigners in October. Also, they don’t talk about #loveisnottourism like they did in Europe. This week the ministers will have a meeting and we are looking forward to it. Saludos.

  34. Vijay Sanwaria Reply

    Hi glen

    I’m from India. And I want to visit Buenos Aires in the last Of December. I want to come there to meet my girlfriend. Can you tell me will it be possible To travel to Argentina near around 26th December.

    • Hi Vijay, December is a bit too far in the future to make any predictions. What we know now, is that the Argentinian borders are closed until September 20th, 2020 for all foreigners. This week, the ministry of tourism and health are having a meeting about future tourism plans. Hopefully, we get some news later this week 😊.

      • Darryl V Chow Reply

        Hi Glenn:

        What are the chances of international flights flying out of Cordoba. I am a Canadian in Cordoba and have been trying to get back home for months. Some flights leaving Buenos Aires but I can’t get there from here.

        Any insight/updates on your part?



        • The chances are very low that international flights will resume soon from Cordoba. Later this week we expect some news about domestic flights. Let’s hope they will resume soon. Another option is taking a taxi from Cordoba to Buenos Aires. It’s allowed to drive to Buenos Aires if you have a flight. Wishing the best.

  35. Joseph Mathews Reply

    Buenas Tardes Glenn,
    Once again, thank you for these updates. While I am not cairvoyant, I’m happy I changed our trip from early December 2020 to late March, early April 2021. The numbers, despite one of the longest lockdowns on the planet, are not good, but they’re honest. I look at the CABA statistics by Bario and, like elsewhere, the poorer ones are most affected. Same with cerrtain areas of NYC. Hoping for a viable vaccine from anywhere soon. I do have to compliment the Argentine government for telling the pubic the truth and planning accordingly. Still the death rate is so sad. Stay safe and we’ll get there.

    • Darryl V Chow Reply

      Hi Glenn:

      Really appreciate your insights. It’s been impossible to get any information from airlines and governments as far as travel updates.

      I have been in Cordoba since January and have been trying to get back home to Canada for months. There has been an option to fly out of EZE on Sept. 13 but there is no way I can get to Buenos Aires as there are no flights.

      I was interested in your update where North/South domestic flights will be flying out of Cordoba. Would you have any idea if international flights would also fly from here at some point? Fingers crossed!



      • Hi Darryl 👋, thanks and I understand it is a difficult situation. There are some cases that people traveled from El Calafate, Bariloche, … to the capital by private taxi. Probably, it will cost a lot. For crossing the province borders you can ask the Canadian embassy to give you a certificate with the message that you are traveling to Ezeiza airport for your flight to get out Argentina.

        The latest news reports are mentioning that domestic flights could resume by begin/middle October but nothing is sure yet. Also, Buenos Aires will probably stay functioning as the only international airport for connections outside Argentina.

        I hope you can find a way out soon.

  36. Glen,

    Any rumors on when the international flights will resume? I have a flight for Nov 2nd and will definitely not go but I’m waiting on the airline to cancel if and when the government delays international flights. As of now the September 1st are pushed out to an unknown date [60 days maybe till mid Oct]. I could get credit from the airline but if they cancel I’ll just get a refund. Even if we’re allowed to fly in there will be no soccer games people can attend live so I’ll just push ithe trip out to mid-end 2021. Thank you

    • Hi Moja, if we look to the original September planning of many airlines, then they started with a limited capacity of flights. For example, once a week or two times per week.

      If in November commercial flights to Argentina are back allowed, then I hope your booked flight is not on one of the dates of flying. Then the airline will cancel your flight and you can ask for a refund or rebook it.

      Not all the airlines will start directly back with their full route schedule as pre-COVID. So there is maybe a chance.

      Wishing you a great trip in 2021.

      • Hi Glenn
        I’ve been following your updates since quite a while. Thanks for keeping us updated.
        Do u have a vague idea from when passport offices will start running it’s operations?

        • Hi Shilpa 👋, city offices here are closed. Everything goes online now. You can ask for an online appointment via “Mi.argentina.gob.ar”. Cheers.

          • Glenn, my fiance is in Argentina and I am in the US. Two days before her appointment to get a visa to come here, the lockdown began and her appointment was cancelled.

            Is there any way to get one now? She has already paid the fees. She just needs the interview and visa.

            Also, I am enrolled in a TEFL course for October. Is there any way to be considered a student and allowed into the country?

            Thanks for your help.

          • Glenn

            Hi Jori, the US embassy and visa application procedures are suspended until further notice (news from 24/8). I believe there is no other way to get the visa faster.
            Foreign students are not permitted to enter Argentina. Only Argentinian residents and citizens are allowed to cross the border. Also, all applications at the immigration office are suspended.

            Not that pleasant news and I hope you can be together soon.

  37. Hi Glenn,

    I’m a national with a flight booked for December. I’m currently living in London and want to visit my family in Neuquen City. I’ll be there for just two weeks…Do you know how the 14-days quarantine works exactly? Can I quarantine once I arrived to my final destination?


    • Hi Gonzalo, at this moment there is no protocol for persons that will make a transit in Ezeiza and continue flying to their national destination. I assume, that at that time it will be possible to have a layover in Ezeiza and waiting for your flight to Neuquen. That’s also how other airports around the world works now. You will only need to check that a short transit is possible because Aerolineas Argentinas will fly not at full capacity.

      Probably Argentina will also work with green, orange, and red zones. You will need to follow the quarantine guidelines depending on what zone you come from. And hoping that London then is a green zone.

      As soon as the government communicates about this topic, you will find it here or subscribe to our newsletter.

      Have a nice trip in December!


  38. We are booked to fly to Buenos Aires from DFW on 6 December 2020 and spend two nights before flying to Ushuaia for an Antarctica cruise. What is the likelihood we will be able to do this trip?

    • Hi Steve 👋, nice plans for the future.

      I can give you information based on rumors because nothing is confirmed yet. The minister of transport said on August 16th that within 60 days national and international flights in Argentina should resume. If also then the borders will reopen for foreigners is unclear but I suppose not.

      What I hear is that the government will give priority to domestic travel instead of receiving international passengers. Last week the ministry of tourism confirmed that Argentinians will be able to go on a summer holiday (December-January) inside the country. I suggest subscribing to our newsletter for the latest updates.

      Hoping for the best.

    • Hi Glenn, I am from Argentina and would like to visit my boyfriend who lives in the UK in October/November. What is the likelihood I will be able do this trip? Are Argentinians allowed to enter the UK?

      Thank you!

      • Hi Ines, I think that would be possible but we need to wait for the official communication. The Argentinian minister of transport said that regular international flights from Argentina should resume within 60 days. At this moment all passengers arriving in the UK are subjected to a 14 days self-isolation and completing the passenger locator form. Best of luck! 😊

    • Hello Glenn
      I have booked a Antarctica cruise for January 2021. Do you think the border s will be open by than. I can’t get any refund if I can’t make my trip. Feeling worried.

      • Hi, I understand your concerns but January 2021 is far away for now. This week the minister of tourism and health will have a meeting about future tourism plans. I believe that borders will reopen but it’s unknown under what kind of circumstances (mandatory self-isolation, proof of health, … ?). We hope to get some news this week. Saludos!

  39. Glenn, glad to buy you a cup of coffee last week and I would wager by the time I get to B.A., I’ll “owe” you a whole pot! I’ve put off our week in B.A. until arrival on March 23, 2021 and departing on April 7. I know it is “Semana Santa” and am curious about closures. Shops and restaurants seem to stay open even on Good Friday. Do I risk a lot of closures and is this a good time to come. Feel that seven months off is a good time frame. Incidentally, hotel rates in a lot of nice places, in U.S.D. are steal if you reserve now. Thanks for a response at your convenience as I am not going anywhere for awhile.

    • Hi Joseph, thanks again for the coffee ☕️☺️. March is a beautiful month to visit Argentina. The temperature is perfect. Don’t worry about holiday closures in Argentina. The only holidays that stores and restaurants are closed are on December 25th, January 1st, and September 26th. National parks are open all year long (now closed because of COVID).

      March is still far away, which gives enough time to Argentina to figure out how to welcome tourists. I think it will be fine at that time. Of course, with COVID measurements still in place.

      Yes indeed, hotels doing some nice promos. It’s now the moment especially when the hotel has a flexible cancelation policy.

      Looking forward to March for the whole pot of coffee 😊. Saludos.

    • Adniel Marte Reply

      Hey Glenn hope you and your family are staying safe. So most likely you think that Argentina will postponed there re opening for the month for September on commerical flights?

      • Hi Adniel 👋, the government didn’t communicate still anything. However, airlines are canceling their scheduled regular flights for September. Even Aerolineas Argentinas canceled everything and went back to “special” authorized flights. Probably other airlines (Iberia, KLM, Air France) will go also for the “special” flights. So, there will be a limited offer of flights in September, the same as July and August.

        The passenger is responsible if he/she is allowed to enter the country. Therefore, check always what the regulations are in the country of destination. The borders of Argentina are only open for Argentinian citizens/residents.


  40. Hi Glenn, I’m in the Netherlands and my partner in BA. Is it possible for her to fly here?

    • Hi Julio 👋, if your partner can enter the Schengen zone depends on the regulations of the destination country. In your case the Netherlands. On this page, you can find the latest update of the Dutch government. Wishing you the best!

      • stefano canepa Reply

        Hello Glenn, I follow cause I am in the exactly same situation as Julio, I hope different girlfriend tho. We applied for a long distance Relationship and she can enter in the Netherlands. Are Argentinian allowed to leave the country? I read here that are few flights already but she would fly here end of September. What do you think? Do you where we could check? Thank you very much for your work, big fan.

        • Hi Stefano 👋, awesome to hear that you’re a big fan. If you have the registered partnership (not in process) and you are an EU citizen, then your girlfriend can travel to the Netherlands. To be sure, you can send an email to the Dutch embassy in Buenos Aires. Also to know if the certificate of registered partnership needs to be translated.

          I suspect that the chances are low that there will be regular flights in September. Because of that, I expect that the airlines will ask to continue with the individual authorized flights (1x week by KLM). When they announce that, be the first to book. You can always follow the FB page of the Dutch embassy in BA. They give frequent updates.

          Good luck and saludos!

          • Hi Glenn,

            Can you tell me more about this certificate of registered? Or applying for long distance? What is this? I didn’t know this even exists? Does this allow partners to come? Does it work for spouses? What can we do if our spouse lives in Argentina or US? Thank you!

          • Glenn

            Hi Kelly, getting the registered partnership (union convivencial) is only possible when both persons are in the country. Also, at this moment the city administration offices are not working. I don’t know if you can do it from a distance in the USA. But here in Argentina, both persons need to be here.

            So, if you don’t have the union convivencial already, then it will not be possible to use that. 🙁


  41. Hi Glen,

    Do you have knowledge on whether or not the airlines would send us an email letting us know that our flight for September is canceled? I am waiting on more news from the Argentine gov. like everyone else but I am not seeing that they are giving as much as a comment on it.


    • Hi Kelly, the Argentinian government didn’t communicate anything yet about the authorization of regular flights in September. Rumors are going around but nothing is officially confirmed. I suppose that an airline company only can communicate when the local authorities do. We are also looking forward to an announcement. Saludos 😊

      • Rumors?! 👀 I hope positive rumors! Although, all the research I’ve done doesn’t sound too positive. Anyway, I’ll keep waiting then. Thank you!

        • My wife and I have tickets in late October. We’ve pretty much decided not to go at this point for multiple reasons: 1) likelihood flights will continue to be pushed out, 2) likelihood that even if flights go, there will be a mandatory quarantine period and 3) even if flights go and no quarantine, things (restaurants etc) still may not be open. I’ve seen reports of places already out of business as a result of the city quarantines that were put in place.

          This would be a vacation for our anniversary that I booked in February, We are not going to go if we cannot experience the city 😢

  42. Glenn Maley Reply

    My wife and I got some great airfare back in February for a trip late October. I’m guessing that we twill not be making that trip and may have to reschedule our flights. How do I subscribe to your web notifications to get the latest news.?

    • Hi Glenn 👋, normally after a couple of seconds you will see a bar sliding down from any desktop browser or Chrome mobile browser with the question to subscribe. If you missed it, go to incognito browsing and surf back to our website. Sure you will see the bar sliding down 😊. Saludos!

  43. Rhetta Cypert Reply

    Hi Glenn! Thank you for the information! We are American citizens and have tickets to Buenos Aires & El Calafate (Purchased before all this took place) for late November – do you think small towns like El Chalten might be considering accepting tourists by then?

    We’re planning on monitoring the rules and of course the safety concerns and making a decision as the time approaches – and if needed, rescheduling for early 2021. Hoping to catch good hiking weather!

    • Hi Rhetta, the curve of COVID-19 cases is still increasing, and flattening the curve didn’t happen yet. Now almost one month before the airlines resume their activity to Argentina, I doubt that foreigners will be allowed to enter the country at that time. Today an interview in Argentinian newspaper doubts if the regular flights will resume in September 2020 because the government didn’t put a plan on the table how to handle incoming flights.

      As soon as Argentina reopens the borders for foreigners, you could travel to El Calafate. However, it’s still unclear if foreigners need to go into self-isolation and how long. The government didn’t put that in any exit strategy plan. Aerolineas Argentinas is already planning to resume their domestic flights. Then it depends on what conditions you can enter Argentina and afterward you can head to El Calafate.

      Let’s wait and see. I expect interesting announcements in the upcoming week. Have a great stay in Argentina!

  44. Hello Glen,

    Thanks for this article. I am married to an Argentinian and still waiting for my residency. I’m in Uruguay and cannot cross as of the moment. Do you have any idea how long is the waiting time for the residency? It’s pending due to the pandemic. 😔


    • Hi Maria, I don’t have any idea if the “Migraciones” is back operating. Maybe an idea to call them? Good luck.

  45. Carmen Muñoz Reply

    I am an American citizen from the Island of Puerto Rico. I want to visit my boyfriend in Buenos Aires. Once there I will be applying for a fiancé visa for him. We are not young and we so much want to be with each other. If he invites me to his home, will I be able to catch a flight to Argentina, don’t care which airport, as a visitor and not a tourist in September?

    Thank you for all this valuable information.

    • Hi Carmen 👋, only Argentinian residents are allowed to enter the country. This law is valid until August 2nd, 2020. What the government will decide then is unsure. We will let you know here on this page as soon the borders of Argentina reopen for foreigners 😊.

  46. Hi Glenn,

    I am a US citizen, I want to visit my fiancé in September. I went last year and came back to the US in January 2020. He lives in Neuquén! Do you know if it is possible for me to visit? I see some flights starting September 2 on some airlines.
    Great article! Your feedback is much appreciated.

    • Hi Khadijah 😊, indeed some airlines are resuming flights to Argentina from September. However, it is unknown – if at that time – foreigners are allowed to enter Argentina. So far, the government didn’t announce anything about that.

      Domestic flights will resume in September too. Aerolineas Argentinas and FlyBondi did confirm this.

      It comes to the topic if Argentina will allow foreigners to enter the country. Flights will resume, for sure.

      Wishing you the best!

    • Hi Glenn
      I’m in the United States with my family were from Argentina and we are trying to get back home to Rio Negro how do I buy airline tickets to get to Buenos Aires . I tried to purchase tickets and it shows the first days of September . Thanks

      • Hi Khadijah, some airlines don’t publish their flights for August on their website. Aerolineas Argentinas has flights planned from Miami to Buenos Aires Ezeiza on 14, 21 and, 28 August. Contact the sales office on (Argentinian local number: 0810-222-86527). Saludos!

      • Hi Khadijah
        The only way to enter Argentina now is through a repatriation flight. These are expensive and tickets are bought through the government. I work for a major US airline and I know many airlines continue flying to different counties bringing back citizens. The other option is to wait until September, which is also subject to change.

      • Hi.Glen. thank you for the update. On when Argentina will be letting in Tourist in again. I was hoping i would beable to enter by December this year. As i have said before i have a fiancee out in Bariloche. I do travel out to Bariloche every 6mths and stay for 6mths. As i am from Britain. And use to fly with latam. And Norwegian. Thank you Raymond

    • Hi, Iam from india.
      I have plans to Argentinia for a trip, because of covid-19 I resumed my trip, my question is my plan for trip is 15 days and if they keep in quarantine for 14 days what is the use of 1 day staying in Argentina and come back to him ?
      Is there any open or any update on flights .?

      • Hi Nathan, if foreigners need to go into quarantine is still unclear. No announcement was made yet. In September regular flights should resume. But also unclear if foreigners will be allowed to enter Argentina. I expect interesting announcements in the upcoming week. Saludos! 🙂

  47. Hi, I’m from Argentina but have an American passport now. Last I went there was 11 years ago. We were planning to take our daughter to meet family and to watch the eclipse. How do you see December, will it be feasible to start plans? It is very expensive to fly from PHX and I’m still waiting for my money from our cancelled trip to Italy. I don’t want to have to go to the same process to get my money back from our Argentina tickets.

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Cintia 👋, the flight schedule for December looks good. Almost all airlines will start to fly daily from/to Buenos Aires. Those are the facts at this moment. Most of the airlines are offering flexible tickets. Read very well the terms and conditions before booking. Let’s hope that the curve goes down and we can start traveling back again. Saludos!

  48. My girlfriend is Argentinian citizen and she would like to fly to London to stay with me..any news regarding fly away to Europe

    • Glenn Reply

      Good morning! Your girlfriend can fly to London. There are weekly flights to Europe since July 1st (Amsterdam, Paris, and Madrid). Call the airline call center for the exact dates. From there she can take a connection flight to London. It’s only a matter if she is allowed to enter the U.K. because maybe Argentina is a COVID-19 hotspot right now. Saludos.

  49. Cristina Carmi Reply

    Hi Glenn,
    do you have any information on Argentinians leaving the country and entering the U.S.? As a dual citizen of both countries I know I’ll be able to travel when flights resume but I wondered if I could get my Mom out before September.
    Thank you,

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Cristina 👋, the American Citizen Services Buenos Aires publishes the latest flights updates on their Facebook page. The available seats are limited. Afterward, contact the embassy for the procedure to follow. The quarantine in Buenos Aires requires that you need to have permission (document) from the local authorities to travel to the airport.
      Wishing you the best.

  50. Gilliane Li Reply

    I was planning to go and see my boyfriend in Bueno Aires in october 2020.
    I am from Mauritius and i need a visa to get into Argentina.
    I will need to transit thru Sao Paulo via dubai …
    What do u recommend me to do.

    If there is any other airport in Argentina i dont mind going there instead of Bueno Aires if it will be easier.
    My boyfriend will come n pick me up anywhere as long as i can be inside Argentina.

    What can you advise me please?

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Gilliane 👋, it all depends if in October the international borders of Argentina will reopen for foreigners. Because if the borders are closed, then there will be no way to enter Argentina legally. The border control of Argentina is pretty well organized. Of course, it’s still a couple of months away. You can keep your flight as planned and check this article frequently. If Buenos Aires is not an option to fly to, then Cordoba (COR) or Iguazu airport is an option. But also, between provinces, there are roadblocks to control all traffic. Let’s wait and see. It will be more clear in the upcoming weeks. I wish you a great trip!

  51. Hi,

    What if we are not going for tourism but to visit family? I am not from BA but already booked for Sept. 3-6. They will not allow that?

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi 👋, personally I expect – at that time – that the international borders will only be open for residents of Argentina (passport holders, temporary residents, DNI holders, …). Tonight the government will give a press conference about the upcoming plans and you can read the updates here asap.

      • Hi there,
        I appreciate the info shared here.
        If I understood correctly, only residents of Argentina will be able to enter in September/October ?
        Do I have a chance to enter? I live in the US but I have my Argentinian passport and my DNI, however DNI shows my US (actual) address.
        Thank you!

        • Hi Lau 👋, the international borders of Argentina are closed until August 2nd,2020 for all non-Argentinian residents. The decree gets reviewed every 2 or 3 weeks and extended yes or no. Of course, I update the page as soon as the decree gets reviewed. What the decree said is that everybody that has an Argentinian DNI or passport can enter the country. If you want to be sure, please contact your local Argentinian embassy. I assume it will be no problem because you are an Argentinian resident regardless of your address on the DNI. Saludos.

          • I don’t need to know when I can arrive. I need to know when I can go home.. I have been trapped here from since March. I have flights booked with Avianca to leave on September 8. When can I please go home?

          • Glenn

            Hi Jeff, I understand it’s a very frustrating situation. I am waiting for the official communication of ANAC about the authorization of the September flights. Yesterday – August 12th – there was a meeting with governmental officials, ANAC, and IATA. But nothing yet announced. There are special authorized flights departing in August (Iberia, KLM, Aerolineas Argentinas, and Air France). I hope you can go home soon.

  52. I shall be visiting Buenos Aires on the 25th October 2020 until 2nd November 2020. The best option is to postpone for next January. Kindly clarify.

    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Brady, Argentina has not yet reached its peak in the number of COVID-19 infections. The flattening of the curve has not begun. The government has also not yet proposed an exit plan. Nor a proposal to allow tourists from certain countries. Buenos Aires is currently back to phase 1 with very strict measures. Of course, October is 2 months away, but we suspect that there will be restrictions for people from certain countries. We will keep you informed here weekly.

      • Thank Glenn. I’m in the same boat as Brady. My trip is Nov 2nd and I was feeling positive before reading this since Argentina opens for international travel Sept 1st. I thought two months after Sept would be a nice buffer of safety. I was also banking on the fact that Argentina is going thru tough economical times so opening to tourist by Nov was possible (without strict measures). As you mentioned, no one can tell the future and we’ll have to wait and see.

  53. Hi Glenn
    I am Nigerian and hoping to visit your country soon. I will love to see the city of Buenos Aires.
    Hopefully the pandemic gets over soon


    • Glenn Reply

      Hi Kevin, glad to hear and looking forward to welcoming you in Buenos Aires. The country will surprise you in every aspect. Stay safe and best regards ☺️

    • Hey Glenn 🖐️
      Any news on when immigration offices will start working in Argentina?
      I heard newland chase is not taking any new requests.

      • Hi, currently the immigration office is closed. The first appointments in the system are showing that December will be the month of reopening.

  54. David Hennessy Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    I have been living here since December 2018 but back and forth since 2000.

    I am from Melbourne and wonder also about how this will if ever unfold.



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